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EXCEPTION: If I were. √лагол to be в условных предложени€х второго типа (the Second Unreal Conditional) принимает форму were независимо от лица и числа.


Ј If he were French, he would live in Paris.

Ј If she were rich, she would buy a yacht.

Ј I would play basketball if I were taller.

Ј I would buy that computer if it were cheaper.


Exercise 1: Say what you would do in my place.



Prompts: to work harder, to consult a lawyer, to take a holiday, to buy a blue dress, to follow my doctorТs advice, to start my training, to visit this museum, to go to London, to wash the windows today, to read this book, to clean the shoes, to take an umbrella.

Exercise 2: Advise your friend not to do it.


Prompts: to keep a snake as a pet, to go to the forest, to watch TV for six hours a day, to be rude to my brother, to smoke very strong cigarettes, to make a noise, to buy a lot of clothes, to waste much money, to eat so much ice-cream, to drink coffee before going to bed.

Exercise 3:

a) Complete the Second Conditional Sentences.



Janine is a daydreamer. She imagines what would happen if she won the lottery.

1. If I played the lottery, I (have) a chance to hit the jackpot.

2. If I hit the jackpot, I (be)Use Simple Past in the 'if' clause.
Use Conditional I (= would + infinitive) in the main clause.)))0))0))))000 rich.

3. If I were rich, my life (change) completely.

4. I would buy a lonely island, if I (find) a nice one.

5. If I owned a lonely island, I (build) a huge house by the beach.

6. I would invite all my friends if I (have) a house by the beach.

7. I would pick my friends up in my yacht if they (want) to spend their holidays on my island.

8. We would have great parties if my friends (come)Note: the 'if' clause is not at the beginning of the sentence.
Use Conditional I (= would + infinitive) in the main clause.
Use Simple Past in the 'if' clause.)) to my island.

9. If we liked to go shopping in a big city, we (charter) a helicopter.

10. But if my friends' holidays were over, I (feel) very lonely on my lonely island.


b) Write a similar Уif-chainФ yourself. Start with УIf I had a lot of moneyЕФ




Exercise 4: Match the items in column A with those in column B in order to make the Second Conditional Sentences.





1. If we had a yacht, a) if she were mad at you.

2. If he had more time, b) he would be very angry.

3. If they told their father the truth, c) if we knew how.

4. She would spend a year in England d) you would speak English better.

5. If I lived on a lonely island, e) we would sail the seven seas.

6. We would help you f) if he had a lot of money.

7. My brother would buy a sports car g) if it were easier to get a visa.

8. If I felt better, h) I would run around naked all day.

9. If you worked harder, i) he would learn karate.

10. She would not talk to you j) I would go to the cinema with you.

Exercise 5: Reword the sentences combining them into the Second Conditional sentences.









1. Mary doesnТt like football. She doesnТt go to football matches.

2. I like coffee. I have it for breakfast every day.

3. This divan-bed is soft. I sleep on it.

4. We have no vegetables at home. We canТt prepare any salad.

5. The bread is not fresh. I shanТt buy any.

6. John knows three foreign languages. He is a good interpreter.

7. Ann is busy today. She wonТt go to the cinema.

8. He is ill. He wonТt go to school.

9. Mike is not busy today. He will go to the concert.

10. It is hot today. We shall go for a swim.

11. Mr. Black lives quite near his office. It takes him only 5 minutes to get there.

12. My sister leaves home at 7. She doesnТt miss her train.


Exercise 6: Answer the following questions using the words suggested.

Student A: Student B:




1. What would you do if you won a million pounds? (buy a house)

2. If you were in London now, what would you want to see?

3. What would you do if you were in my place? (go to the cinema)

4. What would you do if it were summer now? (go to the Crimea)

5. What would you do if you have a toothache? (go to the dentist)

6. What would you do if you fell in? (send for a doctor)

7. What would you do if it were winter now? (ski in the park)

8. If you could go to any place in the world for a holiday, where would you go and what do you think you would see?

9. What place for a holiday would you choose if you were interested in meeting new people? (mountain climbing, swimming and sun-bathing, visiting museums and art galleries, speaking English).

Exercise 7: Match the items in column A with those in column B in order to make the First and Second Conditional Sentences.


1. If you play the music too loud, a) the alarm would go off.

2. If the North Pole melted, b) IТll buy a new bike.

3. If we donТt have enough ice-cream, c) IТll be in Paris at 6.00.

4. If I found someoneТs wallet, d) I will do everything for you..

5. If a burglar broke into this house, e) you would feel better.

6. If my train isnТt late, f) the water would flood many cities.

7. If I were famous, g) IТll buy it for you.

8. If my father lends me the money, h) youТll wake up the neighbours.

9.If you took more exercise, i) I would be recognised by everybody.

10. If you tell me what you want, j) IТd take it to the police.

Exercise 8: Memorize the following proverbs and use them in short situations of your own.


1. If ifs and ans were pots and pans. Ц ≈сли бы да кабы во рту росли грибы.

2. If there were no clouds, we should not enjoy the sun. Ц≈сли бы не было облаков, то мы не ценили бы солнце.

3. If it were not for hope, the heart would break. Ц —ердце надеждой живЄт.

Exercise 9: Complete the Conditional Sentences. Decide whether to use the First or Second Conditionals.

1. If you do your homework, we (go) to the cinema in the evening.

2. If we (order) the book now, we will have it tomorrow.

3. If I (have) more money, I would buy a bigger car.

4. If I met my favourite movie star, I (ask) him for an autograph.

5. I will call you if I (need) your help next Sunday.

6. I (go) swimming if the weather were better today.

7. If he doesn't have time tomorrow, we (meet) the day after.

8. If I (be) you, I wouldn't know what to do now.

9. If we (not order) the tickets soon, there won't be any tickets left.

10. If I had a car, I (drive) my friend to the University every day.

11. If we (live) on another planet, we would see the Earth in the sky.

12. If we were birds, we (be able) to fly.

Exercise 10: Translation:

1. я бы написал ему письмо, если бы знал его адрес.

2. „то ты будешь делать, если у теб€ будет свободное врем€?

3. Ќа твоЄм месте € бы знал, что делать.

4. ≈сли завтра не будет идти дождь, мы будем играть в футбол.

5. ≈сли ты будешь работать больше, ты сдашь экзамен.

6. ≈сли € не буду слушать учител€, € ничего не пойму.

7. “ы купишь эти туфли, если они подойдут тебе?


D. Third Conditional (Unreal)


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