III. Decide if these statements are true or false, according to the text.

1. In France you are expected to shake hands with everyone you meet.

2. People in Britain shake hands just as much as people in Germany.

3. In France people prefer talking about business during meals.

4. It is not polite to insist on paying for a meal if you are in Italy.

5. German business people don’t like to be called by their surnames.

6. A humorous remark always goes down well all over the world.

7. Bad manners are admired.


IV. Answer the following questions.

1. How can people form an impression of you?

2. What can you say about handshaking?

3. Can you speak about business wherever you wish?

4. What can you say about Italians in business?

5. What can make or break the deal?

V. Do the AROUND THE WORLD quiz. Test your knowledge of international customs and etiquette. Choose the answer you think is correct. Give yourselves one mark for each correct answer.

1. China. You’re invited to someone’s house. Which of these may cause offence?

a) Blowing your nose.

b) Refusing an offer of food.

c) Not removing your shoes before entering.

2. Saudi Arabia. You want to hire a car to tour the country. Is this permitted?

a) Yes, but you must take a test first.

b) Yes, but only if you’re male.

c) No, tourists have to travel by camel.

3. Finland. You’re planning to relax in a Finnish sauna. What should you wear?

a) Northing.

b) A toweling robe.

c) A bath hat.

4. Nepal. While travelling you want to photograph local villagers. Is this allowed?

a) Yes, the Nepalese love being photographed.

b) No, their religion forbids it.

c) Yes, but you must ask permission first.

5. Cyprus. On a village tour a local offers you glyco. Should you

a) eat it – it’s a desert.

b) ride it – it’s a type of bicycle.

c) wear it – it’s a traditional hat.

6. Morocco. You’d like to visit some mosques but are you allowed to go inside?

a) Yes, but you have to take your shoes off.

b) Yes, you don’t have to take your shoes off.

c) You mustn’t enter unless you’re a Moslem.

7. Sweden. You go out for a meal. How many glasses of wine can you drink before driving back to your hotel?

a) Two.

b) Any amount – there are no drink-driving laws.

c) None.

8. Spain. You’d like to sample the local cuisine. How late can you eat?

a) You have to finish your meal by 9 p.m. Restaurants close early.

b) Spanish restaurants stay open all night.

c) You can eat very late. Spaniards often eat after 11 p.m.

9. Thailand. On a bus the only free seat is next to a Buddhist monk. Should you take it?

a) Yes, but only if you’re male.

b) Buddhist monks aren’t allowed to travel by bus.

c) Yes, but you must bow first.

10. Italy. You’d like to visit the cathedral on a hot day. To show respect, what should you cover?

a) Your guidebook.

b) Your thighs and shoulders.

c) Your head and ears.

11. The USA. While peacefully drinking a can of beer in Central Park you are approached by the police. Why?

a) It’s forbidden to drink alcohol in Central Park.

b) You are required to use a glass or straw.

c) You aren’t allowed to drink alcohol in Central Park unless the can is covered.

12. Singapore. You offer a piece of chewing gum to your tour guide. Why does she look shocked?

a) Because chewing gum is forbidden by law.

b) Because tour guides aren’t allowed to accept gifts.

c) Because chewing gum is given to animals.

13. India. An Indian friend invites you to a traditional meal. How should you eat?

a) With your left hand only.

b) With your right hand only.

c) With both hands.

14. Japan. You’re staying in a Japanese hotel and decide to relax in a traditional, shared bath. What shouldn’t you do in the bath tub?

a) You shouldn’t stay too long.

b) You shouldn’t talk to other bathers.

c) You shouldn’t wash yourself.


How you scored

11-14 Congratulations! You’ve completed your round-the-world tour with the minimum of embarrassment.

7 – 10 Not bad. Only a few embarrassing situations!

4 – 6 Not so good. You should learn more about cultural differences.

0 – 3 You must do some cross-cultural task before your next trip abroad, or

stay at home!


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