Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст.


Lights: The front light of a pair of leading lights is exhibited, at an elevation of 26 feet, from a white mast with a white, diamond-shaped daymark with a red, vertical stripe, on a white hut, 17 feet in height, situated near Collas Point, about 2 cables northward of the government pier; the rear light is exhibited at an elevation of 47 feet, from a white mast with a white, square daymark with a red, vertical stripe, on a white hut, 25 feet in height, situated about half a cable northward of the front light. The lights in line, bearing 011°, lead into the harbor.

Anchorage: Anchorage may be obtained during June, July and August, in depths of about 3 fathoms, mud, a little eastward of the alignment of the light-towers, with Cape Henry bearing 240°, but the position is exposed southward, and winds between south-east and south-west are common; it is advisable, therefore, for a vessel to keep steam raised, and have a second anchor ready.


1. Подберите к словам и выражениям соответствующий перевод:

1. fixed light 2. wooden square pile 3. northern side of the harbor 4. without local knowledge 5. three miles visible 6. to take a pilot under way 7. to mark on the chart 8. in the roadstead 1. без знания местных условий плавания 2. на рейде 3. видимый на 3 мили 4. северная сторона гавани 5. отмечать на карте 6. деревянная квадратная стойка 7. постоянный огонь 8. брать лоцмана на ходу

2. Подберите пары антонимов:


1. foul (ground) 2. permanent 3. inner 4. open 5. western 1. sheltered 2. eastern 3. good 4. temporary 5. outer

3. Заполните пропуски:


1. The … meets the pilot and shows him to the bridge. 1. roadstead

2. The ships may anchor in the open …. 2. foul ground

3. The anchorage is well … from all winds. 3. exhibited

4. Lights are … from conspicuous structures. 4. sheltered

5. All ships must avoid …. 5. watch officer


4. Подберите к командам соответствующий перевод:

1.Отдать правый якорь! 2.Подный вперед! 3.Так держать! 4.Потравить три смычки якорь-цепи! 1. Slack away three shackles of chain! 2. Steady! 3. Let go the starboard anchor! 4. Full ahead!



Перепишите следующие предложения, подчеркните инфинитив. Переведите предложения на русский язык.


1) The icebreaker “Arktika” was the first ship to reach the North Pole.

2) The cargo to be loaded is in the warehouse.

3) The canal was deepened to enable big ships pass through.

4) The Deck Officers’ job is to navigate ships safely.

Перепишите следующие предложения, подчеркните в каждом из них инфинитивную конструкцию (Complex Object или Complex Subject). Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1) We expected the pilot to come on board in 2 hours.

2) We heard the ship give a warning signal.

3) Glasgow is considered to be the principal Scottish port.

4) The weather seems to have changed.

Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст.


Lights: The front light of a pair of leading lights, known as Sydney leading lights, is exhibited at an elevation of 59 feet, from a white octagonal, wooden tower with red bands, 53 feet in height, situated in the vicinity of Dixon Point, about one mile south-westward of Edward Point; the rear light is exhibited, at an elevation of 120 feet from a white, square, wooden tower, with red bands, 38 feet in height, situated about half a mile south-south-westward of the front light. These lights in line, bearing 214°, lead into the harbor, and between north-west and south-east bars.

Anchorages: The entrance to Ha Ha Bay lies between He Fecteau, about 2¼ miles north-westward of Double Hill Island, and Seal Point about 1½ miles south-westward of it; it is obstructed by a number of islands and dangers and local knowledge is essential for entering the bay. Within the entrance, the depths are considerable in places, but there are many good anchorages for vessels with local knowledge.



Часть 5. ЛОЦИЯ

Unit I Buoys and Beacons (Буи и береговые знаки)


buoyage buoy/ to buoy light b. / unlit b. barrel = cask b. can = drum = cylindrical b. bell and whistle b. conical b./ spherical b. pillar b. / spar b. spindle b. / mooring b. chequered b. wreck b. beacon floating / leading pile beacon topmark mark / to mark ball = sphere = globe cone / cross / cage cylinder / disc / broom   to erect= to establish= to moor diamond-shaped painted vertically/horizontally striped point upwards/downwards points apart / together to surmount/ surmounted to lie / lying to extend ограждение буями (фарватера) буй / гл. ограждать буями светящий буй/несветящий буй бочкообразный буй цилиндрический буй буй с колоколом и с свистком конический буй/сферический буй столбовидный буй/ веха веретенообразный буй/швартовная бочка буй, раскрашенный в шахматном порядке буй, ограждающий затонувшее судно знак на берегу или на воде плавучий знак/створный знак знак на сваях топовая фигура (знак) знак, отметка/ гл. ограждать, отмечать шар, сфера конус/крест/клетка на знаках ограждения цилиндр/диск/голик, метла   устанавливать (буй) ромбовидной формы окрашенный с вертикальн./горизонтал. полосами вершиной вниз/вверх вершинами врозь/вместе увенчивать/увенчанный находиться, лежать/ лежащий


1. Read and translate the text:


Buoys and beacons are used to mark dangers at sea and approaches to the port. Buoys and beacons may be of various shapes and colours. The shape is more important than colour, as certain shapes are used for particular purposes. Buoys may be lit and they may have topmarks.

There are pillar shaped buoys, can buoys, spar buoys, spindle buoys, barrel buoys, spherical buoys, etc. They may be of different colours. They may be chequered and painted in horizontal bands or vertical stripes.

At night many buoys exhibit lights: green, red, white, yellow, etc. Buoys may be surmounted by top marks, such as a can, a cone, a sphere, a ball, a staff, a cross, etc.



The main buoyage systems that are employed world-wide are the Lateral buoyage system and the Cardinal buoyage system.

Buoys in the Lateral system are used to indicate the port and starboard sides of the fairways. Most countries in the world employ the IALA-A system: the starboard side of the fairway is indicated by the green-colored conical shape, and the port side is indicated by the red-colored can-shape.

Buoys in the Cardinal system are used to indicate how to pass a danger (e.g. a wreck) in a certain quadrant or area. The position of the danger is indicated by North-, South-, East-, and West- Cardinal buoys. Cardinal buoys are pillar-or spar-shaped.

Special buoys indicate special features in the fairway that can be looked up in the Pilot book. They may have any shape and are fitted with yellow light.

Landfall marks mark safe water of sufficient depth and indicate that one approaches the coast. They are pillar-, spar-, or spherical-shaped and are fitted with a white light.

Isolated danger marks are pillar-or spar-shaped and are fitted with a white light.


2. Read and translate extracts from Pilot Books into Russian:


1. A white conical buoy is moored on the southern side of the fairway northward of the rock lying eastward of Doboy.

2. A can buoy and red spar buoy lie on the south-eastern side of the reef on the northern side of the approach, at a distance of 16 miles, 82° true, from Zumber Lighthouse.

3. A spherical buoy painted in black and white horizontal stripes, surmounted by an iron staff and cross, lies close south-eastward of Cabretta.

4. A black spindle buoy with cylindrical topmark is moored off the extreme of the shallow reef, extending about 1½ cables southward from rocky ledges.

5. A pillar shaped whistle buoy, painted in black and white horizontal bands, marked “L.P.”, surmounted by a staff, and exhibiting a white occulting light is placed in 12 fathoms about 1¼ miles north-eastward of the northern extremity of Tybee Bank.

6. The approach to the channel to Sewall Harbour is marked by two black barrel-shaped buoys. The outer buoy is moored in 4¾ fathoms and 2¼ miles south-westward of the lighthouse. The inner buoy, conical, is moored on the outer edge of the bar about 2 miles south-westward of the lighthouse.

7. The channels are marked by leading beacons, consisting of posts with diamond shaped topmark, painted black with a white vertical line, erected on the banks of the river.

8. A light-and-bell-buoy, with red and black horizontal bands, and showing a short white flash every two seconds, is moored on the north-eastern side of Potter Rock.

9. A red beacon, surmounted by a cone, marks the outer end of a reef which extends about 3 cables west-south-westward from Clover, the eastern entrance point.

10. A pile beacon with red triangular day-mark stands on the south-easternmost island of the group extending from the western shore at the entrance, and half a mile south-westward from the light.

11. A green wreck buoy lies close eastward of the black beacon buoy and on south side of a sunken wreck, on which there is a least depth of 26 feet.

12. A red bell buoy with a staff is established close off the western extremity of Doboy.


3. Choose the right translation:


цилиндрический буй столбовидный буй веха ромбовидный знак треугольник вершиной вверх бело-красный в шахматном порядке конусы вершинами вниз несветящий буй увенчанный двойным крестом буй с колоколом увенчанный голиком   triangle point up white and red chequers surmounted by a broom spar buoy unlit buoy bell buoy pillar buoy surmounted by a double cross cones points down drum buoy diamond shaped mark

4. Translate the following expressions into Russian:


a pile beacon a ball topmark a black barrel shaped buoy a fairway buoy a red-coloured cone a green-coloured can   a pillar shaped whistle buoy a black and white chequered buoy a beacon post a beacon surmounted by a white disc a beacon surmounted by a red diamond shape a spindle beacon surmounted by a barrel


5. Read the text and draw all the buoys in colour:

Topmarks (Daymarks)

Buoys differ by their shapes, colours and topmarks. The shapes of these daymarks may be a can, a cone, a sphere or a cross.

Lateral pillar- or spar- buoys are fitted with red or green can shaped or conical topmarks. When the buoys are can- or conical-shaped themselves they are not fitted with any topmarks.

Cardinal buoys are fitted with two black cones.

North is indicated by two cones point up;

South is indicated by two cones points down;

Wes t id indicated by two cones point to point;

East is indicated by two cones base to base.

The Special buoy, whose meaning is indicated in the pilot book, carries a yellow cross.

The safe water buoy (landfall buoy) is fitted with a single red sphere.

The isolated danger buoy carries two black spheres.


6. Memorize the following charted abbreviations:

Buoys and beacons

В., Blk. Cheq. G. Gy. Н. S. R. V. S. Y. W.   Black Chequered Green Grey Horizontal stripes Red Vertical stripes Yellow White   Чёрный Шахматной окраски Зелёный Серый Горизонтальные полосы Красный Вертикальные полосы Жёлтый Белый  

7. Read the following fractions in English:


2¾; 1½; 2½; 4⅓; 3⅔; 4⅛; 7⅜; 5⅝; 6⅞; 5¼; 1⅓; 7¼;

1,25; 2,3; 5,9; 3,75; 0,2; 1,15; 0,25; 0,5; 1,3; 4,45; 0,3

½ - a half; ¼ - a quarter; ⅓ - a third; ¾ - three quarters

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