Learn one of them by heart. Activity 7. Read the words in bold type explaining the reading rules of


Activity 7. Read the words in bold type explaining the reading rules of

the letter УEФ Read the limericks observing the reading rules.

A. There was an Old Man with a beard,

Who said, "It is just as I feared! -

Two Owls and a hen,

Four Larks and a Wren,

Have all built their nests in my beard!


B. The bottle of perfume that Willie sent

Was greatl y displeasing to Millicent,

Her thanks were so cold

That they quarreled, I'm told,

Through that unpleasant scent Willie sent Millicent.

Activity 8. Read the sentences. Mind the reading rules.


Seals live near the sea.

Cheer up! It's not the end of the world.

Beehive is a special container where people keep bees.

I heard about his deceitful behaviour.

He is the heir of the great wealth.

We wish you to be healthy and wealthy.

Leather jackets are in fashion.

She prefers wearing green and gray sweaters.

She was in tears. Is it a clear tear?

I swear sternly in keeping promise.

I thank you with all my heart.

This seat is reserved for an elderly person.

Health is our great treasure.

Activity 9. Read the words in bold type, explain the reading rules of the letter УEФ. Read the poem observing the reading rules.


I listen to silence in search of my verses,

In search of a line that surprises, caresses,

In search of a rhyme that reveals something new,

Answers a questions or offers a clue.

And soon from nowhere the lines do appear,

And brain can hear! The brain can hear

The voice of silenc e and the universe

That prompts their secrets fit for a verse.

Jane Kislovskaya


Activity 10. Read the similes. Which one do you like most of all?

And why?





Activity 11. Read the letter to Sheila and expand PeterТs impressions about his holidays using the words with the letter УEФ.


Activity 12. Read the words and cross out the word with a different sound.


[ i: ] sleet, peace, mean,, weave


[ iә ] fear, pear, mere, here, deer

[ә] wheat, bread, dead, instead, spread

[ә:] pearl, heard, heart, learn, search

[e ] pleasant, death, pleasure, sweater, heat

[i:] meat, meet, dean, dear, receive

[ә] pet, bread, wet, sense, break, breath


Activity 13. Read the proverbs according to the reading rules.

Can you find Russian versions for them?




Read the words according to the reading rules.


ready sleeve keen conceive speak

news death weather deal dear

feel felt weave cheek chew

deceive west heat serve tear

leave perceive sleeve clean head

near treat steal heard dean

pearl brew restlessness strew rein

clear sneer helm search perfect reason beer keen hero perk

cheer breath ahead earl weight wheat melt genius where deserve

ear feature teamster deceit drew

expensive fern selfish rear sherbet

teeth bell sheen treatment strewth

kept rein earl peer feather


открытый слог [ai] закрытый слог [ i ] i + r y + r [Ə:] i+ r + гласн. y + r + гласн. [aiƏ]
wise win girl wire
tile wig fir admire
fine mint first fire
twice skill bird desire
crime middle birthday require
sky slim circle hire
scythe myth circus tired


² Activity 1. Contrasting Sound Practice

Listen and repeat the words after the speaker paying attention to the sounds:


[ ai ] ice Ц dice Ц mice Ц nice Ц rice Ц price Ц size Ц thrice.

The price is nice.

bite Ц cite Ц kite Ц ride Ц pride Ц quite Ц side Ц wide.

The cite is wide.

bile Ц files Ц mile Ц pile Ц rile Ц style Ц tile Ц while.

He got piles of files.

fine Ц mine Ц pine Ц line Ц shrine Ц swine Ц wine.

The wine is fine.

die Ц lie Ц tie Ц cry Ц fry Ц try Ц wry.

Try to cry. We saw his wry smile.

[ ai ] my Ц cry Ц fly Ц shy Ц rely Ц supply Ц justify Ц deny Ц scarify Ц reply

[ Е ] fly Ц pygmy Ц pyre Ц myself Ц myrtle Ц myth Ц sympathy Ц symbol

tyre Ц type Ц dye Ц dynamic

[ i ] ill Ц bill Ц hill Ц fill Ц kill Ц will Ц till Ц pill Ц nil

bin Ц hint Ц fin Ц sin Ц mint Ц din Ц tin Цwin Ц wing

bring Ц king Ц ring Ц sing Ц spring Ц swing Ц string Ц thing

big Ц fig Ц gig Ц sniggle Ц rig Ц pig Ц wig Ц twig

rink Ц drink Ц pink Ц mink Ц link Ц think Ц wink Ц print Ц prince


[ә:] bird Ц girl Ц first Ц dirt Ц firm Ц third Ц swirl Ц whirl Цcircle

dirk Ц flirt Ц myrrh Ц myrtle Ц shirt Ц sir Ц skirl Ц skirt

stirring Ц thirsty Ц thirteen Ц thirty Ц whirr Ц stir


Activity 2. Read the words according to the reading rules.

line Ц link shine Ц shin pine Ц pin ripe Ц rip

wife Ц wit smile Ц slim life Ц lift rise Ц risk

drive Ц drill sky Ц skid strike Ц strict price Ц prick

nine Ц nifty snipe Ц snip line Ц link spite Ц spit

ride Ц rid wiles Ц will hide Ц hit stripe Ц strip

fine Ц fin file Ц fill tribe Ц trick snipe Ц snip

glide Ц glib Ц liar side Ц sit Ц sire

hide Ц hit Ц hire tide Ц tit Ц tire

fine Ц fin Ц fire dime Ц dim Ц dire

wide Ц wit Ц wire rite Ц rid Ц retire

Activity 3. Distribute the words according to the sounds given in


  [ai] [i] [ә:] [aiә]   [ai] [i] [ә:] [aiә]
trice         mire       P
bin   P     middle        
split         miser        
ride         fireman        
gipsy         since        
shirt         lifestyle        
mishap         girdle        
stir         flirt        
virgin         price        
drive         might        
skin         witty        
wispy         slide        
dig         wine        


² Activity 4. Listen to the poem and repeat it after the speaker.


The Sleeping Bag

On the outside grows the fur side, on the inside

grows the skin side;

So the fur side is the outside, and the skin side

is the inside.

As the skin side is the inside, and the fur side

is the outside;

One "side" likes the skin side inside, and the

fur side on the outside.

Others like the skin side outside, and the fur side

on the inside;

As the skin side is the hard side, and the fur side

is the soft side.

If you turn the skin side outside, thinking you

will side with that "side"

Then the soft side, fur side's inside, which some

argue is the wrong side.

If you turn the fur side outside, as you say it

grows on that side;

Then your outsiders next the skin side, which

for comfort's not the right side;

For the skin side is the cold side, and your

Out sideТs not your warm side;

And two cold sides coming side by side are not

right sides one УsideФ decides,

If you decide to side with that УsideФ, turn

the outside, fur side, inside;

Then the hard side, cold side, skin side s, beyond

all question, inside outside.

Herbert George Ponting
















[ i ]




² Activity 5. Listen to the words and repeat them after the speaker

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