Paying attention to the difference in spelling. sick – sight mite – might bite – bright


sick – sight mite – might bite – bright

fit – fight site – sight nine – night

brick – bright line – light five – fight

nick – night tie – tight ride – right

sit – sight hit – high fine - flight


tie – tied – tide – tight. We saw a high tide. He has a bright tie.

lie – lied – life – light. We saw a bright light. His life was bright.


child kind grind behind
mild mind bind hind
wild find blind rind


Si gn – sine – beni gn – desi gn.

He signed the design of this fine building.

· fine – fin – fir – fire – fight – find – fierce – field

· bite – bit – birth – bind – bright – blind – birch – blink

· mine – mint – mirth – mind – might – misfit – misfire – misinform



Activity 6. Read the sentences. Mind the reading rules.


The child is mild.

I admire his kind smile.

He is blind to the fault of his child.

I don’t mind the light inside.

I find him mild and kind.

She bought a bright skirt and a nice T-shirt.

I admire the design of this fine bright tie.

Childish behaviour is silly.

On the right-hand side you see a sign.

I can't find the right sight.

She sighed and signed the paper.


Activity 7. Read the words in bold type, explain the reading rules of the letter “I”. Read the rhymes observing the reading rules.

In dismay the cat sighed Little kittens, Little kittens

And decided to find mice, Where are you mittens?

It was a thrilling sight We are silly kittens,

She tried thrice. We lost our mittens.

² Activity 8. Read the words in bold type, explain the reading rules of the letter “I”. Read the poems observing the reading rules.


I need so little and so much,

I need the sun, it’s warning touch,

A pine, a birch tree and a song.

A little birdie in the mom,

I need the day, I need the night,

I need the sunset, thoughtful, bright.

I need the summer and the spring,

The fall, the winter, and the wind,

I need a little patch of land

That would be large enough to stand,

The azure sky over my head,

And I need some one who desires

To get my energy and fire.

I need a home, it’s light and force,

A good and loving friend, of course,

And I need energy to live,

To learn, to love and to believe.

Jane Kislovskaya

Just below my window

Stands a birch tree white

Under show in winter

Gleaming silver bright.

S. Esenin

Activity 9. Read the similes. Which one do you like most of all?

And why?







Activity 10. Read the words in bold type, explain the reading rules of the

letter “I”. Read the poem according to the reading rules.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The rarer seen, the less in mind,

The less in mind, the lesser pain,

The lesser pain, less grief I find,

The lesser grief, the greater gain,

The greater gain, the merrier I;

Therefore I wish thy sight to fly.

The further off, the more I joy

The more I joy, the happier life,

The happier life, less hurts annoy,

The lesser hurts; pleasure most rife;

Such pleasures rife shall I obtain

When distance doth depart us twain.

Barnabe Googe

Activity 11. Complete the idea of the sentences. Use the Present Perfect.


0. I’m delighted… (I have climbed to the top of a mountain) …

1. I’ m thrilled... 6. I’m kind…

2. I’m astonished… 7. I’m terrified...

3. I’m surprised… 8. I’m bewildered…

4. I’m frightened… 9. I’m tired…

5. I’m silly… 10. I’m interested in …

Activity 12. Role play Liar!. Find someone who……lied!

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