My first application for a job in Boston was made in accordance with an idea of my own. This sentence is from the text

A. The Dinner Party by N. Monsarrat

B. Lost in the Post by A. Philips

C. Hunting for a job by S. S. Mcclure

D. Success story by J. London

E. Letter in the Mail by E. Caldwell

69. Complete the following sentence: Fran Walker spent her childhood (mind the text The Bramble Bush Ch. Mergendahl)

A. In a private school

B. In france

C. In a large farm house on six acres of unused pasture land

D. In one of the small villages near London

E. In a large house with a wonderful garden

I saw that the gentleman I was to face wore a large beard. He was a young man. His beard was full, loose and very black. These sentences are from the text

A. Letter in the Mail by E. Cardwell

B. The Bramble Bush Ch. Mergendahl

C. The Dinner Party by N. Monsarrat

D. The Beard by G.Clark

E. Success story by J. London

71. Complete the following sentence: At the house they said the boy had refused to let anyone come (mind the text A days wait by E. Hemingway)

A. To the room

B. Into the room

C. Out her room

D. In the room

E. Of the room

72. Complete the following sentence(mind the text Nightingale and the Rose by O. Wilde): She said that she would dance with me, if I brought her

A. A red rose

B. A lot of money

C. Sweets

D. A lot of violets

E. One violet

73. Complete the following sentence: Cloude and Carl lived and worked together of over (mind the text Is he leaving or his dead? By M. Twain)

A. Many years

B. Live years

C. Two years

D. Several times

E. One years

74. Complete the sentence: Nice day said Lanny. home after seven years. (mind the text Return by P. Abrahams)

A. Youre sitting

B. Ive resting

C. Im returning

D. I m go

E. Heve coming

75. Complete the sentence: Hunger and misery terrible there. And the beating people who protested, or stole, or begged. (mind the text Home by L. Hughes)

A. Were, man, were

B. Was, people were

C. Being, man were

D. Were police were

E. Were, doctor were

76. Complete the sentence: The author of the text A service of Love is

A. M. Twain

B. J. London

C. L. Hughes

D. O. Henry

E. A.J. Cronin

77. Choose the correct participle: A flower lay on the table

A. Will fading

B. Have faded

C. Faded

D. Shall fading

E. Fading

78. Choose the correct participle: The charm of life was for Tom Sawyer

A. Went

B. Goes

C. Going

D. Go

E. Gone

The branch of linguistics which studies the problems of meaning synonymy, differentiation of vocabulary treated in lexicology is

A. Morphology

B. Syntax

C. Phonetics

D. Grammar

E. Stylistics

80. The smallest meaningful unit of form is called

A. Word

B. Suffix

C. Stem

D. Prefix

E. Morpheme

81. Compound words are words consisting of stems which other occur in the language as free forms

A. 5

B. 1

C. 4

D. 3

E. 2

82. The type sweet-smiling consist of

A. An adjective stem and a participle

B. A participle and a participle

C. Two adjective stems

D. A verb stem and a participle

E. A noun stem and participle

83. Choose the correct preposition: Let us buy this shirt Your son

A. Of

B. About

C. At

D. On

E. For

84. Choose the correct verb: We her all the time

A. Have had believed

B. Were believe

C. Had had believed

D. Has believed

E. Have believed

85. Choose the correct modal verb: You to have put everything off

A. Could

B. Ought

C. Should

D. Can

E. Must

86. Choose the correct modal verb: I ring you up at 10 o`clock tomorrow morning

A. Must

B. Cannot

C. Would

D. Need

E. Shall

87. Choose the correct Infinitive: She agreed t home

A. Stayed to

B. Staying

C. Stays

D. Stayed

E. To stay

88. Choose the correct Participle: She preferred at home

A. Will stay

B. Stay

C. Stayed

D. Stays

E. Staying

89. Fill in the necessary tense form in the following conditional sentence: If the weather fine we to country

A. Be/shall go

B. Will be/will go

C. Is/shall go

D. Will be/go

E. Will be/shall go

90. Fill in the necessary tense form in the following conditional sentence: They if I such a mistake

A. Will be surprised/had made

B. Will be surprised/ made

C. Will be surprised/ make

D. Shall be surprised/ make

E. Would be surprised/ make

91. Use the necessary tense form: Yesterday tom heard that his aunt for five days

A. Has been ill

B. Was being ill

C. Were ill

D. Was ill

E. Had been ill

92. Choose the correct form of the Complex Object: I must have my hair tomorrow

A. To cut

B. Cutting

C. Cuts

D. Is cut

E. Cut

93. Find the correct sentence in Indirect speech: Jane said to us: Please, tell me all you know about it

A. Jane said to us we tell her all know about it


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