Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. I (see) there is a problem in this department.

2. I (see) the Personnel Manager tomorrow.

3. He (have) a motorbike.

4. I am afraid they (have) a meeting. Can I take a message?

5. I (not / have) any change. Can you lend me twenty roubles?

6. (You / to look for) the book? I (think) it is in the bag.

7. Mr. Jones (think) we should advertise this product.

8. Tracy (think) of leaving her present job in order to get a Master's degree in business administration.

9. That can't be right. I (not / believe) it.

10. Chemistry is hard. I (not / understand) it.

11. You are a great cook. This cake (taste) wonderful.

12. Mother (taste) the sauce to see if it needs more salt.

13. Stop doing that, Bill! You're (be) very silly.

14. I think Jim (be) at home. I (see) his car parked outside.

Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. My friend and I (have) different tastes in music.

2. I can't work out the answer. (You / know) what it is?

3. He (be) a successful lawyer. Everyone in town (know) him.

4. I (not / like) fizzy drinks.

5. (They / have) computers in cars these days?

6. Hurry! The bus (come). I (not / want) to miss it.

7. He (enjoy) skiing in winter, swimming in summer.

8. I (not / belong) to a political party.

9. I can't stand horror films. I (think) they are silly.

10. This dress (fit) you perfectly.

11. I (not / have) much free time.

12. Tom (never / be late) for work. He always (get) to work in time.

13. The coffee (taste) very nice.

Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. She (talk) on the telephone at the moment.

2. I (always / not / get up) early.

3. He usually (listen to) walkmans at the lessons.

4. I think my English (improve).

5. We (all / listen) carefully.

6. Car makers (reduce) prices these days.

7. (You / want) to improve your computer skills?

8. He (study) for an exam at the moment.

9. How much (it / cost)?

10. The hotel (have) a fitness room and a sauna.

11. How much time (I / have)?

12. It (get) colder and colder every day.

13. Mark (work) a lot of overtime these days. He must need the money.

14. People (love) this area and it (become) very popular with tourists.

15. They (make) a big mistake.

Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. My music system (get) worse and I need a new one.

2. She usually (wear) smart suits.

3. The hotel (not / accept) credit cards.

4. Hey! You (stand) on my foot.

5. (Tom / work) for a construction company?

6. (You / enjoy) your job?

7. They (plan) to expand their business.

8. My dog is not dangerous. It (not bite).

9. He (talk) to some clients right now.

10. What (you / study) at the moment?

11. You (buy) goods on credit?

12. I (not / be) very sporty and I (not / do) any sports, but at least I (not / smoke).

13. More and more people today (turn) to the Internet to meet their employment needs.

14. Martin (work) long hours. He (not / earn) a high salary. He (not / happy) with his job.

Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. Where (he / live)?

– He (live) in the city centre.

2. (You / go) to the gym very often?

– Yes, I (go) twice a week.

3. What about parking?

– The hotel (have) its own car park.

4. I (have) a party tonight. Do you want to come?

– Yes. What time does it start?

5. Dave (leave) the company tomorrow.

– Oh, I didn't know that.

6. Have you made plans for Saturday yet?

– I (go) to the cinema with Jack.

7. How many languages (she / speak)?

– She (speak) 3 languages fluently.

8. I (think) about buying a new car soon.

– Why? I (think) your car is fine. You don't need a new one.

Put the verbs into Present Simple or Present Continuous.

1. Are any changes taking place in your company or your job?

– Yes, the company (expand) very quickly. We (work) hard in order to be successful.

2. Pete is playing his music very loudly.

– Again! He (always / do) that!

3. (You / have) plans for the future?

– Oh, certainly – exciting plans.

4. I'm going to the supermarket.

– You'd better be quick then. It (close) at eight o'clock.

5. What are you doing this afternoon?

– I (meet) Jess for a coffee. Would you like to come?

6. How (you / usually get) to work?

– We usually (drive) to work.

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