Complete the sentences. Put the verbs in brackets into Present Perfect.

1. James (decide) to start his own business.

2. You're looking happy! – Yes, I (just / pass) my exam.

3. She is nervous. She (never / give) a speech in public before.

4. Eric (invite) most of the class to his party.

5. (You / ever / taste) Japanese food?

6. I (receive) a lot of emails. I (reply) to these but I (not / reply) to those yet.

7. My parents (not / learn) to use the Internet yet.

8. I (never / owe) money to the bank.

9. They are a very good team. They (win) almost every game they played this season.

10. The government (decide) to start an antismoking campaign to make people aware of the danger of smoking.

11. "Who (not / do) the homework?" asked the teacher.

12. I (never / see) such a terrible film before. This is the worst film I (ever / see).

13. This is the most exciting book I (ever / read).

14. That's the stupidest thing I (ever / do).

2. Fill in yet or already and reproduce the dialogue.

Mum: Have you done your homework …?

Jane: Nearly! I've … finished my Maths and English homework.

Mum: Have you studied for the History test …?

Jane: The test is next week. I have plenty of time.

Mum: You have … failed two History tests. I suggest you start studying right away.

Jane: But Mum, I have … arranged to go out with my friends.

Mum: They haven't come …. Call them and tell them you have to stay in tonight.

(Enterprise Plus by V. Evans and J. Dooley)

Complete the sentences. Use two to five words.

1. I arranged things with the insurance company on Monday.

– I … already …

2. That's strange! My pen isn't here.

– That's strange! … disappeared.

3. I saw a friend of yours a few moments ago.

– I … just … a friend of yours.

4. Oh no! My wallet is still in the car.

– Oh no! I … (leave) … in the car.

5. I don't remember Helen's phone number.

– I … (forget) …

6. I started a new job two months ago.

– I … recently …

7. Graham met Errol five years ago.

– Graham … (know) … for five years.

8. Rachel bought the dog three years ago.

– Rachel … (have) … for three years.

Complete the sentences. Use the Present Perfect or Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets.

1. We (miss) the concert yesterday, the boys (be) upset.

2. She loves that singer and she has got every CD he (ever / make).

3. Although the exam (be) difficult, everybody (pass).

4. She (not / tidy) her room since Saturday.

5. He is looking unhappy because his girlfriend (leave) him.

6. I (just / have) a brilliant idea.

7. We (meet) some very interesting people on our last holiday.

8. Look! Alison (dye) her hair!

9. When (you / leave) school?

10. My computer (crash) again. What a nuisance!

11. When (you / last / go) to the cinema?

12. How long (you / have) your car?

13. We (only / park) the car an hour ago but they (charge) us for two hours.

14. Nowadays, cosmetic surgery (become) very popular not only with celebrities but with ordinary people as well.

Complete the dialogues. Use the Present Perfect or Past Simple form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Why (he / not / buy) the car? – He really wanted to buy the car, but it (be) too expensive.

2. Guess what! I (just pass) my driving test! – You must be thrilled!

3. Why (you / be) absent yesterday? – The trouble is, I (not / feel) quite well.

4. It's bad news, I'm afraid, Jim (not / get) the job yesterday. – Oh, no! That's
a shame!

5. How long (you / live) at your current address? – For five years.

6. Have you heard? Sally (break) her leg skiing last week. – Oh no, how awful!

7. When (you / phone) him last? – I last (phone) Joe a couple of weeks ago.

8. Why (you / be) late? – I (be) late because of the traffic.

9. How long (you / have) your camera? – Not long, I (buy) it about two months ago.

10. I (go) shopping at the new mall on Saturday. (You / be) there yet? – No, I (not / have) time yet. (You / buy) anything?

Complete these questions. Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions.

1. … you want to change anything about yourself?

2. … you ever lost or found a lot of money?

3. … there something you are really afraid of?

4. … would you like to be at the moment?

5. … is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

6. … long have you known your best friend?

7. … is your best quality and what is your worst quality as a person?

8. … has had the greatest influence on your life?

Use of Tenses: More Practice


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