XI. Using the facts from the text try to persuade your friend who feels anxious about a job interview to control his nerves. Give some recommendations.

XII. Read the passage and study the job abbreviations below; refer to them in the next task:

Advertisements (ads) for employment appear in all the media including radio, television, and Internet. However, newspapers and magazines areusually the main source for vacancies. Most “ads” use abbreviated forms to announce conditions of employment, especially in the “small ad” section for appointments, e.g.: Wntd sec. full-time fr smll mnfg co. Gd slry. 5-day week, hrs 9-5 usl bnfts (Wanted secretary for full-time employment for small manufacturing company. Good salary, five days a week, hours of work 09.00 to 17.00, and the usual benefits in terms of conditions and holidays.)

Other abbreviations that might appear include clk (clerk), accnts (accounts), mngr (manager), asst (assistant), vacs (vacations). Terms like M/m (male) and F/f (female), are no longer permitted by law in the UK.


Job Abbreviations

ad., advert. – advertisement

DOE - Depends on experience. The work you’ve done before will affect

the salary they offer.

dr. lic. - driving license

EOE - Equal opportunity employer. Any person may apply for the job.

exc., excel. - excellent

K - Thousand. Used with numbers to give salary. $10K means $10,000.

Nego - Negotiable. You can bargain with the employer.

PA - Personal Assistant

PC - Personal computer

PR - Public relations. Means communication with the public, usually by

means of TV, radio or newspapers.

Refs - References. People who can give information about you or your


WPM, w.p.m.- Words per minute. Usually refers to typing or shorthand speeds.


XIII. Read the ads of mini-resumes.

Without work experience:

1. Office manager/administrator Lady, 27, linguistic education, English, French, German, PC, responsible, able to learn, is looking for a job in a foreign company as a manager, secretary, personal assistant to executive bodies. Tel. 513-2476.

2. Secretary/receptionist F, University degree, PC, fluent English, good German, Russian, is looking for the position of receptionist, secretary. Ability to learn. Call Tatiana. Tel. 228-4415.

3. F, 23, 5th-year student of the Linguistic University is seeking for a job of interpreter. Tel. 515-1723.

4. Lady, University degree in foreign languages and literature, PC literate. Looking for a job as translator, PA administrator. Tel. 416-0985.


With work experience:

1. Office manager/administrator F, 23, higher education, English, PC skills, work experience as office manager, hard-working, ability to learn fast, seeks an employment as a secretary, office-manager. Tel. 442-0621, ask Olga.

2. Secretary/receptionist Lady, 22, University degree in foreign languages and

management, good English, German, PC skills. Experience as

secretary/translator in western and Russian companies. Hard-working,

responsible, and a team-worker. Applying for any suitable job. Tel. 417-65-27.

3. Russian, M, 26, University degree, fluent English, Russian, excel. PC skills, dr. lic; four-year experience in foreign companies. Looking for a serious job with opportunity to grow. Mobile phone (068)321-4542.


XIV. Choose the most appropriate ad for you. Use it as a pattern for your own mini-resume and write it.




I. Read and memorize the following words and word-combinations:

Managing Director – головний керівник

to be responsible for – відповідати за

to run the company – управління компанією

to be accountable to – бути підзвітним

Board - правління

Executive Department – виконавчий відділ

Human Resources – відділ кадрів

Finance Department – фінансовий відділ

Management Services Department – адміністрація управління

Research and Development (R&D) Department – відділ досліджень і розвитку

to be in charge of - керувати

to assist - сприяти

to support - підтримувати

parent company – материнська компанія

subsidiary company – дочірня компанія


II. Read the following information:

Company structure and department titles can vary from company to company.

Most companies are made up of three groups of people: the shareholders (who provide the capital), the management and the workforce. The management structure of a typical company is shown in this organization chart.

Board of Directors

Managing Director


Senior management


Middle management

At the top of the company hierarchy is the Board of Directors, headed by the Chairperson or President. The Board is responsible for policy decisions and strategy.

It will usually appoint a Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer, who has overall responsibility for the running of the business. Senior managers or company officers head the various departments or functions within the company, which may include the following.

a Marketing e Finance

b Public Relations f Production

c Information Technology or IT g Research and Development

d Personnel or Human Resources or R and D

III. Read and translate the text:

I’d like to say a few words about the organizational structure of Merlion. Now, if you look at the transparency you will see that the Managing Director, that is Mr. Monton, is responsible for running the company and is accountable to the Board.

Now he is assisted by four executive departments. These are Human Resources, which is responsible for personnel, training and management development; then there is the Finance Department which takes care of corporate finance and accounting; next we have the Management Services Department, led by Gerry Smith who is in charge of rationalization throughout the company; and finally there is the R & D Department – research and development – which works closely with the five regions on new product development.

So this brings me on to the regions. Directly under the Managing Director, there are five Regional Managers. Each of them is responsible for the day-to-day management of a territory – these are geographically split into North, South, East, West and Central Regions.

Then these five regions are supported by two sections – Marketing and Technical Services. They are organized on a matrix basis with section leaders accountable to the Regional Managers. They work closely with the regions on the marketing and technical side.

Now, in addition to the parent company, Merlion has three subsidiaries, namely Merlion Spain, Germany and Japan. The subsidiaries report to the Export Sales Department, which in turn is accountable to the Board.



IV. Use this chart for describing the structure of a typical company:



V. Answer the questions:

1. How many groups of people are most companies made up of?

2. Who is at the top of many companies hierarchy?

3. Whom is the Board of Directors headed by?

4. What is the Board of the company responsible for?

5. Whom is a Managing Director usually appointed by?


VI. Complete the sentences with the following words: accountable, is responsible, under, report, parent, is accountable, are accountable, is in charge, is assisted, are supported:

1. The Managing Director ___________ to the Board.

2. The Managing Director ___________for running the company.

3. The Managing Director ___________ by four executive departments.

4. ______ the Managing Director, there are five regional divisions.

5. Each Regional Manager _______ of a territory.

6. The five regions _______ by two other sections – Marketing and Technical Services.

7. The Section Leaders _________ the Regional Managers.

8. In addition to the _________ company, Merlion has three subsidiaries: Merlion Spain, Germany and Japan.

9. The subsidiaries ________ to the Export Sales Department.

10. The Export Sales Department is _________ to the Board.


VII. Ask questions to the underline words:

1. There are five Regional Managers under the Managing Director. 2. The Finance Department takes care of corporate finance and accounting. 3. Marketing and Technical Services are organized on a matrix basis. 4. In addition to the parent company, Merlion has three subsidiaries. 5. The subsidiaries report to the Export Sales Department.


VIII. Complete the sentences with a preposition:

1. I’m in charge _____ IT Services.

2. I’m responsible _____ recruitment.

3. I report _____ the Human Resources Director.

4. I take care _____ everyday office procedures.

5. I studied _____ my degree at Edinburgh University.

6. I have no regrets _____ taking my current job.

7. Isn’t the cost _____ living very high?

8. I have free use _____ the company swimming pool.


IX. Circle the word that does not belong in each horizontal group:

1. firm company society subsidiary
2. salary manager engineer employee
3. finance product planning marketing
4. ship assemble customer purchase
5. plant facility patent factory


X. Match the following definitions to the groups of three words that you identified above:

a manufacturing sites _______________________

b stages in the manufacturing process _______________________

c people who work in a company _______________________

d types of business organization _______________________

e different departments in a company _______________________

XI. Match each of the words that you circled with the following definitions:

1 _________________ payment for work, usually monthly

2 _________________ an item that has been made

3 _________________ an organization or club with members who share similar interests

4 _________________ a document that gives the exclusive right to make or sell a new product

5 _________________ a person who buys goods or services

XII. Seven people are talking about their work. Read and decide which department each one works for:

Speaker 1:

Every six months we produce a report showing how the company is doing. This past week, we've been busy with our accountants preparing the results that will be included in our next report.

Speaker 2:

I'm a member of a team of engineers and we've just finalized the design of our new portable computer. This model will be more powerful and more adaptable than our previous one. We're constantly looking for new ideas and experimenting with new products.

Speaker 3:

Before selling our latest product, our department must decide in which regions it will be the most successful and what types of consumers we want to reach.

Speaker 4:

Communication is a key aspect of my department's work. We answer enquiries made by our customers and are also in contact with the press to inform them of our new products and changes within the company.

Speaker 5:

We've been having problems with the quality of certain electronic parts made in our factories. So several members of the department have got together to talk about ways of improving some of our manufacturing techniques.


Speaker 6:

Our company is going through a difficult period and we have to reduce the number of employees in several departments and to review salaries throughout the organization.

Speaker 7:

In today's changing work environment, computer systems play an essential role in how the company is run. In our department we not only ensure that all systems are working properly but we also design and develop new applications to make it easier for our employees to exchange and share information.

XIII. Use this chart for describing the structure of a typical company:


XIV. Discussion:

If you are still studying:

• what kind of organization do you want to work for?

• in which department?

• do you think it will later be possible to change departments?

• what do you think your first position will be?

• do you expect to have one immediate boss, to work for more than one superior, or to be part of a team?



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