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B) переведите предложени€ на русский €зык

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«адание 1. ѕрочитайте и переведите весь текст письменно.

Taking our diet more seriously

Many people believe that health is very important and, because of this, many are trying to eat more healthily. For example, people in the UK are eating less salt and more low fat margarine and milk; fruit is now AmericaТs favourite snack and Japan is currently promoting cocoa because it is healthy alternative to soft drinks like Coca Cola. These changes in eating habits are also having an effect on the food market. Global sales are increasing for soy drinks and drinkable yoghurts more than any other food and sales of bread, pasta, and cereals are growing much more slowly. People are also becoming interested in fresh fruit and vegetables and СfarmersТ marketsТ are getting more popular throughout Europe. When they can, people often opt for Сnatural goodnessТ, and they are buying more products that are healthy, like fruit, salads, and nuts. They are also buying products that help to protect environment, like organic vegetables. So itТs clear that things in the food world will never be the same again.


«адание 2. ѕрочитайте предложени€ и напишите T(True- верно) и F(False- неверно) после предложени€.

  1. Americans eat more fruit than any other food.
  2. Cocoa drinks are good for your health.
  3. People are buying more soy drinks.
  4. People are buying less pasta.
  5. Nuts are good for you.


«адание 3. —опоставьте подчеркнутые слова из текста с их синонимами.

1. worldwide Ц

2. think Ц

3. now Ц

4. becoming Ц

5. choose Ц

6. a substitute for Ц

7. getting bigger Ц

8. look after, keep from danger Ц


«адание 4. «аполните пропуски подчеркнутыми словами из текста.

1. Mane vegetarians eat soya as an __________ meat.

2. Some people __________ that all ready-cooked meals are unhealthy.

3. The number of people buying organic vegetables is __________ in mane countries.

4. The UK government is __________ studying how to encourage people to change their eating habits.

5. In the US and Europe, many children are __________ fatter because of their bad diets.

6. Many people __________ a change a diet because it makes them feel better.

7. A balanced diet can help to __________ you from illness.

8. Unhealthy eating is now a __________ problem: not just in the US and Europe.

«адание 5. «аполните пропуски в предложени€х словами из списка.

Home-made / meal /raw/ spicy /diet/ chicken /steak/ takeaway /meat/ frozen

1. His __________ is terrible: he eats too many sweet things.

2. Strict vegetarians donТt eat __________ or fish.

3. __________ vegetables have more vitamins than when they are cooked.

4. I love __________ food but I donТt have too much time to cook.

5. She likes her __________ well done.

6. I am very busy so I often buy a __________ meal and heat it up in the microwave.

7. Our biggest __________ of the day is usually lunch.

8. She doesnТt like Mexican food because it is too __________.

9. Our typical Sunday lunch is roast __________, I especially like the wings.

10. We often buy __________ food on Fridays Ц either Chinese or Indian food.


«адание 6. Ќапишите транскрипцию дл€ каждого слова.

f oo d sp oo n c oo k s u gar m ou sse b u tcher bisc ui t fr ui t j ui ce   g oo d lett u ce w ou ld


«адание 7. Ќапишите названи€ продуктов, воспользуйтесь при необходимости словарем.

1. One red fruit, one yellow fruit, one green fruit;

2. Two things that a strict vegetarian doesnТt eat;

3. Three kinds of food made from milk;

4. Four things people have for breakfast;

5. Five things people eat between meals;

6. Six vegetables you can put in a salad;

7. Seven things which are usually on a table in a restaurant.


«адание 8. ќтветьте на вопросы письменно.

1. Is food a pleasure for you?

2. What you normally eat in atypical day?

3. Do you ever cook?

4. Do you ever eat СunhealthyТ food? How do you feel about it?

5. Are you trying to cut down on anything at the moment?

6. Are peopleТs diets in your country getting better or worse?

«адание 9. ¬ставьте somebody, anybody, nobody или everybody.

1. Has __ in this group got a dictionary? 2. __ left a magazine in our classroom yesterday. 3. The question was so difficult that __ could answer it. 4. I am afraid I shan't be able to find __ in the office now: it is too late. 5. __ knows that water is necessary for life. 6. Is there __ here who knows French? 7. You must find __ who can help you. 8. __ knew anything about America before Columbus discovered it. 9. I saw __ in the train yesterday who looked like you. 10. There is __ in the next room. I don't know him. 11. Please tell us the story. __ knows it. 12. Is there __ in my group who lives in the dormitory? 13. Has __ here got a red pencil? 14. __ can answer this question. It is very easy.


«адание 10. «аполните пропуски, вставив одно из слов, данных в скобках.

1. We haven't __ black stockings (no, any). 2 They have __ red boots, Kate (any, no). 3. I don't want __ today, thank you (nothing, anything). 4. "I haven't got __ clean exercise-books, Mother," said the boy (any, no). 5. "We shall not buy __ in this shop, children," said the mother (nothing, anything). 6. Didn't you buy __ potatoes yesterday (any, no)? 7. I didn't see __ in the street when I went out (anybody, nobody). 8. We did not play __ games in the yard because it was raining all day long (no, any). 9. There is __ at home (anybody, nobody). 10. How much did you pay for these boots? - I didn't pay __ (nothing, anything). They are a present from my grandmother. 11. Have you lost __ (anything, nothing)? - No, nobody here has lost__ (nothing, anything).


«адание 11. ѕоставьте следующие предложени€ в отрицательную и вопросительную форму.

1. They have done something. 2. He has given them some money. 3. You have brought something for us. 4. I have taken some English books from you. 5. She was reading something. 6. He has writ≠ten a letter to somebody. 7. Somebody by the name of Smith lives on the third floor. 8. They have some English books. 9. There are some tall trees in front of their house. 10. Peter has something in his box. 11. There are some parks in this town, 12. There are some good book shops in our dis≠trict.

«адание 12. ѕрочитайте статью и диалоги.

SPAs Ц women love them

Can men enjoy them too?

The Sunday Times decided to find out. They sent two journalists, Joanna Duckworth and Stephen Bleach, to spend a day at a health spa, which offers thermal baths, saunas, and steam rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, and of course a wide variety of massages and treatments.

These are some of the treatment they had:

Banana, papaya and strawberry body polish

- a treatment which will smooth and hydrate your skin, with a head massage Ц 40 minutes.

Kanebo Kai Zen facial

- a deep intensive cleansing, with face and neck massage Ц 1 hr 40 minutes.

Elemis foot treatment

- a foot bath, pedicure and foot massage Ц 55 minutes.



1. The body polish.

Joanna: So? What did you think?

Stephen: It was just horrible! Horrible. FruitТs for eating, not for putting on your body. It was hot and sticky and incredibly uncomfortable. And I felt so stupid. IТd never have that again. I give it zero out of ten.

Joanna: Sticky? It was fruit for goodnessТ sake! I thought it was incredibly relaxing. I mean how could anybody not like it? And the head massage was divine! That was one of my favourite spa treatment ever. Ten out of ten.

2. The facial

Stephen: Oh that was so boring. It went on forever.

Joanna: I loved it.

Stephen: Well, I must admit my face feels different - much smoother. But I'm not sure I really want a smooth face. And it was nearly two hours and she used about 12 different creams and things. It normally only takes me a minute to wash my face Ч and I just use soap and water Ч the therapist said I ought to buy fivedifferent products!

Joanna: Well, I enjoyed every second. My skin feels great - really healthy. I give it nine out of ten.

Stephen: Hmm... I give it four.

Joanna: Your problem was that you were hungry so you couldn't relax. We could have a fruit juice before the last treatment...

Stephen: A fruit juice? Oh, OK then.

3. The foot treatment

Stephen: Wow!

Joanna: Don't tell me you liked it!

Stephen: It was wonderful!

Joanna: I must say, your feet look...well, better. Clean anyway.

Stephen: Well, I've never liked my feet much to be honest, but now they look great. That was definitely worth the time and money. Nine out of ten. What do you think?

Joanna: Yes, it was great. A real luxury. And I love the colour they painted my nails. I agree Ц nine out of ten.

«адание 13. ќтветьте на вопросы к статье:

1. What is SPA? What does health spa offer?

2. What do you know about body polish/facial/foot treatment?

3. Did Stephen like the body polish? What about Joanna?

4. What is StephenТs opinion about the facial? And Joanna?

5. Did he enjoy the foot treatment? Joanna?


«адание 14. ѕрочитайте диалоги еще раз. «аполните пропуски.

1. It was hot and _______ and incredibly uncomfortable.

2. The head massage was __________!

3. My face feels different Ц much __________.

4. I just use _________ and water.

5. I love the colour they painted my __________.


«адание 15. ѕрочитайте следующий список, напишите M(Man), если то или иное зан€тие относитс€ к мужчинам, W(Woman) Ц к женщинам, B(Both) Ц как к мужчинам, так и к женщинам.

A man thing or a woman thing?

- Going shopping

- Going to health spas

- Going to the gym

- Going to the cinema

- Reading novels

- Going to sport events

- Doing housework

- Learning languages

- Going to bars and pubs

- Playing games (e.g. cards, chess)


«адание 16. —оставьте семь предложение по образцу, использу€ фразы из предыдущего упражнени€.

ќбразец: In our country women go shopping more often than men.

In our country men go shopping not so often than women.


«адание 17. ѕрочитайте следующий список, отметьте соответствующей буквой, кто чаще о чем говорит: (M Ц Man, W Ц Woman, B Ц Both):

- Sport

- Work

- Clothes

- Health

- Family

- Films

- Politics

- Cars

- Their house

- The opposite sex

«адание 18. ¬ыполните следующее задание письменно (напишите не менее 5 предложений).

If you are a woman, say what is your attitude to:

- football

- cars choose only one point

- computers

If you are a man, say what is your attitude to:

- fashion

- shopping choose only one point

- dieting

«адание 19. ¬ следующих предложени€х

a) измените врем€ глагола на Present Simple;

b) переведите предложени€ на русский €зык.


I am eating my breakfast.

I eat my breakfast.

я (обычно) завтракаю.

2. We are drinking water. 3. He is bringing them some meat and vegetables. 4. You are putting the dishes on the table. 5. They are having tea. 6. She is taking the dirty plates from the table. 7. The children are putting on their coats. 8. The pupils are writing a dictation. 9. My friend is helping me to solve a difficult problem. 10. I am learning a poem.


«адание 20. –аскройте скобки, употребл€€ глаголы в Past Simple или Past Perfect.

1. When I (to come) home, mother already (to cook) dinner. 2. When father (to return) from work, we already (to do) our homework. 3. When the teacher (to enter) the classroom, the pupils already (to open) their books. 4. Kate (to give) me the book which she (to buy) the day before. 5. Nick (to show) the teacher the picture which he (to draw). 6. The boy (to give) the goats the grass which he (to bring) from the field. 7. Mother (to see) that Nick (not to wash) his hands. 8. The teacher (to understand) that Lena (not to do) her homework. 9. I (to know) that my friend (not yet to come). 10. Tom (to re≠turn) from the cinema at five o'clock.


«адание 21. –аскройте скобки, употребл€€ глаголы в одном из будущих времен: Future Simple, Future Continuous или Future Perfect.

1. I (to do) my homework tomorrow. 2. I (to do) my homework at six o'clock tomorrow. 3. I (to do) my homework by six o'clock tomorrow. 4. When I come home tomorrow, my family (to have) supper. 5. When you come to my place tomorrow, I (to read) your book. I (to do) my homework by the time you come. 6. Don't come to my place tomor≠row. I (to write) a composition the whole evening. 7.1 (not to go) to the cinema tomorrow. I (to watch) TV the whole evening. 8. What you (to do) tomor≠row? 9. What you (to do) at eight o'clock tomorrow? 10. You (to play) volley-ball tomorrow?

«адание 22. ѕрочитайте текст, выберите подход€щие по смыслу модальные глаголы. ¬ некоторых случа€х правильными €вл€ютс€ оба варианта. ¬ыполните письменный перевод.

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