Условные предложения третьего типа (нереальные)(Third Conditional (Unreal) выражают невероятные предположения, действия которых относится к прошедшему времени.



· If I had known you were coming, I would have met you at the station last Sunday.

· If you had reminded me, I would not have forgotten to do it.

Exercise 1: Complete the Third Conditional Sentences by putting the verbs into the correct form.

1. If you had studied for the test, you (pass) it.

2. If you (ask) me, I would have helped you yesterday.

3. If we had gone to the cinema last Sunday, we (see) my friend Jacob.

4. If you (speak) English, she would have understood you.

5. If you (phone) me yesterday, I would have told you the news.

6. I (write) you a postcard when I was in London if I had had your address.

7. If I had not broken my leg, I (taken part) in the contest last Sunday.

8. If it (not start) to rain, we would have walked to the museum.

9. We (swim) in the sea if there had not been so many sharks there.

10. If she had taken the taxi, she (arrive) on time.


Exercise 2: Match the items in column A with those in column B in order to make the First, Second or Third Conditional Sentences.


1. If I had turned left at the station, a) our team would have won the match.

2. If we hadn’t forgotten to take a map, b) she would have woken up at 7 yesterday.

3. If Mike had made a shopping list, c) we would have had it enough for breakfast.

4. If Ann had gone to bed early, d) I wouldn’t have lost my way.

5. If my sister had bought more milk, e) I would have taken my umbrella.

6. If they had spoken English, f) they would have moved up in the league.

7. Our team would have been in g) we wouldn’t have got lost in the

better form mountains.

8. If it had been a home game, h) they wouldn’t have used a sign language.

9. If our team had won the match, i) he wouldn’t have forgotten to buy some coffee.

10. If I had heard the weather forecast, j) if they had trained harder the weeks


Exercise 3: Say what you would have done if the weather had been fine yesterday.


Student A: Student B:



Prompts: to go to the zoo, to go fishing, to go boating, to take my son to the seaside, to play football, to invite my friend for a walk, to go sightseeing, to plant rose-bushes in my garden, to go to the park, not to stay at home.

Exercise 4: Reword the following sentences making a Third Conditional sentence.



1. Peter went to the library last Friday because he needed a book.

2. Joe was in love with her and married her last autumn.

3. Our team trained hard and won the match on Sunday.

4. Mike didn’t come to the meeting yesterday because he was ill.

5. They didn’t come to your birthday party because you didn’t invite them.

6. My friend bought the tickets and we went to the theater two days ago.

7. It was cold the day before yesterday and we didn’t go the beach.

8. Mary didn’t work hard and failed her English exam.

9. My farther dropped his watch the other day and it stopped.

10. John met Suzy by chance and invited her to the Italian restaurant.

Exercise 5: Fill in the correct tense.

After I graduated from University, I applied for a marketing position with a prominent bank with branches all over the world. I didn't get the job because they wanted someone who spoke Spanish fluently. I didn’t take Spanish in high school. I took an acting class instead. If I (take) Spanish, I (get) the job. Just imagine, if I had actually gotten the job, I (move) to Spain. My entire life (go) in a totally different direction. If I had accepted the job and moved to Spain, I (meet) a Spanish woman and (get) married. If that had actually happened, I probably (stay) in Spain. We (have) three children. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job and I didn't go to Spain. I got a boring job and I live alone. If I had just taken Spanish, my life (be) much more interesting.



E. Mixed Conditional


Условные предложения смешанного типа (Mixed Conditional)

выражают прошлые события с результатом в настоящем (mixed second/third conditional; mixed third/second conditional).



· If she liked me, she would have told me the story yesterday.

· If Sonya hadn’t missed the plane, she would be here by now.

Exercise 1: Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms.

1. If Mary (like) cheese, she (buy) it yesterday.

2. If you (take) your medicine yesterday, you (be) well now.

3. My sister (not feel) so hungry now if she (have) a proper lunch.

4. If Columbus (not discover) America, we (have) no New York and no skyscrapers.

5. Pete (not leave) his book at the University last Friday if he (not be) so absent-minded.

6. They (go) to the theater today if he (not lose) their tickets the day before yesterday.

7. If my parents (call) me yesterday, I (meet) them at the station today.

8. If Ann (not move) to London two months ago, we (enter) the same University this


9. Mr. Black (feel) much better today if he (not drink) so much last night.

10. If my flat (be) bigger, I (invite) more friends to my birthday party last Sunday.

Exercise 2: Match the items in column A with those in column B.

1. If he knew her, a) she would have been contacted yesterday.

2. If he hadn’t lost his job, b) he would have eaten paella last night.

3. If his pet hadn’t died, c) he wouldn’t be waiting for him now.

4. If she had a mobile phone, d) they wouldn’t be tired now.

5. If Tom had seen the boss earlier, e) she would have had a good time in Paris.

6. If he were not allergic to seafood, f) he would have spoken to her yesterday.

7. If I hadn’t lost my map, g) he would be a champion now.

8. If she spoke French, h) I wouldn’t take the bus today.

9. If he hadn’t lost the race, i) he wouldn’t be unemployed now.

10. If she had gone to the bank yesterday j) I wouldn’t ask for directions.

11. If they hadn’t gone to the party last night, k) she would have some money now.

12. If I hadn’t crashed my car, l) he would not be upset now.




§ If you squeeze an icicle in your hands, it melts.

§ If it rains tomorrow we, will stay at home.

§ If I were a millionaire, I would share the money with you.

§ If you hadn't called me last night, I would have slept peacefully.



Unit 12. Verbals

C. The Infinitive

D. The Gerund

E. The Participle

C. The Infinitive

Инфинитив имеет формы трех грамматических категорий глагола:


· временной отнесенности (Perfect, Non-Perfect)

· зало­га (Active, Passive)

· вида (Continuous, Non-Continuous).



  Active Passive
  Non- Continuous Continuous Non- Contin­uous Continuous
Non-Perfect to write to be writing   to be written   -
  to come to be coming        
Perfect to have written to have been writing   to have been written   -
    to have come to have been coming      


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