Make questions beginning with the word(s) in brackets.

1. My elder brother is an expert on computers. (Who…?)

2. The flowers are 150 roubles. (How much…?)

3. Moscow is one of the most populated cities in the world. (What kind…?)

4. Over three quarters of the information on the Internet is in English. (What part…?)

5. As many people use private transport, traffic in the city centre is awful during rush hours. (Why…?)

6. Working out at a gym is one of the best ways to keep fit. (What…?)

7. Swimming is one of the most popular keep fit activities. (What…?)

rush hour – час пик

working out – занятия в спортзале

to keep fit – поддерживать форму

keep fit activity – деятельность для поддержания формы

Ask and answer questions about yourself and your friend.

a) What are you like?

Are you … Is your friend … happy to meet new people or shy? sociable or quiet? sporty or not sporty? a very relaxed person or a very organized person? usually tidy or untidy? lazy or hardworking?

b) Speak about yourself and your friend.

I am …

My friend is...,

We have a lot in common. Both my friend and I are …


We are complete opposites. My friend is …, but I am …

shy – застенчивый, стеснительный

sociable – общительный

quiet – тихий, спокойный

relaxed – несобранный

tidy – опрятный, аккуратный

complete opposites – полные противоположности


I (we, you, they) V1 / don't V1 / Do __ V1?

he (she, it) V1(e)s / doesn't V1 / Does __ V1?

Спряжение глагола to work
в Present Simple Tense

Утвердительная форма Отрицательная форма
I work you work he works she works it works we work you work they work I do not work you do not work he does not work she does not work it does not work we do not work you do not work they do not work


Вопросительная форма Краткие ответы
Do I work? Do you work? Does he work? Does she work? Does it work? Do we work? Do you work? Do they work? Yes, I do. Yes, you do. Yes, he does. Yes, she does. Yes, it does. Yes, we do. Yes, you do. Yes, they do. No, I don't. No, you don't. No, he doesn't. No, she doesn't. No, it doesn't. No, we don't. No, you don't. No, they don't.


Make the statements negative.

1. I speak French.

2. He likes dancing.

3. We enjoy going to parties.

4. The sun rises in the west.

5. I like white coffee.

6. We often talk about politics.

7. He earns a lot of money in his new job.

8. We get on very well with them.

9. The exams make me stressed.

10. She loves him.

11. People drive on the right in Britain.

Ask and answer questions.

Do you Does your friend Who drink any alcohol? eat lots of fruit and vegetables? drink a lot of coffee? sit up late? play a musical instrument? get emails? send emails? check your emails? chat on line? visit chatrooms? buy things on the Internet? keep photos on your computer? text a lot?

3. Make up true sentences about your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your friend. Use the frequency adverbs: always, often, usually, sometimes, rarely, never.

I My friend go out with friends go to the theatre eat at restaurants travel by plane visit museums get up before 7 a.m. go to bed after midnight read newspapers watch the news on TV go to the cinema do yoga read English newspapers and magazines

In pairs ask and answer questions.

Where What faculty What kind of music What TV programmes What sports What books What foreign languages do you does your friend watch? read? study (at)? listen to? play? learn?

Answer the questions.

1. How many hours a day do you work at a computer?

2. How much time do you have for lunch?

3. How many hours do you usually sleep?

4. How much time do you spend on sport or exercise?

5. How many days' holiday do you have a year?

6. How much relaxation do you get in a year?

7. How many text messages do you get every day?

8. Who do you usually write e-mails to?

9. How long do you spend on the phone every day?

10. Which website do you visit most?

11. Which search engines do you use?

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