The first American dictionary of the English language was published by

A. Arakin

B. H. Sweet

C. Samuel Johnson

D. O. Jaspers

E. N. Webster

69. Complete the following sentences: Sladen Morris has grown very now, and all the girls he is (mind the text The boy next door by L. Baker)

A. Tall, think, wonderful

B. Tall, think, beautiful

C. Fattest, tall, think fine

D. Big, beautiful

E. Small, short, lovely

70. These sentences are from: It seemed impossible that I should die on the shores of my own country and within view of mens houses. But the second day passed; and though I kept a look out for boats or men, no help came

A. a service of life

B. the happiest man on earth

C. no story

D. the explosion

E. the shipwreck

71. Choose the correct modal verb: He looks so pale. He ill

A. Could be

B. May be

C. Need be

D. Cant be

E. Must be

72. Choose the correct modal verb: You came. The problem is settled

A. Cant

B. Neednt

C. May not

D. Mustnt

E. Havent

73. Choose the correct modal verb: He said, the boy to apologize

A. Can

B. May

C. Must

D. Need

E. Ought

74. Choose the correct modal verb: I asked him where I wait for him

A. May

B. Can

C. Was

D. Could

E. Should

75. Choose the correct modal verb: We go on foot, we are not tired

A. Can

B. should

C. May

D. Cannot

E. Must

76. Choose the correct modal verb: She to help her mother

A. Must

B. May

C. Can

D. Need

E. Ought

77. Choose the correct verb: The book by him

A. Were written

B. Had written

C. Has written

D. Have written

E. Was written

78. Choose the correct verb: The Olympic Games in 4 years

A. Was crossing

B. Are held

C. Was held

D. Will held

E. Is held

79. Choose the correct verb: I wish you it well

A. Are knowing

B. Knowing

C. Known

D. Know

E. Would know

80. Choose the correct verb: He ordered that George to the nearest village

A. Ran

B. Run

C. Have run

D. Running

E. Should run

81. Choose the correct verb: I wish she soon

A. Will come

B. Coming

C. Come

D. Was come

E. Would come

82. Choose the correct verb: But for the rain, they to the country yesterday

A. Going

B. Should gone

C. Gone

D. Have gone

E. Would have gone

83. Choose the correct verb: The news me yesterday

A. Have told

B. Is told

C. Had told

D. Were told

E. Was told

84. Choose the correct verb: A good job to him but he refused

A. Were offered

B. Have offered

C. Was offered

D. Is offered

E. has offered

85. Choose the correct verb: Then the difficulty to them

A. Have explained

B. Had explained

C. Was explained

D. Are explained

E. Has explained

86. Choose the correct verb: The student to the blackboard but he was not ready

A. Had asked

B. Is asked

C. Were asked

D. Have asked

E. Was asked

87. Choose the correct verb: This boy by a motor-car yesterday

A. Was run at

B. Was run over

C. Were run of

D. Is run on

E. Is run over

88. Choose the correct verb: The composition already by Helen

A. Written

B. Have been written

C. Have had written

D. Was written

E. Has been written

89. Choose the correct verb: He recently a fence around his house

A. Had have built

B. Had built

C. Have built

D. Have had built

E. Has built

90. Choose the correct verb: He from for two days. Where is he?

A. Heard

B. Has heard

C. Hadnt be heard

D. Have heard

E. Hasnt be heard

91. Choose the correct verb: The factory by two brothers

A. Had managed

B. Is managed

C. Has managed

D. Were managed

E. Have managed

92. Choose the correct verb: The song and the audience applauded

A. Was sung

B. Have sung

C. Has sung

D. Is sung

E. Had sung

93. Choose the correct verb: The event much in the town last year

A. Was/talked about

B. Is/talked about

C. Has/talked about

D. Have/talked about

E. Had/ talked about

94. Choose the correct verb: The young trees properly

A. Was/looking after

B. has/looked after

C. is/looked after

D. was/looked after

E. were/looked after

95. Use the correct tense form: Grandmother the whole day yesterday

A. Had been cooking

B. Was cooking

C. Were cooking

D. Is cooking

E. Has been cooking

96. Choose the correct tense form: Tom said that he to see doctor the next day

A. Would have gone

B. Will go

C. Would go

D. Go

E. Shall go

97. Choose the correct tense form: We this article at the next lesson

A. Shall have been translating

B. Shall have translated

C. Shall translate

D. Shall be translating

E. Were translating

98. Choose the plural form of the noun: are wild animals

A. Deer

B. Deers

C. A deer

D. The deer

E. The deers

99. Choose the correct form of Participle: The door opened and a woman came in

A. Well-dressing

B. Was well-dressed

C. Is well-dressed

D. Being well-dressed

E. Well dressed

100. Choose the correct verb: Mother asks the children if they some biscuits for tea

A. Had bought

B. Have have bought

C. Have had bought

D. Have bought

E. Has bought


1. үң ғ

A. 9-10-11

B. 8-9-10

C. 5-6

D. 4-5

E. 10-11

2. ң қ

A. ққ

B. ʳ

C. қ

D. ұғ

E. қ

3. ө қң ң

A. ғ




E. 1-2

4. қ үң ә

A. қ ө ө

B. ә қ ү

C. Ққ әң , ғ ө, ұқ ү

D. ө


5. ң -ә қ -ә ө ң

A. 1-2


C. қ

D. ғ

E. ң

6. қ ә

A. қ ғң

B. қң ғ

C. қң ә ү ә әң ғ

D. қ қ

E. қ ә қ ғ ү

7. ғ қң қ

A. , ө, , ә

B. ққ, , ә, ә

C. , ә, ү

D. ә, қ, , ә

E. қ, қ, ә, ә қ

8. ә... ө өң ө

A. қғ

B. ө

C. қ ү

D. ә қғ


9. қң ң

A. ғ ү

B. ғқ ұ

C. ә қ қ

D. Қ

E. ә ң

10. Құ ғң қ

A. қ

B. қ, қ, қ

C. қ, қ

D. ққ, ,

E. ә, , қ

11. қ қ ө

A. қғ ү

B. ғ ү

C. ө

D. Ә

E. Ә ұқ

12. ғ қң 25- қ ... қ ө

A. 5

B. 4

C. 3

D. 2

E. 1

13. ʳ қғ ң ң


B. қ

C. қ



14. ұғң қ ң ғ, қ ә қ ғң

A. ә

B. ә

C. ә

D. ә құ

E. ә

15. ә үң

A. ә қ қ

B. ә

C. ә ә-ә ң

D. ә ұ

E. Қғқ -құқ ә

16. әң ұ, ұ ә ғ-ғ ә қғ


B. ңқ

C. Ә

D. ұ


17. әң қ

A. қ , ә ғ

B. қ, қ

C. қ ң ә

D. қ ң ұ

E. Ғ ү, ә қ , қ ә

18. ә -ә ә

A. қ әң

B. қ, ү

C. қ, әң, ү

D. Ү, ү ө

E. қ, ,

19. ʳ ғ ә қ ә ә

A. ϳ

B. Әң

C. ү

D. Ү

E. қ

20. өң ғ

A. Ө

B. ғ



E. Қ

21. ә ғ қ ө ү


B. ү


D. Қғқ


22. ʳ ғ ң -ә

A. Қ-қ


C. қ

D. ң


23. ң ғқ ү, ң ң ү қ ә

A. ң қғқ ұ



D. Қғ


24. Ұ ү


B. әү

C. Қғқ

D. қ

E. -ә, ұ

25. қ

A. қ, ә

B. Қ, қ,

C. қ, ә, қ

D. , ә,

E. , ә, қ

26. қ ғғ қ ө, қң , ғ ң

A. қ

B. ғ

C. қ

D. қ

E. қ

27. ұғң қ-қ ң ү

A. қ, , қ

B. қ, , қ

C. қ, қ,

D. , қ, қ

E. қ, қ, қ

28. ң ө ғ ө ққ қ

A. 1859

B. 1869

C. 1899

D. 1879

E. 1889

29. Find the correct form of the noun: There were many in the playground

A. Childrens

B. Childs

C. Childrens

D. Child

E. Children

30. Fill in the necessary preposition: The plane landed safely the two mountains

A. Above

B. On

C. Over

D. In

E. Between

31. Fill in the correct article: bread is eaten every day


B. They

C. A

D. An

E. The

32. Use the necessary tense form: She says that she already the book

A. Will/find

B. Were/found

C. Was/found

D. Had/found

E. Has/found

33. Choose the correct form of the Possessive Case: He lived within five walk of his office

A. Minutess

B. Minutes

C. Minuteses

D. Minutes

E. Minutes`

34. Find the correct sentence in Indirect Speech: The doctor says to Nell: Dont go for a walk today

A. The doctor says that Nell does not go for a walk today

B. The teacher says if Nell does not go for a walk today

C. The doctor tells Nell she does not go for a walk today

D. The doctor asks Nell she does not go for a walk today

E. The doctor tells Nell not to go for a walk today

35. Choose the word opposite in meaning: to collect exercise-books

A. To make a mistake

B. To read distinct

C. To give out

D. To speak loud

E. To hand in

36. Choose the English equivalent to the sentence: қ

A. Shall I begin

B. Shall I speak

C. Shall I read

D. Shall I do it

E. Shall I answer

37. Express in one word: all large articles, such as beds, chairs, tables placed in a house

A. Pantry

B. Furniture

C. Cottage

D. Kitchen

E. Orchard

38. is the second name of functional affixes

A. Affixes

B. Stems

C. Prefixes

D. Infixes

E. Endings

Noun forming suffix is

A. ica

B. able

C. dom

D. th

E. ly


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