Replace the underlined words with their synonyms

various, broad, crucial, experts, continues, pharmacies, effect, opportunities, prepares, comparatively, medications, comprises, significant, views, learn, mandatory, establishments, drugs, level, finishing, directors, instruct, learn, qualities, training, drugstores, system, undergraduates, proof, pharmaceutists

1. The urgent need for specialists, who can solve the most important social problems of providing the people of Ukraine with medi cines, led to the organization of the pharmaceutical faculty at our university.

2. The faculty trains professionals for chemist's shops and pharmaceutical plants as well as scientists of different branches.

3. The curriculum at the faculty consists of many subjects.

4. For a relatively short period of time all the necessary scientific and research facilities were created at the faculty.

5. The course of study lasts for five years.

6. The NMU trains a new generation of pharmacists, with wide university outlook and knowledge of clinical presentation and pathologies of the human body.

7. The students master the mechanisms of drug influence on the body.

8. There is a wide network of medical institutions, which train pharmacists.

9. During the first two years students study general subjects.

10. Students study physical and medical properties of medicines.

11. It is the evidence of a high standard of medical and pharmaceutical education in our country.

12. After completing the course of study graduates work as manag ers, assistants, dispensing pharmacists.

13. Pharmaceutical students have practical training at chemist's shops.

14. Postgraduate study is not compulsory.

4. Match each word from column A with its opposite from column B.

1. to create a. untrained
2. to organize b. ordinary
3. qualified c. inferior
4. to last d. to destroy
5. outstanding e. narrow
6. necessary f. to stop
7. wide g. to disorganize
8. primary h. nonessential
9. to complete i. to begin
10. to enter j. low
11. to last k. elective
12. practical 1. in our country
13. abroad m. to leave
14. high n. theoretical
15. compulsory o. to relax
16. to work p. to cease

5. Answer the following questions.

1. What higher medical institutions of our country train pharmacists?

2. What entrance exams do the applicants take?

3. Where do the students have practical training?

4. Where do the students have practical classes?

5. What is internship?

6. What pharmaceutical specialties do you know?

7. How many foreign students study medicine and pharmacy in Ukraine?

8. What is the evidence of a high standard of medical and pharmaceutical education in our country?

9. What is postgraduate study?

10. Where can graduates work after completing their study?

Correct the statements below.

1. Applicants take oral exams to enter pharmaceutical faculties.

2. Students have practical classes at chemist's shops.

3. Students study pharmacology and pharmacognosy during the second year of study.

4. Students specialize in pharmaceutical specialties during the last year of study.

5. Nearly one thousand seven hundred students from abroad study medicine and pharmacy in Ukraine.

6. In laboratories students study pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, and technology of pharmaceutical preparations.

7. Every student of pharmacy takes a postgraduate course.

V. Speaking

1. Make questions for the answers. Then, in pairs, act out the dialogue.


In our country there is a wide network of higher medical institutions, which train pharmacists.


To enter a pharmaceutical faculty students take written entrance examinations in chemistry, biology, and Ukrainian.

During the first two years pharmacy students study general subjects, such as botany, physiology, general chemistry, physics.


During the third, fourth, and fifth years they have classes in special sciences, like pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical chemistry.


After graduation all pharmaceutical students have a period of internship, which lasts for one year.


Today about eight thousand foreign students study medicine and pharmacy at higher medical establishments of Ukraine.


At higher medical institutions of Ukraine there is also postgraduate study as a form of training scientific and teaching specialists.


Postgraduate education is not compulsory.

2. Give as much information as you can on the following items:

pharmaceutical specialization;

pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, technology of pharmaceutical preparations and technology of perfumery and cosmetic preparations as sciences;

postgraduate study as a form of training scientific and teaching specialists;

education of foreign students in Ukraine;

possibilities of employment after the course.



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