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Computer programs and music

Audio grabber is a beautiful piece of software that grabs digital audio from cd's. It copies the audio digitally - not through the soundcard - which enables you to make perfect copies of the originals. It can even perform a test to see that the copies really are perfect. Audiograbber can also automatically normalize the music, delete silence from the start and/or end of tracks, and send them to a variety or external MP3 encoders. Audiograbber can download and upload disc info from free db, an Internet compact disc, and database. You can even record your vinyl LP's or cassette tapes with Audiograbber and make wav's or MP3's of them. Expand your digital music collection with Audio Catalyst. It's easy to make MP3 files from all of your CDs - just insert the CD into your CD drive and go! With Audio Catalyst you get high-quality MP3s with very small file sizes, so you can have more hard drive space for your music. Audio Catalyst also includes the new Xing MP3 Player so you can create playlists; organize your MP3s, and more.

Ex. 1. Translate the given text. Prepare for a discussion.

Ex. 2. Answer the following questions.

1. What computer programmes are mentioned in the article?

2. Which of them is a notation programme?

3. Which pogramme allows you to edit, record, encode any form of digital audio?

√раматичний матер≥ал: —тупен≥ пор≥вн€нн€ прикметник≥в/присл≥вник≥в.

Comparison 3 (as... as / than)


Some more examples of not as... (as):
Х Richard isn't as old as he looks. (= he looks older than he is)
Х The town centre wasn't as crowded as usual. (= it is usually more crowded)

Х The weather is better today. It's not as cold. (= yesterday was colder)
Х I don't know as many people as you do. (= you know more people)
Х 'How much did it cost? Fifty pounds?' 'No, not as much as that.' (= less than fifty pounds)
You can also say not so... (as):

Х It's not warm, but it isn't so cold as yesterday. (= it isn't as cold as...)
Less... than is similar to not as... as:

Х I spent less money than you. (= I didn't spend as much money as you)

Ex. 1. Complete the sentences using as... as.
1. I'm quite tall, but you are taller.
I'm not as tall as you.
2. My salary is high, but yours is higher.
My salary isn't __________________.
3. You know a bit about cars, but I know more.
You don't __________________.
4. It's still cold, but it was colder yesterday.
It isn't __________________.
5. I still feel quite tired, but I felt a lot more tired yesterday.
I don't __________________.
6. Our neighbours have lived here for quite a long time, but we've lived here longer.
Our neighbours haven't __________________.
7. I was a bit nervous before the interview, but usually I'm a lot more nervous.
I wasn't __________________.

Superlatives (the longest / the most enjoyable etc.)

Study these examples:
What is the longest river in the world?
What was the most enjoyable holiday you've ever had?

Longest and most enjoyable are superlative forms.

We normally use the before a superlative (the longest / the most famous etc.):
Х Yesterday was the hottest day of the year.
Х The film was really boring. It was the most boring film I've ever seen.
Х She is a really nice person - one of the nicest people I know.
Compare superlative and comparative:

Х This hotel is the cheapest in town. (superlative)
This hotel is cheaper than all the others in town.
Х He's the most patient person I've ever met.
He's much more patient than I am.

Ex.1. Complete the sentences. Use a superlative (-est or most...) + a preposition (of or in).
1. It's a very good room.
It is the best room in the hotel.
2. It's a very cheap restaurant.
It's __________________ the town.
3. It was a very happy day.
It was __________________ my life.
4. She's a very intelligent student.
She __________________ the class.
5. It's a very valuable painting.
It __________________ the gallery.
6. Spring is a very busy time for me.
It __________________ the year.
In the following sentences use one of + a superlative + a preposition.

7. It's a very good room.
It is one of the best rooms in the hotel.
8. He's a very rich man.
He's one ________________________ the world.
9. It's a very big castle.
It ________________________ Britain.
10. She's a very good player.
She ________________________ the team.
11. It was a very bad experience.
It ________________________ my life.

ƒомашнЇ завданн€:

1. “екст Уя Ц студент ‘акультету ЕФ, словарний диктант.

2. ќпрацювати текст Ућолод≥жн≥ орган≥зац≥њ. —тудентськ≥ св€та. ”часть студент≥в у сусп≥льному житт≥. “радиц≥њ ун≥верситету.Ф

3. ќпрацювати текст за профес≥йним спр€муванн€м.

4. ќпрацювати граматичний матер≥ал, виконати подан≥ вправи.

5. Breaking News.

ѕрактичне зан€тт€ є 3

“ема зан€тт€: ћолод≥жн≥ (студентськ≥) орган≥зац≥њ ”крањни.

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