Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, Future Simple or Present Simple.

1. If she (want) more information, tell her to call me.

2. He will be angry if you (not / tell) him.

3. Here's my card – if you (need) any help, give me a ring.

4. If we (have) enough money, we will go on holiday next month.

5. What will you do if you (not / pass) your exams?

6. I am not going to speak to her unless she (say) she is sorry.

7. If we (not / start) using renewable forms of energy, the price of fuel will go sky high.

8. He won't get a promotion unless he (work) hard.

9. James (not / come) to the party if his ex-girlfriend is there.

10. Take your mobile phone with you, in case I (need) to call you later.

11. If you (not / tell) us what the problem is, then we won't be able to help you.

12. Will you call me if you (get) any news?

13. Will you earn more money if you (get) the job?

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, Future Simple or Present Simple.

1. When I (see) Mary tomorrow, I (give) her your message.

2. If he (fail) the test, he (be) in trouble.

3. If you (buy) a big car, you (pay) a lot for petrol.

4. If we (talk) to the boss very politely, he (listen) to us.

5. If you (tell) me your secret, I (not tell) anybody.

6. If it (rain), they (put off) the match till next week.

7. If you (go) to the party, you (see) Andrea there.

8. If her cold (not / be) better, she (not / go) to school tomorrow.

9. Your mother (be) cross if you (come) home late.

10. If it (be) a warm, sunny day tomorrow, we (go) to the beach.

11. If you (not / go) to bed now, you (be) tired in the morning.

12. I (drive) you to the station, as soon as I (find) my car keys.

13. You (be late) for work, if you (not / get up) now.

14. If I (not / write) it down, I (not / remember) it.

15. I (not / go) to the dance unless you (buy) me a new outfit.

Finish these sentences.

1. If you eat a lot of chips, …

2. If you smoke, …

3. If my tooth hurts, …

4. If you want to learn the language, …

5. If you take drugs, …

6. If you change your bad habits, …



I (he, she, it) was Ving / wasn't Ving / Was __ Ving?
we (you, they) were Ving / weren't Ving / Were __ Ving?

Спряжение глагола to work
в Past Continuous Tense

Утвердительная форма Отрицательная форма
I was working I was not working
you were working you were not working
he was working he was not working
she was working she was not working
it was working it was not working
we were working we were not working
you were working you were not working
they were working they were not working


Вопросительная форма Краткий ответ
Was I working? Yes, I was. No, I wasn't.
Were you working? Yes, you were. No, you weren't.
Was he working? Yes, he was. No, he wasn't.
Was she working? Yes, she was. No, she wasn't.
Was it working? Yes, it was. No, it wasn't.
Were we working? Yes, we were. No, we weren't.
Were you working? Yes, you were. No, you weren't.
Were they working? Yes, they were. No, they weren't.


Read the poems.

Who are you? Who were you talking to when I came in just now and you put down the phone? Who were you thinking about when I asked you and asked you again and you answered "Why, no one?" Who were you with last night when you came home late and said you'd been walking alone? What was I hoping for that first day when I knocked on your door? What was I thinking about when I first asked you out? Who was I looking at when I first sat looking at you? Who are you? I didn't do the housework I didn't feed the gold fish, I didn't make the bed, I didn't study algebra. I watched a film instead. I didn't practice on the flute, I didn't write to Jean, I didn't visit Aunty May. I read a magazine. I didn't do the housework, I started. Then I quit, and wrote a poem just to say I love you. This is it.

Answer the questions about yesterday. Follow the pattern.

A: Where were you at six o'clock in the evening?

B: I was at work.

A: What were you doing?

B: I was having a meeting with the boss.

Where were you at...? What were you doing?

1) 6.30 a.m.; 2) 11 a.m.; 3) 2.30 p.m.; 4) 4.00 p.m.; 5) 8 p.m.; 6) 11 p.m.

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