Guess the meaning of the following words

Institution, academy, examination, subject, physiology, chemistry, physics, laboratory, qualified, specialize, perfumery, cosmetic, assistant, faculty, specialist, problem, train, professional, pharmacognosy, pharmacokinetics, organize, doctor, professor, qualified, biology, botany, pharmacology, organic, toxicological, analytical, special, technology, pharmacy, management, marketing, department, period, pathology, mechanism, molecular, radiation, clinic.

4. Match the words with the definitions.

1. abroad a. to continue for a particular length of time
2. property b. to start working in a particular field or organization or to start studying at a school or university
3. standard c. the level that is considered acceptable, or the level that someone or something has achieved
4. to last d. an organization or institution, especially a business, shop, etc.
5. to enter e. someone who is studying at a university to get a Master's Degree or a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) Degree
6. evidence f. someone who has formally asked, usually in writing, for a job, university place, etc.
7. course g. a job that someone, who has almost finished training
  as a doctor, does in a hospital
8. establishment h. a period of study in a particular subject, especially at university
9. postgraduate i. a quality or power that a substance, plant, etc. has
10. internship j. facts or signs that show clearly that something exists or is true
11. applicant k. in or to a foreign country

Translate the following sentences into Ukrainian.

1. The committee is assessing the standard of care in local hospitals.

2. She often goes abroad on business.

3. People know many herbs with healing properties.

4. Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes.

5. To enter a university applicants take entrance exams.

6. He was one of 30 applicants for the manager's job.

7. The course of study at the pharmaceutical faculty lasts for 5 years.

8. The course of compulsory education in Ukraine makes 9 years.

9. People keep medicines out of the reach of children.

10. He takes this medicine twice a day.

11. Postgraduate students do research for their theses.

12. Teachers help students in their researches.

13. There is an extramural department at our university.

14. Languages are an essential part of a school curriculum.

V. Reading


In our country there is a wide network of institutions of higher medical education, which train pharmacists.

To enter a pharmaceutical faculty students take written entrance examinations in chemistry, biology, and Ukrainian. The course of study lasts for five years. During the first two years pharmacy students study general subjects, such as botany, physiology, general chemistry, physics, etc. During the third, fourth, and fifth years they have classes in special sciences, like pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical chemistry, etc.

The students also have practical classes in laboratories, where they study physical and medical properties of medicines. Pharmaceutical students have practical training at chemist's shops, where they learn to work as pharmacists.

After graduation all pharmaceutical students have a period of internship, which lasts for one year. Here they specialize in the following pharmaceutical specialties: "pharmacy", "clinical pharmacy", "technology of pharmaceutical preparations", and "technology of perfumery and cosmetic preparations".

Today about eight thousand foreign students study medicine and pharmacy at higher medical educational establishments of Ukraine. It is half of all foreign students that study in our country. About one thousand and seven hundred applicants from abroad enter Ukrainian medical universities and academies each year. This is the evidence of a high standard of medical and pharmaceutical education in our country.

At higher medical institutions of Ukraine there is also postgraduate study as a form of training scientific and teaching specialists. Postgraduate education is not compulsory. The students study and write thesis to get the Master's Degree or the Candidate of Science Degree.

After completing the course of study at the pharmaceutical faculty graduates can work as managers, assistants, dispensing pharmacists or chemists-analysts at chemist's shops, pharmaceutical plants or chemical laboratories.

VI. Language development


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