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Exercise 10. Change the following statements to questions and translate them.

1. Physics deals with relation between matter and energy. 2. Both chemistry and physics deal with matter. 3. We are learning NewtonТs laws. 4. The scientists are planning experiments with their students. 5. The chemical properties of molecules depend on their composition. 6. They are measuring distance now. 7. Tom works in this laboratory every Friday. 8. Tom is working in the laboratory. 9. Physicists use many different units of measurement in their researches. 10. IТm reading an article about black holes now. 11. I do my homework after my double-periods in University. 12. IТm solving a difficult problem now. 13. Chemical reactions indicate that the molecules are composed of smaller units, or atoms. 14. Astronomers use three kinds of time. 15. A physicist usually specializes within one area of physics. 3. They are listening to their tutor. 16. Astrophysics and cosmology deal with the study of black holes and supernovas. 17. Physics uncovers a picture of the world that is continually changing. 18. On the basis of experimental facts theoretical physics formulates laws and predicts the behaviour of natural phenomena. 19. We are talking about our research.


Exercise 11. Find the words with the same meaning.

entire fractional,total, indirect, common

divide split, multiply, devise, change

perceive split, share, understand, see

consider regard, think, divide, misuse

discipline subject, order, behaviour, training

matter thing, phenomenon, substance, data

emergence glad, multiple, appearance, individual

discouraged optimistic, pessimistic, upset, calm


Exercise 12. Complete the following sentences with the words according to the text.

Physics is one of the most _______ sciences about nature. It is the science that studies _______ phenomena in nature: mechanical _______, heat, ________, electricity, magnetism, light etс.

Physics is the ______ universal science. It is the rational development of experiments, _______ and ________ that explain the fundamental structure of all we _________. The development of other sciences depends __________on the knowledge of physical ________. For example ________often use the quantum theory in their ________ that was developed by physicists in the 1920's. In medicine, biology, and geology scientists use _______ obtained by physicists.

Physics ______ itself very naturally into two great _______, experimental physics and theoretical physics. The former is the science of making observations and devising experiments which give us _______ knowledge of the actual behaviour of natural phenomena. On the basis of experimental facts theoretical physics ________ laws and predicts the ________ of natural phenomena.

Astrophysics and _______ are areas of physics that involve the ________ to understand questions about life within a massive cosmological ________. This science deals and studies ________ and ________.Atomic and nuclear physics has many other __________, but all in one way or another _______ understanding of the building block of the universe Ц ________.

Exercise 13. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. ” своњх вим≥рах учен≥ використовують метричну систему. 2. јтоми Ї буд≥вельними блоками будь-€коњ речовини. 3. ћи зараз розгл€даЇмо ваше проханн€. 4. „орн≥ д≥ри Ц астроф≥зичн≥ обТЇкти, €к≥ створюють дуже велику силу т€ж≥нн€. 5. ‘≥зика розкриваЇ походженн€ багатьох природних €вищ. 6. ¬ивченн€ €ких €вищ включаЇ у себе ц€ галузь ф≥зики? 7. ¬они зараз працюють у лаборатор≥њ або слухають лекц≥ю професора? 8. ÷е дуже захоплююче €вище. 9. Tеор≥њ ф≥зики по€снюють все, що ми в≥дчуваЇмо. 10. “и знаЇш, €к розвТ€зати цю задачу? 11. ѕрот€гом тис€чол≥ть людство знаЇ чотири форми речовини: тверду, р≥дку, газопод≥бну та плазму. 12. —онце, з≥рки та блискавка €вл€ють собою також плазму. 13. ‘≥зика под≥л€Їтьс€ на дек≥лька галузей: €дерну ф≥зику, ф≥зику плазми, астроф≥зику, рад≥оф≥зику та ≥нш≥. 14. Ќе ч≥пай його! ¬≥н обговорюЇ важливе питанн€ з≥ своњм кер≥вником.

Exercise 14. Retell the text ЂWHAT IS PHYSICS?ї

Read the following text

Text 2


We love them so much that some of us sleep with them under the pillow, yet we are increasingly concerned that we cannot escape their electronic reach. We use them to convey our most intimate secrets to friends, but also we worry that they are eroding our privacy. We rely on them more than the internet to cope with modern life, and we absolutely cannot imagine our life without them.

As researches show these are teenagers who regard their mobiles as an expression of their identity. This is partly because mobiles, are beyond the control of parents. But the researchers suggest that another reason may be that mobiles, especially text messaging, help to overcome shyness. Young people often use texting to apologize, to excuse lateness or to communicate other things that make them uncomfortable.

But while the research points out that mobile phones now boast twice the reach of the desktop internet, it argues that the impact of phones has been local rather than global, shoring up existing friendships and networks, rather than opening users up to a new broader community. Even the language of texting in one area can be incomprehensible to anybody from another area.

LetТs consider some of advantages and disadvantages of mobiles. In travels like in everyday life we can need help in a case of incident. In chance of any kind of accidents we can inform with mobile phone suitable services, such as: police, fire guard or ambulance service. What is a more, young people, using the mobile phone learn to take care of themselves, because when their parents will buy them a Уcard mobile phoneФ, the users know, how much money they can afford to spend on a definite time. It teaches them, how to save money.

Furthermore thank to mobile phones, parents can control their childen during their house absence. They can always call kids to find out where they are, what they are doing, why they arenТt at home and what time they are coming back. It is also possible to give them recommendations, such how: "Make purchases!Ф or "Visit your grandma todayФ etc.

On the other hand some people say that mobile phones restrain interhuman contacts, because people prefer to talk on the phone with their friends instead of for example meet with them.

Mobile phones arenТt also sensible for our health, because they emit harmful rays. But on the other hand almost everything has some negative signs, but we donТt have to worry of them. The most important trump of mobile phones is comfort and if we will use this kind of phones with reflection, it can really help us and be very useful.

Think about:

Ј The title of every passage.

Ј What is mobile for you?

Ј What do you prefer: to go and see your friends, or just to ring them up? Why?

Ј Do you think mobile phones were a good invention?

Ј Are there any places where you think mobiles should be banned?

Ј How have mobile phones changed since the 90s?

Ј What do you think mobile phones will be like in 20 or 100 years time?

Ј What will you be able to do with your phone?

Ј How big will it be and what will it look like?


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