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Complete the sentences by filling in the gaps with the correct words or expressions

1. Free treatment is a... from teaching hospitals and charity hospitals. a. insuranсe
2. Before the National Health Service was created in 1948, patients were generally r... to pay for their health care. b. taxation
3. The founding principles of the NHS called for its fun≠ding out of general taxation and not through national i.... с. regardless
4. NHS has not sufficient resources necessary to p... unlimi≠ted access to the latest medical treatments. d. resident
5. Most industrialized countries operate some form of p... health care. e. health care
6. UK has universal health care system provided by govern≠ment and paid for from general t.... f. required
7. H... is prevention, treatment, management of illness and preservation of mental health. g. available
8. In most developed countries health care is provided to everyone r... of their ability to pay. h. publicly funded
9. The scale, e... and funding of private systems is very variable. ≥. provide
10. Any... of the UK has access to any kind of treatment they need. j. extent

4. Complete the sentences by choosing the appropriate words or expres≠sions from the box. Translate the completed sentences into Ukrainian.

residents private hospital publicly funded coverage taxation insurance health care ambulances be registered with costs quality access private availability

1. The lack of... for some treatments may lead to poor managemeni of the patient.

2. The... used by the NHS are sometimes referred to by their staff as the "Big White Taxi Service".

3. The UK government has separated the roles of suppliers of... and assessors of the quality of medical services.

4. A... is a hospital owned by a for-profit company or organization.

5.... health care is care that is financed entirely or mostly by citizens' tax payment.

6. Publicly funded health systems suggest higher survival rates and... of medical service.

7. When... is primary means of financing health care, everybody is provided with needed aid.

8. In the UK everyone receives the same level of... regardless of their ability to pay.

9. The most important positive consequence of social health... is abandoning the residual principle of health care financing.

10. Some studies have found that... for-profit hospitals are more ex≠pensive and have higher death rates.

11. After completing medical schools young doctors must complete a two year foundation training program to... with the General Medi≠cal Council.

12. NHS... are met from UK government taxation, all taxpayers con≠tribute to its funding.

13. The... of the UK are provided free of charge care except charges applying to most adults for prescription.

14. The British Dental Association failed to improve... to care for patients.

5. Complete the sentences by choosing the appropriate prepositions. Trans≠late the completed sentences into Ukrainian.

1. Public health care varies significantly to/from country to/with country.

2. Health care system may be funded in/from general government revenues.

3. The proportion in/of the cost of care covered is different in differ≠ent countries.

4. When taxation is the primary means in/of financing health care, everyone receives the same level at/of coverage.

5. Publicly funded health care systems are usually financed in/about one on/of two ways: through taxation or compulsory social health insurance.

6. Different approaches exist in/to the funding and provision about/of medical services.

7. Some systems do not provide universal healthcare, or restrict cover≠age on/to public health facilities.

8. According to/in a study about/of the World Health Organization, publicly funded systems of/at industrial nations spend less on/to health care.

9. The term bed-blockers is often used with/to patients still receiving care, even though their acute ailment has been treated and they are fit for/at discharge.

10. The spread of/by communicable diseases at/in hospitals is facili≠tated on/by overcrowding at/in NHS hospitals.


6. Make the questions somebody may ask concerning health service in Great Britain.

1. When were patients required to...?

2. What was the system in 1948...?

3. What are patients free to...?

4. What do patients pay...?

5. Is NHS hospitals quality...?

6. What is financed from...?

7. How much was...?

8. What patients...?

9. How many people...?

7. Say whether the following statements are true or false. Comment your answer.

1. People over 60, children under 16 (or under 19 if the child is still in full time education) do not pay for prescription.

2. NHS provides health care for all citizens, based on needs and their ability to pay.

3. The National Health Service of Great Britain is the world's largest publicly funded health service.

4. Jobless people in England have no chance to get any assistance from the government.

5. In the NHS, GPs referrals are not needed to access specialist care.

6. According to the National Insurance Act 1911, all British people have free medical coverage.

7. GPs or family doctors do not contract with the NHS to provide services to patients.

8. Before the NHS millions of citizens in the UK had been unable to afford the privatized system.

9. One of the main aims of the NHS is to respect the confidentiality of individual patients and provide open access to information about services.

10. Quality of publicly funded and private hospitals in Great Britain is similar.

8. What questions would you ask to obtain the following information?

Х Free access to health care

Х Service for all based on clinical need, not ability to pay

Х Health care costs

Х Free medical coverage

Х Core of the National Health Service

Х Charity hospitals

Х Government taxation

Х Charges for non-residents in the UK

Х Fixed prescription charge

Х Provision of quality care

Х Unemployment benefits

Х Comprehensive range of services

9. Answer the following questions.

1. When was the National Health Service created?

2. What did the National Insurance Act grant in 1911?

3. What way is the NHS funded?

4. What category of physicians is responsible for the care of pa≠tients?

5. Do patients have the right to choose the physician?

6. Who pays for the provision of services?

7. Where do British patients choose to be treated?

8. Is quality of health care comparable in state and private hospi≠tals?

9. What kinds of health care are charged for?

10. What is the tendency of private health sector in the UK?

11. What is the aim of NHS?

10. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Ќац≥ональна служба охорони здоров'€ намагаЇтьс€ пост≥йно вдосконалювати медичне обслуговуванн€ у ¬елик≥й Ѕритан≥њ, а ур€д њй у цьому допомагаЇ.

2. Ѕританська система охорони здоров'€ забезпечуЇ безкоштов≠ну медичну допомогу населенню ¬еликоњ Ѕритан≥њ ≥ першу медичну допомогу тим, хто прињжджаЇ до ц≥Їњ крањни.

3. ¬елика частина грошей надходить у систему охорони здоров'€ за рахунок податк≥в; люди також щом≥с€чно плат€ть певну суму €к страховку.-

4. ” нац≥ональн≥й систем≥ охорони здоров'€ Ї три основн≥ складов≥: л≥кар≥ загальноњ практики, л≥карн€н≥ ≥ спец≥ал≥зован≥ служби, а також м≥сцев≥ органи охорони здоров'€.

5. ћ≥сцев≥ органи охорони здоров'€ несуть в≥дпов≥дальн≥сть за медичну осв≥ту, буд≥вництво л≥карень, стан навколишнього середовища, щепленн€ тощо.

6. ” б≥льшост≥ розвинутих крањн ≥снують р≥зн≥ п≥дходи €к у ф≥нансуванн≥ системи охорони здоров'€, так ≥ в наданн≥ медичних послуг.

7. ѕлатники податк≥в, €к≥ надають перевагу медичним послугам у приватн≥й систем≥, водночас мають сплачувати податок ≥ до державноњ системи охорони здоров'€.

8. ¬арто зазначити, що нац≥ональна система охорони здоров'€ в≥д≥граЇ ун≥кальну роль у п≥дготовц≥ медичних профес≥онал≥в у ¬елик≥й Ѕритан≥њ.

III. Spiking

1. Can you do these tasks on you own?

  Yes No Need more practice
Talk about the history of NHS establishment
Comment on the ways of NHS financing
Give reason for NHS prevailing over the private sector
Comment the cost of medical services in the UK
Speak on charges for non-residents in the UK
Compare the ways of funding Ukrainian and Brit≠ish health services

2. Give short information on the following issues.

Х History of the NHS

Х Funding of medical service in the United Kingdom

Х Cost of medical care for residents and non-residents of the UK

Х Private and public sectors in health care

3. Suggest your own conversation topic concerning health service in the United Kingdom.

A Bit of Ќumоr

"Is the doctor treating her for nervousness?"

"Oh, dear, no. She's rich enough to have psychoneurosis."

Professor: "Willie, how do you define ignorance?"

Student: "It's when you don't know something and somebody finds it out."


IV. More Reading

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