Read the words according to the reading rules. fright still hilly briefing rye


fright still hilly briefing rye

hide mink disciple brighten whisper

wish find dim pinch remind

resist hide dime pine stride

smile mindless dingy piracy mice

rind hillside dire pyre resign

nigh highway fridge sympathy climate nitwit fireplace desirable illegal icy

mirth fistful design sin nippy

skill first circulation bird mild

inspire shine silent quire skip

wind birch thirst dirty briefly

lice achieve besiege byte lire

grief fiend fiery divorce crime

nymph grid gym lightly wig

mischief grieve tiny titter firm

hid width knight tire strive

swing behind belief science fling

wire price since decisive fly

icon wildfire sticky lifetime slight

expire shield gripe brighten skill

sing libel clingy brief rib

midwife pilfer climb unit dye

grind kidnap bride fit unite

slimy pidgin piffle deprive pinstripe

desirous virtuous vital whirlwind whirl


o [כu] [כ] o + r [כ:] [ə:] o + r + . [כ:]
go hot port more
phone pot sport core
photo stop short score
nose mock sort tore
note plot born store
tone odd word before
close clock work implore

² Activity 1. Contrasting Sound Practice

A. Listen and repeat the words paying attention to the sounds:

go phone home go home Let's phone and go home.

cock dog lost job Tom lost his job, dog and cock.

story forum oral coral This story is told orally.

B. note not born bore
hope hop corn core
smoke mock order ore
code cod sort soar
dote dot short shore
slope slop lord lore
slogan slog force fore
slope slop port pore
robe rob stork store
logo log gorge gore

Activity 2. Distribute the words according to the sounds given in


  [כu] [כ] [כ:] [ə:] [כ:]   [כu] [כ] [כ:] [ə:] [כ:]
orphan         mob        
fog         mode        
focal P       work     P  
follow         offer        
forty         dote        
fond         doll        
world         doe        
fore         dock        
ford         ignore        
monster         office        
moment         phony        
forbid         poke        
mole         poky        
snore         pore        
sordid         soda        
total         soccer        


Activity 3. Pair - Work. In each column underline the words that do not

have the sound:

[כ:] forbid ignore corn world pore lord bore short

snore mode core sort

stop port shore before

forty order offer score



[כ] hello not boss popular

dot slog doll cord

stop total shop dock

problem mock pot clock

soccer odd nose rob



[כu] poke shore prone pose

not stone woe porky

note role love polo

rose stole vote local

total pole tone mole





[ auә] [כ:] BUT!













[Əu] [au ]



² Activity 4. Listen to the words and repeat them after the speaker.

low blow flow mow row crow tow. But: how, cow, now!

owl bowl prowl brown crown frown town

old bold gold hold fold cold scold. He was old, but bold.

post host ghost poster roster both only program progress

son done among month money monkey some come

other mother brother another nothing smother

love above glove dove shove shovel oven covert

out about scout count proud doubt amount


² Activity 5. Listen to the words and repeat them after the speaker, paying attention to the difference in spelling.


slop slope sloop sloth slouch slovenly slow slosh

pot poke pork poach point pool poor pounce pour

mob mode moan mood mount more morsels move mow

sob sober soap soar soon soothe son sort soul south soup sour source sow spot sport spoke sponge spooky

bog bogus boil bold boost bore borrow bough bounce bout bow bowl brought

tot total torch touch tout tow tower toy town toast

woe wonder wool word worm worry worship worth would worse wound wore world word

rob robe rook rough rout row rowdy royal

Activity 6. Read the similes. Which one do you like most of all? And why?




Activity 7. Read the sentences. Mind the reading rules.

Our townhouse has a brown mouse.

We found our gowns downtown.

Are we allowed to speak aloud?

The spoiled boy destroyed my joy.

Rob's toys are noisy.

He frowns. I want to encourage him.

He is moody and low. He had a row.

Dont make my blood boil.

He bought new tools.

The crowd shouted loudly.

The mountain was covered with snow.

He got power and money.

I bought the flowers in the south.

The British are known to be great sports-lovers.

My son is fond of Snooker and other sports.

Activity 8. Read the poems according to the reading rules.

The Difference Twixt optimist and pessimist The difference is droll: The optimist sees the doughnut; The pessimist sees the hole. Little mouse, little mouse, Where is your house? -I am a poor mouse, I have no house.

² Activity 9. Listen to the speaker and imitate the tongue twisters.


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