Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect.

1. They (work) on an important project at the moment.

2. He (just / send) me an e-mail.

3. You can turn off the radio. I (not listen) to it.

4. Jason (not / finish) writing that report. He (still / write) it.

5. We (never / be) to the new shopping centre.

6. I (go) to the supermarket. Do you want anything?

7. We (decide) to buy a new computer.

8. They (not / still / employ) a new supervisor.

9. I (not / have) a full-time job yet.

10. She (know) a lot about computers.

11. I (do) my driving test this afternoon.

12. The city (change) a lot since I was a child.

13. Vicky (look) for a new flat at the moment.

14. I (update) all the files since last week.

15. (You / like) horror films?

16. Which supermarket (you / usually / shop at)?

17. (You / ever / do) any dangerous sports?

18. (You / ever / buy) clothes from that shop?

19. How long (you / have) your dog?

20. How long (she / know) her boyfriend?

21. My mother (not / have) a holiday for two years, so she (look forward) to going to Egypt in the summer.

22. Whenever he (watch) sport on TV, he (shout) at the screen. It's really annoying!

23. Public transport (get) more and more expensive nowadays.

24. He (just / arrive) home from work, so he (still / wear) a shirt and a tie.

Put the verbs in brackets into Past Simple, Past Continuous or Present Perfect.

1. I (call) the bank yesterday and they are going to give us a loan.

2. He (read) a book when the lights (go out).

3. I (drive) when you (phone) me.

4. I'm sorry, I think I (break) your alarm clock.

5. The sun (shine) when John (wake up) that morning.

6. She (wear) an attractive outfit. She (look) smart.

7. She (break) the computer when she tried to move it.

8. I (meet) Ann while I (do) the shopping.

9. When you (call) me, I (talk) to my boss.

10. The Internet (change) communication.

11. The new photocopier (not / arrive) yet, but I (phone) Jackson on Monday to remind them about the delivery.

Put the verbs in brackets into Past Simple, Past Continuous or Present Perfect.

1. I (not / listen) when you gave the instructions.

2. While I (study) for my exam, I only went out at weekends.

3. When I (get) back home, everything (be) in a complete mess.

4. The company (not / give) us a pay rise last year.

5. It's the best comedy I (ever / see).

6. I (give) George all the information.

7. I'm waiting for Sue. (You / see) her?

8. Where (you / lose) your watch?

9. When I (hear) about the attack, I (eat) my lunch at work and (look) at a news website on the Internet.

10. The police (finally / arrest) Peter Duncan. He (try) to leave the country when they (catch) him.

11. Yesterday I (be) at the bus stop, when a friend (drive) by and (offer) me a lift.

12. Daniel (fall) in love with Rachel the first time he (meet) her, and now he is married to her.

13. Dad (drive) the car while Mum (read) the map and (give) directions.


had V3 / hadn't V3 / Had __ V3?

I (you, he, she, it, we, they) had finished the work by 4 o'clock.

I (you, he, she, it, we, they) had not (hadn't) finished the work by then.

Had I (you, he, she, it, we, they) finished the work by that time?

Here are some examples:

When I got home, I realized I'd lost my wallet.

Ellen was sure she hadn't locked the door.

Had the thieves left the building when the police arrived?


Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, Past Perfect or Past Simple.

1. After he (finish) packing his suitcases, he (call) a taxi.

2. He (run) to the bus stop, but when he (get) there, the bus (already / go).

3. At the beginning of the film I (realize) I (see) it before.

4. I (tell) my boss yesterday that I wanted to give in my notice because I (find)
a better job.

5. The team (not / lose) a game until last week.

6. I couldn't do the exam because I (not / revise) enough.

7. When I (turn on) the TV, the match (finish).

8. My friend (phone) to tell me I (leave) my jacket in his car.

9. I (not / recognize) Maria because she (cut) her hair.

10. Carrie (finish) the work before her boss (return).

11. I (not / have) much money after I (pay) all my bills last week.

12. When I (arrive) at the airport, I realized I (forget) my passport.

13. He was happy, he (sign) an important contract.

14. When Ben (copy) my notes, he (give) them back to me.

15. I (arrive) at the coffee bar twenty minutes late and my friend (already / go).

16. Mum was furious when she saw what a mess the children (make) in the kitchen.


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