Употребление и перевод Future Perfect Progressive.

Future Perfect Continuous употребляется для выражения будущего действия, которое, начавшись в будущем, будет продолжаться в течение некоторого периода времени до наступления другого, более позднего будущего действия или момента:

· Before the new machine is stopped to-morrow morning, it will have been working for three hours.

До того как новая машина будет остановлена завтра утром, она будет работать три часа.

· You will have been studying English for five years by the next spring.

Весной будущего года исполнится пять лет, как вы изучаете английский язык.

Note: В повседневной речи Future Perfect Progressive употребляется редко и обычно заменяется Future Perfect или Future Indefinite.

Exercise 1. Translate the sentences:



1) I will have been waiting for 20 minutes until he comes to my place.

2) She will have been studying at the university for three years before she finishes it.

3) He will have been working at the office for six more months before he gets permanence.

4) The children will have been playing in the garden until their mother comes back.

5) I will have been reading the morning paper for 20 minutes before the bus arrives at my station.

6) We'll have been discussing the matter for an hour before the manager arrives.

7) I will have been translating the article for 30 minutes before you come.

8) We will have been learning Italian for three years before we go to Italy.

9) I will have been watching them for three minutes until they leave my area.

10) I think it will have been raining all the time until we arrive home.

11) He will have been singing for half an hour before he starts the show.

12) The travelers will have been walking for three hours before they stop for a rest.


Exercise 2. Fill in the blanks with the Future Perfect Progressive of the verbs in brackets:



1. Catherine Zeta-Jones (to act) ______________ in America for 12 years by the year 2010.

2. By the time I retire, I (to write) _______________ movie reviews for more than 30 years.

3. By the time the movie will stop, it (to rain) ___________ outside for 4 hours at least.

4. By the time he turns 30, Elijah Woods (to work) ____________ in the entertainment business for 32 years.

5. At the end of his career, Kevin Spacey (to entertain) ____________ audiences for many years.

6. Stephen Spielberg (to make) _____________ great movies for a long time when he will decide to stop.

7. At the end of the show, I (to eat) _______________ continuously.

8. By the time he stops, my friend (to act) ______________ for most of his life.

9. My cousin (to exercise) ____________ for 2 years next week in preparation for a role in a movie.

10. They (to think) _____________ about whether to go see the new movie or not for half an hour by the time it begins tonight.

Exercise 3. For each situation there are 2 pieces of information: when the action or situation, and a question. Using this information, make a sentence with the future perfect progressive. Use by the time if necessary. Number 1 has been donefor you. There may be more than one answer.


1. Action/situation: Doctors began using morphine in the 1860s.

Student A: Student B:





2. Action/situation: I started writing my book in November.

Question: By May, how long will I have been writing my book?


3. Action/situation: I became a computer programmer in 1997. I am still a computer programmer.

Question: In 2050, how long will I have been a computer programmer?


4. Action/situation: Brian started looking for a job on Sunday.

Question: On Tuesday, how long will Brian have been looking for a job?


5. Action/situation: Ever since Mei drank it in 2001, she has preferred drinking black tea over anything else.

Question: In 2004, how long will Mei have preferred drinking black tea?


6. Action/situation: People began taking pictures in the 1830’s.

Question: By 2080, how long will people have been taking pictures?


7. Action/situation: My family and I started vacationing in Hawaii in 1975.

Question: In 2005, how long will we have been vacationing in Hawaii?


8. Action/situation: I lent Jimmy $20 on Tuesday, and he said that he was going to return the money on Thursday. Today is Saturday.

Question: By tomorrow, how long will Jimmy have owed me money?


9. Action/situation: MyEnglishTeacher.net began teaching English to the world in October 2000.

Question: By the end of this year, how long will MyEnglishTeacher.net have been teaching English to the world?


10. Action/situation: I moved to Seoul in 1998. I have lived there ever since.

Question: By the end of the year, how long will I have been living in Seoul?




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