I. Fill in the gaps only with ONE word

To protect public health medical practice enlists the aid of (1) ____________ medicines and (2) ____________. The science of preparing and dispensing these medicines and drugs is called (3) ____________. The key figure in pharmacy is the highly-trained (4) ____________ pharmacist. Pharmacist may work in the (5) ____________ laboratory seeking to develop new forms of (6) ____________. In the pharmaceutical plant a pharmacist controls the (7) ____________, purity and (8) ____________ of drug product. Doctor’s prescription may contain (9) ____________ names or (10) ____________ medical terms.


II. Choose TWO correct variants in each question:

1. An error in the compounding of a prescription could be ____________ and ____________ to the patient.

a) injurious

b) beneficial

c) fatal

d) neutral

2. What does a pharmacist do at the chemist’s?

a) he gives the instruction

b) he checks the required ingredients

c) he transcribes the necessary instructions on the label

d) he doesn’t compound medicine

3. How many prescriptions are filled by pharmacists annually? (only one variant is correct)

a) 30 000

b) 130 000 000

c) 30 000 000

d) 300 000 000

4. What must one do to be a pharmacist?

a) be good at chemistry and biology

b) be a graduate of an accredited college of pharmacy

c) pass the state examination for a license

d) be a winner of chemistry Olympiads

5. What must a pharmacist obtain before he can fill any prescription containing poisons or narcotics?

a) first and family names of the purchaser

b) the purchaser signature and address

c) the reason for the purchase

d) his insurance number

III. Match each statement with the correct drugstore, A-C:

A smaller drugstores

B specialized prescription stores

C very large drugstores

1. The pharmacist devotes his time exclusively to filling prescriptions.

2. The pharmacist may also be in charge of hospital and sick room supplies as well.

3. The pharmacist sells many other products to maintain the sufficient volume of business.

4. Pharmacists sell only pharmaceutical products and supplies.

IV. Choose TWO correct answers:

1. What do the pharmacists in supervisory positions in the field of hospital pharmacy do?

a) compound drugs

b) make bacteriological and clinical tests

c) are responsible for the purchase of medical supplies

d) prepare antiseptic solutions

e) fill prescriptions

f) are responsible for the general administration of their departments

2. Who prefers to train their own pharmacists?

a) government

b) army

c) educational institutions

d) private business organizations

e) navy


V. Answer the following questions:

1. What two subjects should the perspective pharmacist study most of all?

__________________________________ and __________________________________

2. What does the four-year course in the pharmacy college lead to?


3. What examination must a future pharmacist pass after graduation?





Exercise 13: Work with text according to our algorithm:

1. Could you explain what a job description means?

2. Read the underlined words and guess the general parts of the majority of job descriptions.

3. Discuss the title. Is it a suitable one? Suggest your own variants.

4. Write down the key words and phrases that comprise the logical basis of the text.

5. Put the following sentences into the correct order:

a. Preferably experience in both community and hospital pharmacies.

b. I accept the terms and conditions as outlined in this Position Description.

c. The primary objectives of the position are pharmaceutical service, health and safety and personal development.

d. The Pharmacist will ensure that no action or inaction on their part will cause harm to any other person.

e. This job description gives a general outline of the duties.

6. Enumerate the facts you’d like to memorize. Use them in your summary of the text.

7. Tell your opinion about the information and draw your own conclusion.

8. Think and tell everybody about the benefit of the information.

9. Write a 3-4 sentence summary.

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