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Dry, foods, eating, junk, freshly-squeezed, calories, poached, steamed, strict

1. __________ habits

2. __________ brown rice

3. __________ food

4. law-fat _________

5. __________ eggs

6. ___________ toast

7. to count _________

8. __________ carrot juice

9. __________ vegetarians


«адание 4. «аполните пропуски предлогами.

  1. _____ film sets
  2. _____ a diet
  3. 99 per cent _____ the time
  4. to insist _____ sth
  5. to worry _____ sth
  6. to cook _____ sb
  7. to complain _____ sth
  8. to think _____ sth

«адание 5. ќтветьте на вопросы.

v What do you usually eat and drink:

- at work/school

- on a picnic

- at a fast-food restaurant

- at an expensive restaurant?

v Do you often:

- eat junk food

- have a snack between meals?

v Do you worry about how healthy your diet is?


«адание 6. ¬ыделите лишнее слово в списке.

- A bar of chocolate, soap, bread

- A carton of orange juice, bacon, milk

- A slice of bread, ham, butter, cake

- A cup of coffee, meat, tea, hot chocolate

- A bowl of salad, cake, soup, cereal

- A glass of milk, wine, beer, cheese

- A bottle of Coke, beef, water, lemonade

- A jar of honey, jam, potatoes, mustard

- A bag of flour, sugar, ketchup, crisps

- A box of vinegar, chocolates, biscuits

«адание 7. ¬ставьте some, any, no, every или их производные.

1 Can __ see? No, __ people can't see __ people are blind. Blind people can't see. They can't see __; they can see __. 2. Can __ hear? No, __ people can't hear. __ people are deaf. People who are quite deaf can't hear. They can't hear __. They can hear __. 3. Can we see __.? No, we can't see __. We cannot see the air. __ can see the air. 4. We can't walk without legs and feet. People without legs and feet can't walk. They can't walk __. They can walk __. 5. Can you see __ in an empty box? No, I can't see __ in an empty box. I can see __ in an empty box. Why not? Because there is __ in an empty box. There isn't __ in an empty box. What is an empty box? An empty box is a box that has __ in it. An empty box is a box without __ in it. An empty room is a room without __ in it.


«адание 8. ¬ставьте some, any, no или их производные.

1. Have you __ relations? - No, I haven't __, I have __ relations. 2. Has she __ nephews or nieces? - She has __ nephews. 3. She has __ sisters, she has only brothers. 4. Do you know __ about Chinese art? 5. They have __ cousins in Minsk. 6. Have you __ brothers? - No, I haven't __, I have __ brothers. 7. I have __ good friends. 8. We did not know __ about his problems: he told us __. 9. Have you got __ interesting books? 10. Have you __ friends in America?

«адание 9. ¬ставьте одно из следующих слов: some, any, no, the, а или оставьте пропуски незаполненными.

1. __ cats like __ milk. 2. They stopped in __ front of __ house where Tom lived. 3. I showed him __ way to __ station. 4. What is __ name of __ street in which you live? 5. I want to say __ words to your sister. 6. __ tea in this glass is cold. 7. __ sun was high in __ sky. 8. Oh, there are __ apples in __ vase: __ children have eaten all of them. Please put __ apples into __ vase. 9. Yesterday we had __ fish for dinner. 10. He gave me __ coffee.

«адание 10. ѕрочитайте текст.

TravelersТ tales.

The Pacific Paradise Tour took us to California, on the west coast of the United States, and to the Hawaiian islands in the Pacific Ocean. With beautiful countryside, exciting cities and fantastic beaches, this holiday had everything.

The first place we stopped at was San Francisco, in northern California. This city is famous for its cable cars - and it certainly needs them because San Francisco is extremely hilly and has some very steep roads! By the sea, next to the fishing boats, there are the fish restaurants. Here we enjoyed watching the street actors and musicians as we ate delicious fresh fish. One thing we'll never forget is the Golden Gate Bridge, which is very big and beautiful.

The next city on the tour was Los Angeles. This city is very exciting and has some very famous attractions. The nearby beaches are long and sandy and the mountains outside the city are high and dry. We visited the beach where they were filming Baywatch. We also went to Disneyland where we saw E.T. and shook hands with Mickey Mouse. After that they took us to Hollywood to see the houses of the stars who have made a lot of films - and a lot of money!

The last place we visited in California was San Diego, a city with sun, sand, sea and all kinds of water sports. We went to the San Diego Zoo which is one of the world's largest zoos. We also visited Mexico, which is only a short drive away from San Diego.

Finally, we went to Hawaii. It's paradise! We sat on golden beaches with green palm trees and watched amazing red sunsets. We also saw colourful fish at Sea Life Park and went snorkeling in Hatiauma Bay. In the evenings we enjoyed the lively clubs, bars and ice-cream parlours. Best of all, we ate fantastic Hawaiian food while watching Hawaiian people performing traditional Polynesian dances.

This holiday was fantastic. So when you have time, get on the first plane to the west coast of The United States and have the time of your life!


«адание 12. «а названием города напишите, что из колонки ¬ относитс€ к нему?

1. San Francisco   2. Los Angeles   3. San Diego   4. Hawaii   a. cable cars b. traditional dances c. a zoo d. Disneyland e. golden beaches f. a famous bridge g. rich peopleТs houses h. watersports  


«адание 13. —опоставьте предложени€ и города, после предложени€ напишите название города.

A) San Francisco B) Los Angeles C) San Diego D) Hawaii

- The city is built on hills.

- There is a famous theme park.

- It is very close to another country.

- The local food is delicious.

- Entertainers perform as you eat.

- You can see the homes of famous people.

- You can see interesting creatures under the sea.


«адание 14. Ќайдите антонимы дл€ следующих прилагательных и запишите их парами.

1. beautiful a. dull

2. delicious b. ugly

3. fresh c. southern

4. exciting d. tasteless

5. dry e. wet


«адание 15. «аполните пропуски словами из списка.

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