Paying attention to the difference in spelling.

[ei] slave slain slay tale tail stay make maid dismay

hale hail hay page pain pay wane wail way

male mail may rage rain ray trade trait - tray

pale paid pay bake bait bay plane plain - play

sale sail say late laid lay grade grain gray


[כ:] saw sauce salt claw clause call paw pause pall

fawn fauna fall gawk gaunt gall law launch all

bawl baulk ball dawn daub dwarf hawk haunt hall


[כ:] wall wallet swan want wad water

war warn warm ward what watt

wash watch warp ward wand - wan


[כ:] talk tall stalk stall chalk -hall

balk - ball walk wall halt hall

malt - mall scald call falter fall


[a:] last mast fast class glass vast pass ask mask

At last our class passed the exam.

[a:] - [εƏ] part pare car care park pare

spark spare bar bare hard hare

shark share scar scare mark mare

star stare lard flare far fare



Activity 6. Read the words according to the reading rules.


far fat fare fast fall fraud fray fame father fault fraught fawn fax fast fashion fart fan fair faith fable

bar bard bad bare baby brain bald bark balm bath bawl bay - bat brass banner blame backtrack baker balk bask

star stab stable stain stair stalk stalwart stance stare staunch stay starve stave stairway stall stag stake staff



Activity 7. Read the words according to the reading rules.

a + br + e a + ng + e a + st + e  

Danger ranger strange angel waste hasty pastry

paste bass chamber hatred patriot patron sacred

apricot apron fragrant matrix matron swathe


Activity 8. Read the sentences. Mind the reading rules.

Thats the man who sat on my hat in the tram.

I asked a lad why he was always sad.

Her small naughty daughter Maul is at fault.

They glared and stared at the hare.

Paul is tall and hardball.

He looked pale and harassed.

We waited for half an hour, but nothing happened.

I like raspberry and strawberry.

Its very rare for her to miss lawn tennis.

Bakery is a place where cakes are made.

A balmy air and warm weather gave pleasure.

Fast food is harmful.

He was brain washed into believing that he was brainless and warlike.

What a waste of money!

We watched a waterfall in August.

A small piece of paper is called a scrap.

Make sure the ladder is stable.

The staff was praised.

He had a scar on his pale face.

He passed the exams in France.

The match ended in draw.

I had a talk with a small naughty daughter of Laura.

Pat managed to catch the last train.

A passer-by heard his call for help.

High heels are back in fashion.



Activity 9. Read the similes. Which one do you like most of all? And why?




Activity 10. Read the words in bold type explaining the reading rules of

the letter A Read the limerick observing the reading rules.

There was a young man from Crail,

Who wanted to ride on a whale,

When he got on its back,

It gave him a crack,

With a flap on the end of its tail.

² Activity 11. Listen to the speaker and imitate the tongue twisters.


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