C. Mother asks me what I am doing

D. Mother asks me what am I doing

E. Mother asks me if I am doing

33. Choose the correct tense form: When I come home tomorrow, my family supper

A. Will have

B. Would have

C. Shall have

D. Should have

E. Will be having

34. Fill in the necessary tense form in the following conditional sentence: If mother a cake, we a very nice tea party

A. Would buy/had

B. Will buy/shall have

C. Will buy/ have

D. Buys/would have

E. Bought/would have

35. Choose the suitable word: In addition the Royal Shakespeare Company presents Shakespearean plays at

A. Thames

B. Stradford-upon-Avon

C. Clyde

D. Bristol Avon

E. Tyne

36. Express in one word: eggs beaten together with in milk and fried in a pan

A. Omelette

B. Food

C. Starter

D. Drinks

E. Meal

37. Combination sweet-smilling consists of

A. A participle and a participle

B. A noun stem and a participle

C. An adjective stem and a participle

D. A verb stem and a participle

E. Two adjective stems

38. published the first American dictionary of the English language

A. O. Jaspers

B. Naoh Webster

C. H. Sweet

D. Arakin

E. Samuel Johnson

39. This Research Methods have always been closely connected with in lexicology

A. Weather and climate

B. Historical and cultural factors

C. The general trends in linguistics

D. People of the country

E. Kinds of books

The science of dictionary-compiling is

A. Lexicology

B. Grammar

C. Etymology

D. Phonetics

E. Lexicography

41. Express in one word: the greatest of English churches

A. Central Park

B. French House

C. Old Jack

D. Old Bailey

E. St. Pauls Cathedral

42. Choose the proper word: ө қ

A. To be against

B. To be ill

C. To be angry

D. To be wish

E. To be eager

43. Express in one word: The effect produced on the mind of feelings

A. Picnic

B. Temper

C. Obedience

D. Letter

E. Impression

44. Choose the suitable word: The rich of south-east England is well cultivated

A. Wheat

B. Plough

C. Soil

D. Crop

E. Cliff

45. Choose the correct translation of the word: electronic equipment

A. қ қғ


C. ұ қ ң

D. ө ғ ө


46. Choose the correct word: long journey, esp, by water or air

A. Hitch-hiking

B. Cruise

C. Excursion

D. Tour

E. Voyage

Irish poets give this name their land

A. The isle of valleys

B. The grassy isle

C. The emerald isle

D. The gold isle

E. The green isle

48. There are terms in British educational institutions of higher education

A. 6

B. 4

C. 3

D. 7

E. 5

After three years of study a university graduate will leave with the De degree of a

A. Doctor

B. Governor

C. Expert

D. Master

E. Bachelor

Maypoles are generally decorated in

A. Mountains

B. Villages

C. Cities

D. Towns

E. Valleys

51. Choose the correct definition of the word: the greengrocers

A. A place where butter is sold

B. A place where we buy carrots

C. A place where mobile-phones are sold

D. A place where we buy cream

E. A place where we buy papers

52. Choose the word opposite in meaning: to refuse

A. To accept

B. To act

C. To revise

D. To decide

E. To rise

53. Complete the following sentence: after that another safe was opened(mind the text Jimmy Valentines Reformation O. Henry)

A. Seven minutes

B. Four years

C. Five days

D. Two weeks

E. There months

54. Leila was too shocked to answer. But garred went on: I think its wonderful. I never doubted bill would catch up with the modern trends. Now Leila, are there more pictures for a full show? Im going to change the whole plan and show his new work in the autumn. This sentences are from the text

A. Success Story

B. The TV Blackout

C. Then in Triumph

D. Lautisse Paints Again

E. A good Start

55. The boy kept squeezing politely out of the drunkards way, hurrying through the crowd, not saying anything and trying his best to be as decent as possible. The main character of the text is (mind the text The Filipino and the Drunkard W. Saroyan)

A. Mr. Oslow

B. Filipino

C. Mr. Bill

D. Mr. Purcell

E. Mrs. Bufkins

56. The princess was still smiling, through less exactly. She was unused to asking for things twice. The silence continued, I still thought that it could only a practical joke, and that one of us probably the prince himself would produce the ring with a laugh. These sentences are from the text

A. Caged

B. Success Story

C. A good start

D. Fair of face

E. The Dinner Party

57. Complete the following sentence: On the Clifford reached his study, turned on the light over the table and dropped into the chair before it. (mind the text then in Triumph)

A. Third floor

B. Sixth floor

C. Fourth floor

D. Fifth floor

E. Second floor


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