I. Read the following dialogue and make your own using this vocabulary

A Visit of a Pharmaceutical Firm Representative

Representative: Doctor, I would like to show you some pharmaceuticals. May I ask for a few minutes of your attention, please?

Doctor. Certainly. I have finished examining my patients and we can go upstairs to our office.

R.: It's very kind of you. Aren't I bothering you too much?

D.: Not at all. What hypotensive drugs do you have?

R.: We have normatencil which is used in the treatment of hypertension. The preparation regulates the figures of pressure and spares the kidney of a hypertonic patient preventing vascular complications and aggravation of the disease. Such a vascular kidney protection is a real advantage of the drug.

D.: Can it be used in ambulatory practice?

R.: To be sure! The ambulatory treatment is easily controlled as the preparation is not diuretic and does not contain reserpin.

D.: So, what are the doses and how is it used?

R.: 12 tablets a day, 3 times a week or 20 days a month.

D.: And what about the contraindications?

R.: They are the same as in all hypotensive drugs.

D.: Leave me the signature, I will read it and call you tomorrow. Thank you for coming and good bye.

R.: Bye.

II. Work with a partner. Here are his answers. Ask him the questions.

Attending doctor: This patient is doing well with the treatment of heart failure but I want your idea on how to treat his hypertension.
Head of the department: ---------------------

A.: He is 53. Six years ago he consulted a physician because of morning headaches. Hypertension was found, and small doses of Phenobarbital were prescribed.

H: ---------------------

A.: No, there's no cardiovascular disease in the family. The heart failure has been corrected but the blood pressure stays round 180/110 mm Hg.

H: ---------------------

III. Speak on the following items:

- drugs which prevent blood clotting;

- drugs which are used to correct an abnormal heart rhythm;

- drugs which increase the amount of urine excreted by reducing the volume of blood and lowering heart pressure;

- drugs which increase the size of blood vessels by relaxing the muscles of the vessel walls.

Violation of the gastrointestinal tract.


1. , ;

2. ;

3. .


. Read the words, then match them with their prefixes from the list below:

a) secondary or less important sub-;

b) too much over-.

Overpopulation, sub-agent, overcook, sub-class, overweight, subdivision, over-anxious, sub-branch, overdose, sub-paragraph, overeat, sub-heading, overestimate, substructure, overgrowth, subsystem, overreact, sub-species, oversize, subtype, over-worried, sub-group.

. Learn the following words.

hollow ;

particle ;

tumor ;

lye ;

ulcer ;

pernicious , ;

adjacent ;

sore - , ;

consumption ;

amebic .

. Guess the meaning of the following words.

Muscular, esophagus, secrete, enzyme, duodenum, neutralize, absorb, resistant, obstruct, iodine, cancer, anemia, atrophy, deficiency, erosion, associate

IV. Match the words with the definitions.

1. tumor a. a mass of diseased cells in your body that have divided and increased too quickly
2. hollow b. a sore area on your skin or inside your body that may bleed or produce poisonous substances
3. adjacent c. very harmful or evil, often in a way that you do not notice easily
4. ulcer d. having an empty space inside
5. particle e. next to something
6. consumption f. a painful, often red, place on your body caused by a wound or infection
7. lye g. the amount of energy, oil, electricity etc. that is used
8. pernicious h. alkaline solution
9. sore i. a very small piece of something




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