Exercise 21: Read the sentences. Translate them into Russioan and define the tense of a verb.

1. Plant pigments can produce beautifully coloured leaves.

2. You must be careful when you take medicines without doctor's prescriptions.

3. They can buy all the necessary drugs at the chemist department.

4. Drugs used for the treatment of eye diseases must have a pink coloured label.

5. The first-year student will be able to carry out complex quantitative and qualitative analysis with medicinal substances in three years.

6. She had to take part in the discussion of this problem at the last sitting of the student's scientific society.

7. I was only a first-year student and could not work as a dispensing pharmacist at the chemist's.

8. Many flowers can be collected in the time of pollination when the photosynthesis is the most active.

9. It goes without saying that a prescription may not be written without a very good knowledge of the dose effects of drugs.

10. The directions to the patient as how he should take the medicine are called the label or "signature''.

11. Different parts of the plant such as roots, rhizomes, fruits, bark, seeds, flowers can be used for medicinal purposes.

12. Before we entered the chemical laboratory we had to put on white gowns.

13. The first-year students can translate simple texts from English into Russian.

14. It is cold today you should put on your winter clothes.

15. As they were on duty yesterday that’s why they could come earlier to prepare all necessary reagents.

Exercise 22: Read the sentences. Translate the modal verbs in brackets. Pay attention to the tense theyahpuld be used:

1. Before we entered the chemical laboratory we (должны) ________________ put on white gowns.

2. The directions to the patient as to how he (следует) ___________ take the medicine is called the label or the "signature".

3. Different parts of the plant such as roots, rhizomes, fruits, bark, seeds, flowers (могут) __________________ be used for medicinal purposes.

4. We (можем) _________________ see the difference between these two manufactured medicines.

5. The first-year students (могут) __________________ carry out complex experiments with medicinal substances in four years.

6. My friend was seriously ill and I (должен) ___________________ to make him an injection of penicillin.

7. The first-year students (могут) _______________ carry out complex experiments with inorganic substances.

8. Unripe seeds and fruits (следует) ______________ be used with medicinal purposes only in certain cases.

9. A prescription (может) ________________ not be written without a very good knowledge of the dose effect of the drug.

10. The drugs (должны) ___________________ have a label with the name of the drugs and directions for administration.

11. During storage too much moisture (может) ___________________ increase the weight of the drug and affect its active constituents.

12. You (должны) ______________ keep the mixture in a cool place.

13. It goes without saying that a prescription (может) _____________________ not be written without a very good knowledge of the dose effects of drugs.

14. For the determination of vitamin B1 he (следует) ______________________ dilute the tested solution with water.

15. Your sister (сможет) ____________________ work at the chemist's in four years after graduating from the Academy.

Exercise 23: Make a reques using the pictures below:


Exercise 24: Translate the following sentences into English using appropriate modal verbs.

1. Когда я смогу забрать свое лекарство?

2. Больше в работе фармацевта мне нравится то, что я могу помогать людям сохранить или восстановить здоровье.

3. Чтобы стать фармацевтом в США необходимо закончить аккредитованный фармацевтический колледж или университет, а затем получить лицензию.

4. Какие предметы следует изучать студенту фармацевту?

5. Не могли бы Вы посоветовать что-нибудь от болей в животе?

6. Вы можете заказать лекарство от артрита он-лайн или по телефону.

7. Фармацевт должен владеть хорошими навыками устной речи.

8. Могу ли я купить это лекарство без рецепта?

9. Какую информацию необходимо получить фармацевту прежде, чем он сможет продать лекарство, в состав которого входит яд или наркотик?

10. Фармацевты будущего должны найти способы повысить рентабельность аптек за счет использования новых технологий.



We have learnt that the profession of a pharmacist is very important and honourable in the society. Provide a short project describing your own reasons for becoming a pharmacist.

You may do it as a “PowerPoint Presentation”, essay, etc.


Exercise 25: Translate the following words and phrases:

1. Don’t (превышать) ____________ the recommended dosage. 2. Every new prescription must be (проверен дважды) ____________ ____________ for accuracy, (взаимодействие) ____________ with other meds. 3. If we do not have an item on hand we call to see if it is (на складе) ___ ______ for next day (доставка) ____________. 4. Would you mind describing (побочные эффекты) ____________ _______________ for me, please? 5. You have to (принимать) ____________ one pill three times a day for seven days. 6. This decongestant may cause (головокружение) ____________ and ____________ (тошноту). 7. You need to apply (мазь) ____________ daily. 8. Acute stress is a normal (ответ, реакция) ____________ to noise, hunger, frustration, and expectations that exceed abilities. 9. Pharmacists often set extremely high standards for themselves because this work demands a high level of (точности) ____________. 10. Our (среднестатистический) ____________ customer is (пожилой) ____________ and takes several medicines. 11. The pharmacist is going to be (ответственный) ____________ for managing the effective distribution process of medication. 12. Will the patient’s (страховка) ____________ cover this medicine?


Exercise 26: Choose the correct modal verb:

1. As my friend is ill I ___________ (to go and see) her.

a) must b) should c) can d)have

1. We didn’t add nitric acid as the reagent ____________ (to affect) the results.

a) may b) must c) can d) could

2. The pharmacy students ____________ (to expect) to spend a great deal of time becoming oriented to the workflow and layout of the dispensing area.

a) Must b) have to c) should d) are to

3. Pharmacy school ____________ (to provide) you with an excellent grounding, a springboard you ____________ (to use) to launch a successful, satisfying, fulfilling and rewarding career.

a) can/can b) can/may c) may/ can d)may/may

4. While Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) ____________ (to take) a variety of forms, depending on the institution, there are some similarities between schools.

a) might b) are able to c) may d) can

5. The pharmacy graduate ____________ (to apply) to the board of pharmacy in a particular state to take the licensure examination.

a) have to b) should c) may d) must

6. ____________ pharmacists (to discern) emerging trends and opportunities to advance the profession and themselves?

a) may b) can c) could d) are able to

7. While some students ____________ (to consider) time spent on learning how the pharmacy runs “pharmacy technician” work, it’s important that student pharmacists master the many functions related to preparation of prescriptions or drug orders. a) may b) can c) have to d) might

8. The pharmacist ____________ (to accept) responsibility for assisting patients to obtain the very best outcomes from their use of medications.

a) should b) ought to c) have to d) are to

9. Students who have significant prior experience as a pharmacy technician ____________ (to be allowed) to perform professional functions, such as patient counseling, clinical monitoring, physical assessment or medication therapy management. a) might b) may c) must d) can


Lead – in

Exercise 1: Identify the laboratory equipment. Describe its functions.



Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with one of the words or phrases given:

  demonstration table flask measuring cylinder test-tube burner funnel burette retort analytical balances    


The сhemical laboratory’s equipment consists of different useful pieces: _______________ _____________________ are mainly used in chemistry to measure small amounts of substances to the highest degree of accuracy; ___________________ is a glassware device used for distillation or dry distillation of substances; ___________________ is a clear, cylindrical glass tube usually open at one end and rounded at the other, used in laboratory experimentation; ___________________ is a vessel (container) which fall into the category of laboratory equipment known as glassware; ___________________ is a vertical cylindrical piece of laboratory glassware with a volumetric graduation on its full length and a precision tap, or stopcock, on the bottom; __________________ is a kind of tables used for carrying out experiments in the chemical laboratory; __________________ is a piece of laboratory equipment used to accurately measure the volume of a liquid; __________________ is a common piece of laboratory equipment that produces a single open gas flame, which is used for heating, sterilization, and combustion; ___________________ is a pipe with a wide, often conical mouth and a narrow stem. It is used to channel liquid or fine-grained substances into containers with a small opening.

Exercise 3: Name the basic lab equipment in the pictures below:

1.______________ 2.______________ 3.______________ 4.______________  
5.______________ 6.______________ 7.______________ 8.______________

Exercise 4. Complete the text using the words and phrases:


  bleeding laboratory room physician carefully safety glasses chemicals victim accidents poisonous  

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