Learn one of them by heart.




Activity 10. Discuss in pairs according to the example using the words in the box.

cartoon classic dramatic concerts detective musical
to be in the mood for comedy  


A: What kinds of film do you like?

B: I really enjoy science fiction. I think they are exciting. How about you?

A: But I think science fiction films are boring. I prefer comedy films.


Read the words according to the reading rules.


scenery scold recycle recur
cover accuse catch coffee
cent cider introduce crescent
call cat cow crick
count cope certain pace
scarf ceremony curtain receive
cancer card censor cup
crow topic cedar cure
cave introduce cob mice
curve describe colic descent
clinic correct civic slice
accept circle citizen scroll
ceiling cause cine scissors
council cunning cool perception
cast excellent indecent accurate
dice copper deceive cultivate
caw decisive case since
scent cease discover central
trice placate incense patch
uncommon crisp cereal hitch
concert acumen calories latch
accumulator according aerobic match
reconcile complain carry fetch
victim centerpiece reduce wretch
force circulate predict match
embrace competitive cook French
cost relocate curiosity drench
landscape accommodation coast branch
lucky society space clench
suicide ridiculous cellar punch
chalk chubby cheek purchase
charitable charter chirp rich
child beach cheese chief
chat China chocolate choose
choice church teach pitch
cherry chimney search stitch


[g] [X]






² Activity 1.Contrasting Sound Practice

Listen and repeat the words paying attention to the sounds:

A. gene – gent – gentle – genetic – general – genius – generous – generation

gin – gill – gibe – gibbet – giant – ginger – gingerly – gipsy – gibberish

gym – gyp – gypsy – gyrate – gymnast – gymnastics – gymnasium

age – sage – stage – strange – image – magic – page – pigeon – largish

B. gab – gad – gale – gain – game – gambit – gate – gave – gang – gasp

goal – goat – gold – golf – gorse – goose – goodness – gorge – goblin

gulf – guff – guild – guide – guilty – guess – guest – gummy – guppy

big – dig – wig – twig – bag – brag – mug – bug – rug – frog – wag

grant – glare – grasp – great – Greek – greet – grey – groom – ground

Activity 2. Read the words in bold type, explain the reading rules of

the letter “G”. Read the rhymes according to the reading rules.

Golden in the garden Golden in the tree tops

Golden in the glen Golden in the sky

Golden, golden, golden Golden, golden, golden

September is here again. September is passing by.

J. Keats

² Activity 3. Listen to the speaker and imitate the tongue twisters.

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