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Learn one of them by heart.



Activity 10. Read the words in bold type, explain the reading rules of the

letter УOФ. Read the rhymes according to the reading rules.

There was a man rode through our town

Snooty Clown was his name.

His saddle Ц bow was old and gold.

He was very proud of his name, he told.

Snooty Clown runs through the town.

Upstairs and down stairs in his nightgown.

Looking in the windows, shouting through the lock

Are the children all in bed, now itТs ten oТclock.

Activity 11. Read the words in bold type, explain the reading rules of the

letter УOФ. Read the limerick and the poem according to the reading rules.


A. ЂA cheerful old bear at the Zoo

Could always find something to do.

When it bored him to go

On a walk to and fro,

He reversed it, and walked fro and to.

B. My Protection

  I love my family, my home, TheyТre so tender and so warm That even in the bitter cold I feel secure, firm and bold. I never fear for I know TheyТll give support in case of woe.     I can rely on their power At any time, at any hour. I love my family and home, They are my shelter in the storm, TheyТre my joy and my reward, They best of treasures I have got. Jane Kislovskaya

Activity 12. Read the words and cross out the word with a different sound.

[ƏU] gold, coat, boast, robe.


[ƏU] crow, below, know, now, woe.

[Λ] company, cover, monkey, donkey, none.

[au] loudly, frown, soup, rout, crown.

[כ:] store, soar, explore, cow, corn, thought.

[u:] stool, food, soon, zoo, foolish.

[u:] look, noodle, school, spoon, roof, wood.

Activity 13. Read the proverbs according to the reading rules.

Can you find Russian versions for them?

Fool and his money are soon parted. For love the wolf eats the sheep. Blood is thicker than water. There is no rose without a thorn. As you sow, you shall mow. Among thorns grow roses. What is done canТt be undone. A gift horse is not looked in the mouth. A man is not known until he comes to honour. To make a mountain out of a molehill. You canТt tell a book by its cover. Money likes to be counted. Many words hurt more than swords. By hook or by crook. Love makes the world go round. Love cannot be bought or sold. All covet, all lose.   There is no joy without alloy. Handsome is as handsome does. Two is a company, but there is none. April showers bring May flowers. Four eyes see more than two. Between two stools one falls on the ground. Money is power. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Tomorrow comes never. Who keeps company with the wolf, will learn to howl. By the work we know the workman. Much ado about nothing. Something is better than nothing. A king is never powerful that has no power on the sea. Better a good cow than a cow of good kind..

Reading Test

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