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Cable, palm, steep, street, short, fishing, traditional, golden

1. __________ boats

2. __________ trees

3. __________ dances

4. __________ cars

5. __________ beaches

6. __________ drive

7. __________ roads

8. __________ actors

«адание 16. ѕодставьте верные предлоги.

1. ______ the west coast ______ the US

2. ______ The Pacific Ocean

3. famous ______ sth

4. ______ a tour

5. shake hands ______ sb

6. sit ______ golden beaches

7. get ______ a plane

«адание 17. –аскройте скобки, употребл€€ глаголы в Past Simple или Past Perfect.

1. Ќе (to study) French before he (to enter) the university. 2. Lanny (to say) that he (to get) his education in Cape Town. 3. The boy (to want) to act the main part in the play because he (to organize) the theatre. 4. Lanny (not to know) who (to attack) him in the darkness. 5. The girl (to be) glad that she (to find) a seat near the window. 6. Suddenly he (to remember) that he (not to ring) her up in the morning. 7. By the time the train (to reach) the city, he (to make) friends with many passengers. 8. When his uncle (to leave), he (to hurry) to the station to book a ticket. 9. She (to think) that Gert and Lanny (to quarrel). 10. By the time we (to come) to see him, he (to return) home.

«адание 18. –аскройте скобки, употребл€€ глаголы в Past Simple, Past Continuous и Past Perfect.

1.I (to sit) in an armchair and (to think) of my coming trip across the North Sea when the door suddenly (to open) and an old friend of mine whom I (not to see) for a very long time (to enter) the room. 2. She (to come) to see us just at the time when we (to have) dinner. It (to be) the first time I (to see) her. 3. I (to see) him just as he (to leave) the hotel. 4. I (not to see) him before we (to meet) at the concert. 5. He (to leave) the house before I (to have) time to ask him anything. 6. He (to tell) me he (to learn) it from the newspaper. 7. He (to enter) the room, (to take) something from the desk and (to go) out. 8. There (to be) two men in the room. One of them (to write) something while the other (to read) a newspaper. 9. He (not to tell) me that he (to receive) a telegram from her. 10. I (to ask) him if he (to know) where she (to live). I (to say) I (not to know) her address.

«адание 19. ѕрочитайте следующие факторы. ¬ыделите те, которые могут неблагопри€тно повли€ть на здоровье.

- Drinking pure water

- Eating junk food

- Walking

- Sleeping less than 7 hours

- Being nervous

- Going in for sport

- Drinking too much alcohol

- Smoking cigarettes

- Listening to heavy music

- Driving a car

- Eating fresh fruit

- Meeting friends

- Working long hours

«адание 20. —оставьте дес€ть предложений, запишите, что следует или не следует делать дл€ того, чтобы быть здоровым. ¬оспользуйтесь информацией из предыдущего задани€.


If you want to be healthy you should drink pure water.

If you want to be healthy you shouldnТt work long hours.

«адание 21. ѕоставьте предложени€ в пор€дке убывани€ опасности.

Which of these things is the most dangerous when youТre driving a car?

- Making a call on your mobile

- Listening to your favourite music

- Listening to music you donТt know

- Opening a packet of crisps or a can of drink

- Picking up a specific CD from the passenger seat

- Talking to other passengers


«адание 22. —опоставьте вопросы с ответами и запишите их парами.

Questions Answers
1. What should you do when you are driving? 2. Why is opening a packet of crisps or can so dangerous? 3. What do people often do when they pick up a CD? 4. What gets worse when drivers are talking on the phone? 5. How do people drive when they are listening to their favourite music? 6. What happens if the music is fast and heavy? 7. WhatТs the main problem when drivers talk to other passengers? 8. Why is listening to music you donТt know the least dangerous? a. This is extremely dangerous because you have to take your eyes off the road for one pr two seconds. b. The control of the car gets worse. c. Drivers drive more aggressively. d. Drivers drive more quickly and less safely. e. We donТt pay enough attention to whatТs happening on the road. f. The reason is that most people actually need to hands to do it. g. We are less distracted by it. h. When you are driving you should concentrate on controlling the car and anything else you do is a distraction.  

«адание 23. ¬ставьте модальные глаголы may или can.

1. You... come in when you have taken off your boots. 2. Be careful: you... spill the milk if you carry it like that. 3. Most children... slide on the ice very well. 4. I don't think I... be here by eleven o'clock tomorrow, but I... be. 5.... you see anything in this inky darkness? 6. You... go when you have finished your compositions. 7. What shall we do if the train is late? It... be late, you know, after the terrible snowstorms we've had.

«адание 24. ѕереведите на русский €зык.

1. I had to do a lot of homework yesterday 2. She had to stay at home because she did not feel well. 3. Pete had to stay at home because it was very cold. 4. Mike had to write this exercise at school because he had not done it at home. 5. They had to call the doctor because the grandmother was ill. 6. Why did you have to stay at home yesterday? Ч Because my parents were not at home and I had to look after my little sister. 7. I have not written the composition. I shall have to write it on Sunday. 8. We did not have to buy biscuits because granny had baked a delicious pie. 9. Will you have to get up early tomorrow?

«адание 25. ¬ставьте модальные глаголы tо have to или to be to.

1. Where... the lecture to take place? Ч I suppose in the assembly hall. 2. So, our plan is as follows: I... to go to the library and bring the books. You... to look through all the material here. Later we... to work together. 3. "You... to do it alone, without anybody's help," she said sternly. 4. I... to help my friends with this work now, so I cannot go with you. 5. It was raining hard and we... to wait until it stopped raining. 6. 1... to ask him about it tomorrow, as today he has already gone. 7. Why didn't you tell me that I... to buy the books? 8. According to the order of the school≠mistress all the pupils... to return the library books before the twenty-third of May. 9. As we had agreed before, we... to meet at two o'clock to go to the stadium together. But Mike did not come. I waited for another half-hour, but then I... to leave as I was afraid to be late. 10. The meeting... to begin at five o'clock. Don't be late.


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