Learn one of them by heart.




Activity 12. Read the rhymes according to the reading rules.

Learn one of them by heart.

The queen of hearts

She made some tarts, The Queen of Love went out to walk,

All on a summer day; And saw an archer shoot a hawk;

The knave of Hearts And when she saw the poor hawk die, He stole those tarts The Queen of Love was heard to sigh.

And took them clean away.

A charming Queen Ann was a famous dame. This is a hare.

When a brave king Alfred from Scotland came, His name is Blare.

They happily married in May He likes to play.

And were attractive, glad and gay. Hе is very gay.

If it’s a good talk, itch away. Where are you going my little cat?

If it’s a bad talk, skip, I say. I’m going to town to buy a hat!

What! A hat for a cat? A cat in a hat?

Whoever saw a cat in a hat?

Activity 13. A. Read the information about Jane and tell what she loves

And what she hates.


I absolutely love watching swans.

And I really enjoy dancing.

And I don’t have enough time for washing and cleaning my flat.

I’m quite good at drawing.

But I’ am not very good at playing football.

I don’t really like black cats.

And I’m not really interested in cars.

I spend a lot of time chatting with my friends.

And I know a lot about Australian art.

Sometimes I am very careless.

I don’t know anything about stars.

And I really hate harmful fast food.



B. Make changes speaking about yourself using words having

different reading rules of the letter “A”.


Activity 14. Read the questions observing the reading rules of the letter

“A” and answer them.

1. Which is the largest ocean?

Pacific Atlantic Indian

2. Which is the fastest animal?

Antelope ass camel

3. Which is the smallest country?

Andorra Austria Australia

4. Where is the tallest building?

In France In England In Japan

5. Which is the most dangerous animal?

Panther snake walrus

6. Which is the tastiest fruit?

Pawpaw apple apricot

7. Where is the most ancient theater?

In Amsterdam in Athens in Italy

8. Which is the happiest day for you?

You won a car Your birthday You got a passport

9. Which is the most spoken language?

Chinese Spanish English

10. Which is the most favourite colour for you?

Sandy scarlet black


Activity 15. Use the words below to complete the sentences which follow.


Example: The atmosphere was warm but the music was hard of hearing.

Atmosphere Music Food

Relaxed good to dance all home-made

Warm bard songs fast food

Natural classical awful

A chance to chat to be hard of hearing tasty

Other people The party in general

Sad Tastes differ

In a bad mood Spoiled plans

To share my opinion I’m looking forward to seeing my

Frank friends again.

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