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Some useful tips for tourists to the UK

1. You should / have to always carry an umbrella. British weather is very changeable and rain is always a possibility.

2. If you want to ask someone a question in the street, you must / should say 'Excuse me!' to attract their attention.

3. You must / should drive on the left!

4. You must / have to wear a seatbelt at all times in a car.

5. You mustn't / don't have to pay to visit most museums and art galleries. Entrance is usually free.

6. You shouldn't / don't have to leave a tip in a restaurant but if service has been good, 10% extra is a normal amount to leave.

7. If you are sightseeing in London, you must / should buy a Travelcard which gives you cheaper travel on trains, buses, and the London Underground.

8. You mustn't / don't have to smoke in any public building. It is prohibited by law.

9. When talking to British people you shouldn't / don't have to ask very personal questions (like How muchdo you earn?) as some people might think this was rude.

10. You must / should go for a trip on the London Eye. The view of London from the top is magnificent.

«адание 23. «аполните пропуски словами из списка.

Ask / art / carry / wear / prohibited / leave / drive / changeable / cheaper / attract

1. __________ an umbrella 6. __________galleries

2. __________ weather 7. __________ a tip

3. __________ their attention 8. __________ travel on trains

4. __________ on the left 9. __________ by law

5. __________ a seatbelt 10. __________ personal questions


«адание 24. ¬ыберите верный синоним дл€ следующих слов.

1. changeable

o unsteady

o steady

2. possibility

o suggestion

o probability

3. free

o vacant

o expensive

2. tip

o gratuity

o trip

3. travel

o road

o voyage

4. British people

o The English

o The British

5. personal question

o private question

o funny question

6. magnificent

o awful

o majestic



«адание 25.  акие черты характера подход€т больше русским, а какие британцам? «апишите в два столбика под соответствующим заглавием.

Reserved, sensitive, emotional, polite, rude, funny, unreliable, self-confident, caring, imaginative, helpful, easy-going, stubborn, selfish, shy, disorganized, forgetful, active, lazy, loyal, arrogant, bossy, intelligent, mean, decisive.


«адание 26. —равните характер русских и британцев, используйте вышеперечисленные прилагательные (составьте семь предложений). ќбратите внимание на пример.

ќбразец: The Russians are more emotional than the British.

The British are not so emotional as the Russians.

«адание 27. ѕереведите на русский €зык.

1. Mike can run very fast. 2. They can under≠stand French. 3. Kate can speak English well. 4. My brother can come and help you in the gar≠den. 5. Can you speak Spanish? 6. Can your broth≠er help me with mathematics? 7. His little sister can walk already. 8. The children cannot carry this box: it is too heavy. 9. My friend cannot come in time. 10. This old woman cannot sleep at night.

«адание 28. «аполните пропуски модальными глаголами can, may или must.

1. What __ we see on this map? 2. __ you speak Spanish? Ч No, unfortunately I __ 3. At what time __ you come to school? 4. __ I come in? 5. You __ not smoke here. 6. __ take your book? Ч I am afraid not: I need it. 7. He __ not speak English yet. 8. I have very little time: I __ go. 9. They __ not go to the park today because they are busy. 10. You __ read this text: it is easy enough.

¬ариант 2


«адание 1. ѕрочитайте и переведите весь текст письменно.

Quality or quantity

You didn't ask for it, and you might not know about it. But you've probably already eaten some of it. It's genetically engineered food.

Perfectly round tomatoes all exactly the same size, long straight cucumbers and big fat chickens are now a normal part of our diets.

They are made that way by genetic engineering - not by nature. Their genes have been changed.

Every living thing has genes. They are passed on from generation to generation. They make sure that humans give birth to humans and cows give birth to cows. They also make sure that a dog cannot give birth to a frog or an elephant I to a horse. Genetic engineers take genes from one species - for example, a scorpion, and transfer them to another - for example corn. In this way a new life form is created.

Genetic engineers put duck genes into chickens to make the chickens bigger. They put hormones into cows to make them pro≠duce more milk. They put genes from flowers into soya beans and from scorpions into corn. This does not make them cheaper, tastier or healthier. It makes them easier and faster for the farmer to grow.

The effects of genetic engineering on our health are not known. Many of the genes which are used - such as those of scorpions, rats, mice and moths - are not part of our diet so we do not know how dangerous they may be. For example, people can develop allergies to food which has been genetically engineered.

The effects of genetic engineering on the natural world may be disastrous. The engineers may create life forms - monsters -that we cannot control. The new life forms have no natural habitat or home. They will have to find one, fight for one - or kill for one.

Some people believe, though, that genetic engineering could be the solution to the problem of famine. Plants which grow faster, or cows which produce more milk, can save the lives of starving people.

We would all like a better, healthier and longer life, and genetic engineering might give us this. On the other hand, it may be a dan≠gerous experiment with nature. In the story, Frankenstein created such a terrible and dangerous monster that he had to destroy it. We must make sure that it remains a story - and no more than that.


«адание 2. «аполните пропуски словами из текста.

1. They are made that way by genetic engineering - not by ________.

2. Every living thing has ________.

3. They make sure that _______ give _______ to humans and cows give birth to cows.

4. This does not make them cheaper, tastier or _______.

5. The _______ of genetic engineering on our health are not known.

6. We do not know how ________ they may be.

7. Plants which grow faster, or cows which produce more milk, can ________ the lives of starving people.


«адание 3. «аполните таблицу.

What are the arguments for and against genetically engineered food?

for against

«адание 4. ќтветьте на вопросы к тексту.

1. Have you ever heard about genetically engineered food?

2. How tomatoes are made perfectly round?

3. Is it true that every living thing has genes?

4. Who takes genes from one species and transfer them to another species?

5. Are the effects of genetic engineering on our health known?

6. Can genetic engineering be a solution to any problem?


«адание 5. ѕрочитайте следующие меню. Ќапишите, какие из блюд: spicy, sweet, salty, healthy, fattening, creamy, juicy, vegetarian.


Chicken soup Ц healthy, creamy.

Green salad Ц Е

MENU STARTERS ü Chicken soup ü Green salad MAIN COURSES ü Steak and chips ü Beef curry ü Roast beef and potatoes ü Fish and chips ü Steak and kidney pie ü Spaghetti DESSERTS ü Ice-cream ü Fresh fruit salad ü Chocolate cake

«адание 6. «аполните таблицу. –аспределите слова по колонкам. Ќекоторые слова можно отнести к нескольким прилагательным.

Ice-cream, lettuce, lobster, cake, onion, lamb, chips, cabbage, peas, eggs, garlic, cheese, yoghurt, milk, mushrooms, pumpkin, ham, mussels, bread rolls, nuts, melon, cucumber, rice, sandwich, toast, green beans, potatoes, watermelon.



«адание 7. Ќапишите, что лучше есть на завтрак, обед, ужин, использу€ модальный глагол should.


I think you should eat (cheese, bread, etc)Е for breakfast because it is (healthy, tasty, etc)Е

I think you should eat Е for lunch because Е

I think you should eat Е for dinner because Е

«адание 8. ¬ставьте some, any, no или их производные.

1. Here are __ books by English writers. Take __ book you like. 2. There are __ boys in the garden because they are at school. 3. I can see __ on the snow, but I don't know what it is. 4. Are there __ desks in the classroom? - Yes, there are many. 5. There are __ books on this desk, but there are __ exercise-books. 6. Did he say __ about it? - No, he said __. 7. What shall I do now, Mom? I have done my homework. - You can do __ you like. 8. There was __ in the street because it was Very late. 9. __ wants to see him. 10 Is there __ herе who knows this man?

«адание 9. ¬ставьте somewhere, anywhere, nowhere или everywhere.

1. I put my dictionary __ yesterday and now I can't find it __. - Of course, that is because you leave your books __. 2. You must go __ next sum≠mer. 3. Did you go __ on Sunday? 4. Let's go __. The weather is fine. I don't want to stay at home in such weather. 5. I cannot find my glasses __. I always put them __. and then look for them for hours. 6. Today is a holiday. The streets are full of people. There are flags, banners and flowers __.

«адание 10. ¬ставьте одно из следующих слов:

A) some, any, no.

1. There were __ of my friends there. 2. Well, anyway, there is __ need to hurry, now that we have missed the train. 3. Have you ever seen __ of these pictures before? 4. There is __ water in the" kettle: they have drunk it all. 5. There were __ fir-trees in that forest, but many pines. 6. We could not buy cherries, so we bought __ plums instead.

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