Is derivation morpheme following the stem

A. Affix

B. Infix

C. Suffix

D. Prefix

E. Ending

The basic unit of a language is

A. Morpheme

B. Style

C. Grammar

D. Sound system

E. Word

Historical events, geographical names, names for diseases, plants, animals, institutions are included in

A. Linguistic dictionaries

B. Glossaries

C. Bilingual dictionaries

D. Encyclopaedic dictionaries

E. Phrasiological dictionaries

41. Eliminate the extra word: steppe, grass, soil, climate, team

A. Steppe

B. Soil

C. Grass

D. Climate

E. Team

42. Eliminate the extra word: island, coal, iron, metal, steel, tools

A. Steel

B. Tools

C. Coal

D. Iron

E. Island

43. Choose the correct translation:

A. Dining-car

B. Rough

C. Luggage

D. Deck

E. Booking office

44. Choose the correct translation: қ

A. Dining-car

B. Booking office

C. Luggage

D. Deck

E. rough

45. Eliminate the extra word: act, balcony, cast, athleties, pit

A. Pit

B. Cast

C. Balcony

D. Act

E. Athletics

46. Express in one word: a university teacher of a rank below a professor

A. Reader

B. Tutor

C. Professor

D. Lecturer

E. Guardian

47. Fill in the correct preposition: Try this grey hat

A. To

B. With

C. Off

D. Of

E. On

48. Choose the correct preposition: Shall I put butter your bread

A. To

B. From

C. About

D. For

E. On

49. Choose the correct preposition: They learn the use different educational aids

A. Into

B. To

C. With

D. At

E. Of

50. Express in one word: a game in which people hit small hard balls into holes

A. Golf

B. Cricket

C. Yachting

D. Boating

E. Barbell

51. Choose the suitable word: Great Britain comprises

A. England

B. Scotland

C. Wales

D. England, Wales, Scotland

E. Ireland

52. Choose the suitable word: Astana stands on the banks of the river

A. Jaik

B. Tobyl

C. Volga

D. Ishim

E. Sharyn

53. Choose the word and word combination opposite in meaning: a dull novel

A. A wonderful book

B. A simple novel

C. A difficult novel

D. A bore novel

E. An exciting novel

54. Fill in the missing word: Mrs. Smith is putting some on the boys plate

A. Books

B. A cup of milk

C. Clever

D. Chairs

E. Cornflakes

55. Choose the proper Kazakh equivalent to: to run across smth

A. Ө



D. ү ұ (, )


56. Choose the correct definition of the word: weather

A. A period of seven days

B. Sitting in strong sunlight in order to make the body brown

C. A description of weather conditions

D. Water falling from the clouds

E. A condition of wind, rain, sunshine, snow at a certain time

57. Choose the word close in meaning: fashion

A. Fat

B. Style

C. Close

D. Tight

E. Slim

58. Choose the word opposite in meaning: to be in fashion

A. To look like

B. To be unlike

C. To be dressed in

D. To be close

E. To be out of fashion

59. Complete the following sentence: Andrew Manson, .. has come to work in a small miners` town in Wales. (mind the text The Explosion by A.J. Cronin)

A. Old experienced man

B. Is young inexperienced doctor

C. An old inexperienced doctor

D. A young inexperienced doctor

E. A young unexperienced fellow

60. Complete the following sentence: A week ago Sunday city had a blackout and all nine television stations in the area went out for several hours. (mind the text The TV Blackout by Art Buchwald)

A. London

B. Madrid

C. Paris

D. Milan

E. New York

61. Complete the following sentence: The Cartwrights was an old friend of (mind the text footprints in the Jungle W.S. Maugham)

A. Smiths

B. Browns

C. Bills

D. Henrys

E. Bronsons

62. Complete the following sentence: Olives daughter was born (mind the text Footprints in the Jungle W.S. Maugham)

A. Six months later

B. Five months later

C. Eight months later

D. Two months later

E. Four months later

Educational in Britain is

A. Class divided

B. Public

C. Selective

D. Private

E. Class divided and selective

64. Use the pronouns in the proper form: Let do the work at home. (we)

A. Them

B. Him

C. Me

D. Us

E. Her

65. Choose the correct modal verb: You speak English with your friends in order to have same practice

A. Must

B. Ought

C. May

D. Cannot

E. Have to

66. Choose the correct modal verb: I stay here any longer. I have to go home

A. Should

B. May

C. Neednt

D. Can

E. Cant

67. So many % of the English vocabulary are loan words

A. 40%

B. 70%

C. 50%

D. 30%

E. 60%


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