When the art student came the following week, he saw a drawing on the table the main character of the text is

The morphemes which may occur alone and coincide with word-forms or immutable words are

A. Bound morphemes

B. Affixes

C. Suffixes

D. Prefixes

E. Free morphemes

40. Finish the phraseologism: To make the cup run

A. Up

B. Under

C. Out

D. Over

E. Off

41. Fill in the suitable word: The largest coal and iron fields in Britain are located in the

A. Lowlands

B. Portsmouth

C. Midlands

D. Continent

E. Plymouth

42. Eliminate the extra word: coal, iron, metal, steel, scenery

A. Metal

B. Scenery

C. Steel

D. Coal

E. Iron

43. Choose the correct preposition: to be familiar … smth

A. Out

B. To

C. With

D. On

E. Off

44. Choose English equivalent to the word: Антарктида

A. The South

B. The North

C. The Antarctic

D. The West

E. The East

45. Choose the English equivalent to the sentence:Айтайын ба

A. Shall I begin

B. Shall I answer

C. Shall I write

D. Shall I read

E. Shall I speak

46. Eliminate the extra word: bed, sofa, lamp, mirror, lift

A. Mirror

B. Sofa

C. Lamp

D. Lift

E. Bed

47. Choose the word close in meaning: shore

A. Horizont

B. Territory

C. Sunset

D. Surface

E. Coast

48. Choose the correct preposition: to have a glimpse

A. On

B. By

C. Under

D. Above

E. Of

49. Choose the correct translation of the word: To hold exams

A. Тәжірибе жүзінде қолдану

B. Сабақтарды жүргізу

C. Бітіру емтихандарын тапсыру

D. Сабақтарға бару

E. Емтихандарды жүргізу

50. Express in one word: a game similar to tennis played by two or four people

A. Badminton

B. Golf

C. Rugby

D. Cricket

E. Barbell

51. Choose the suitable word: This indentation gives a good supply of harbours for

A. Manufacturing

B. Planes

C. Gardening

D. Cultivation

E. Ships

52. Choose the suitable word: In the XIX century Akmola was a popular trading and economic steppe

A. Country

B. Embankment

C. Monument

D. Architecture

E. Centre

This king encouraged the arts and culture first

A. King Richard III

B. King Henry IV

C. King Henry VIII

D. King Arthur

E. King Alfred

54. Choose English equivalents to the following Kazakh one: Менің сағатым 5 минутқа асығып тұр

A. My watch says 5 minutes

B. My watch fasts 5 minutes

C. My watch is 5 minutes fast

D. My watch tells 5 minutes

E. My watch slows 5 minutes

55. Choose the word or the word – combination closest in meaning: оқуды тоқтату

A. To finish reading

B. To start reading

C. To go on reading

D. To look forward to reading

E. To stop reading

56. Choose the proper Kazakh equivalent to: to have no choice

A. Бұрыс іріктеуді жасау

B. Дұрыс емес таңдауды жасау

C. Таңдамай

D. Таңдай алмай

E. Таңдауы болмауы

57. Choose the proper Kazakh equivalent to: to get in tempers

A. Өзін-өзі ұстай алмау

B. Көңіл-күйі көтеріңкі болу быть в настроении

C. Көңілсіз

D. Өзін өзі ұстау

E. Ашулану

58. Choose the word opposite in meaning: lucky

A. Bless ed

B. Active

C. Fortunate

D. Fluky

E. Unsuccessful

59. Complete the following sentence: Lautisse arrived on the noon train Saturday, and I met him … (mind the text “Lautisse Paints again” H.A. Smith)

A. In the street

B. In the restaurant

C. In a café

D. At the shop

E. At the station

With the money he could afford to marry Leila, rent a studio and stop being a student. To complete his education he went to Italy but after 5 months all the money was spent and he had to return. These sentences are from the text

A. “Success story”

B. “Lautisse Paints Again”

C. “Then in Triumph”

D. “The TV Blackout”

E. “A good start”

61. Complete the following sentence: I`m going to change the whole plan and show his new work … (mind the text “A good start”)

A. In the winter

B. In the summer

C. In the spring

D. In the early autumn

E. In the autumn

62. Complete the following sentence: The boy looked for a place to hide… (mind the text “The Filipino and the Drunkard” W. Saroyan)

A. And rushed into the room

B. And rushed into the living room

C. And rushed into the house

D. And rushed into the lavatory

E. And rushed into the cabin

63. Insert a suitable word in the following sentence: One morning… said he wanted to talk to him. (mind the text Verger” W.S. Maugham)

A. The clerk

B. The headmaster

C. The bank secretary

D. The bank director

E. The bank manager

When the art student came the following week, he saw a drawing on the table the main character of the text is

A. Jack

B. Bill

C. Clifford

D. Frank swain

E. Caswell

65. Complete the sentence: O. Henry wrote the story which is entitled

A. “the happiest man on earth”

B. The snake and the bell”

C. “a dog and three dollars”

D. “the scholarship”

E. “the nightingale and the rose”

66. Complete the following sentence: Pledger gave part of his pay for a ticket to …. (mind the text “Pledger’s Ways Home” by A. Saxton)

A. Paris

B. Chicago

C. Russia

D. Washington

E. Moscow

67. Complete the following sentence: He sat deep in thought the long hours as the train ran towards … (mind the text “Pledger’s Ways Home” by A. Saxton)

A. San-francisco

B. The city

C. New York

D. California

E. Chicago

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