Pharmaceutical service in Russia and abroad

_________________ service is an essential aspect of _________________ care and medical treatment of every country. The aim of pharmaceutical _________________ is:

§ to promote safe medical _________________;

§ to safeguard comprehensive pharmaceutical service nationwide;

§ to develop the reimbursement system appropriate to treatment;

§ to keep pharmaceutical _________________ to patients and society reasonable;

§ to provide the population with the necessary medications and self-care things.

Pharmaceutical service in every country is guided, supervised and developed by the Ministry of the Public Health Services and Medical Industry of the country. There are a great number of research institutes and _________________ in every country which together with medical and pharmaceutical higher schools work at the creation of new medicinal _________________. The state system of control is responsible for the _________________ and harmlessness of the produced _________________.

_________________ are places that store and sell medication. Chemist’s shops can be classified into several categories such as community, hospital, clinical, compounding, consultant, internet, and nuclear.

Chemist’s shops order drugs from drug companies and keep many _________________ on hand. Pharmacists are individuals that are trained and licensed to dispense these medications, many of which are illegal to possess without a _________________.



Exercise 4: Find the right translation:


Это нужно хорошо обдумать! Consider your answer carefully!
А что вы об этом думаете? This matter requires careful thought.
Я постараюсь продумать этот трудный вопрос! I don’t have a clear idea of what you mean.
Мне не совсем ясно, что вы об этом думаете? It crossed my mind that maybe he was right.
Дайте мне возможность собраться с мыслями. I’ll try to reason this difficult question.
Я не могу выбросить это из головы. Let me a chance to collect my thoughts.
Я подумал, что может быть он прав. It never crossed my mind.
Это мне в голову не пришло. It gives me cause of reflection.
Он выдвинул очень интересную идею. Let me think a little!
Это неплохая мысль! You haven’t changed your mind, have you?
Это дало мне повод для размышления! I was going to do it but then I changed my mind.
У меня есть одна мысль. I have one thought in mind!
Я собирался сделать это, но передумал. He advanced a very interesting idea.  
Вы еще не передумали? That’s not a bad idea!
Дайте мне немного подумать! I can’t get it out of my mind.
Продумай как следует свой ответ! What are your feelings about the idea?
Мы как раз размышляли над этим вопросом. We were just deliberating the question.


Exercise 5: Make the dialogues according to the cases:



Exercise 6: Play the dialogue and make similar one:


- I was deliberating the question and reasoned that there are some differences between pharmacy education in Great Britain and that in Russia. Do you know them?

- Certainly, I do. But let me chance to collect my mind and I’ll explain the difference.

- Yes, please.

- Well, first of all there are no entrance exams to institutions providing education in Pharmacy in Great Britain. Universities choose their students after interviews and competition for places at University is fierce.

- Oh, that’s interesting. I see some difference. It just crossed my mind that in our country school leavers have to take competitive entrance exams in the three or four subjects except those, who finished school with a gold or silver medal.

- Secondly, pharmacy students in Great Britain take a four-year course of study.

- I see, and Russian pharmacy students take a five-year course of training.

- I’ve thought a little and recognized that a course of practice is also different. The students of the first and the second year can obtain practical pharmaceutical experience during long vacations, but obligatory practical work starts only in the fourth year.

- The difference is clear. Pharmacy students in our country have compulsory practical training from the first year of study. Thanks a lot for your information.


Exercise 6 (a): Translate some cliché from the dialogue:

1. I was deliberating the question; 2. I reasoned that…; 3. Let me chance to collect my mind; 4. It just crossed my mind that…; 5. Thanks a lot; 6. I see some difference; 7. I’ve thought a little.


Exercise 7: Before reading the text answer some questions:


1. Is it important to know about pharmaceutical service? Why?

2. What do you know about pharmaceutical service?

3. In the dictionary find the definition of the terms: medicines, drug, remedy, preparation, chemist’s shop.


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