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Make questions to the following sentences.

1. The house was built in 1980.

2. Arabic is written from right to left.

3. The film was based on a true story.

4. The fire was caused by an electrical fault.

5. My sister was named after our grandmother.

6. Cheese is produced from milk.

7. Three men were arrested by the police.

8. The exam results will be announced the day after tomorrow.

9. Many accidents are caused by dangerous driving.

10. Australia was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770.

11. A new ring-road will be build round the city.

12. Lucy was expelled from school because she had upset some of the teachers.

Make different types of questions to the following sentences.

1. About 20 people were arrested at the demonstrations.

2. Rubber was used 2,500 years ago by the Mayan people of Central America.

3. Paper is made from wood.

4. A lot of money was spent on improving quality.

5. Cheating was strictly punished in the ancient Olympic Games.

6. These clothes were designed by a famous designer Armani.

7. A new shopping centre will be opened by the Mayor tomorrow.

8. The motorist was fined 80 pounds for illegal parking.

9. The theft was committed with high-tech equipment.

10. All the photographs at our wedding were taken by my cousin.

THE PASSIVE VOICE (Simple, Perfect, Continuous)

  The Active Voice The Passive Voice
  ƒействительный залог —традательный залог
    (to be V3)
  Present ask ask s (V1) am is ask ed (V3) are
  Past ask ed (V2) was were ask ed (V3)
  Future will ask (V1) will be ask ed (V3)
  (to be Ving) (to be being V3)
  Present am is ask ing are am is being ask ed are
  Past was ask ing was were being ask ed
  Future will be ask ing  
  (to have V3) (to have been V3)
  Present have has ask ed have has been ask ed
  Past had ask ed had been ask ed
  Future will have ask ed will have been ask ed
Perfect Continuous  
  (to have been Ving)  
  Present have has been ask ing
  Past had been ask ing  
  Future will have been ask ing  


Change the following sentences into Passive.


1. “he company builds houses and office blocks.

2. They built these houses in the 1980's.

3. They will build a bridge across the river in the near future.

4. They are building a new hospital now.

5. They were building a supermarket when they ran out of money.

6. They have built a bigger cinema.

7. They had built half of the houses before they laid the phone cables.

8. They will have built a new terminal by the end of the year.


1. The police are investigating the crime now.

2. The police were investigating the crime when the criminal gave himself into the police.

3. The police have not investigated the crime yet.

4. The police had investigated the crime by that time.

5. The police will have investigated the crime by then.

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