Use the correct form of the words in the box to complete the sentences below.

effective suit manufacture consult   responsible commit   profit sustain  



1 This particular product is not suitable for use inside the home.

2We have found that in many countries, suppliers do not understand the importance of using natural resources that you can ____rather than deplete.

3 We are going to discuss the ____of the new sales policy at the meeting this afternoon.

4 The best way to reduce the environmental impact of business operations in developing countries is by helping companies there to take greater ____ for managing the resources that they use.

5 When designing packaging that can be recycled, it is sometimes necessary to use the services of ____ who can advise on the best ways to do this.

6 Although selling green products can help to protect the environment, it must also be _____ for the company.

7 Research shows that consumers would like to see more companies making a genuine ____ to protecting the environment.

8. _____ industries produce the highest levels of air pollution


Answer the questions.

1. How is the environment changing?

2. How is it different from the environment of 50 years ago?

3. What problems are there in the environment today, do you think?

4. What are people doing to help the environment?




I. Read and memorize the following words and word-combinations:

customer – клієнт

to provide – забезпечувати

insurance – страхування

customer loyalty – відданість клієнта

set of rules – звід правил

to expect – очікувати

to complain – скаржитися

complaint - скарга

to offer – пропонувати

query – питання

staff – штат


II. Read and translate the following text:

Companies need customers. Some companies provide goods such as clothes, cars and food. Other companies provide services, for example insurance, banking, information technology or training.

Companies want repeat business, in other words, they want customers to buy from them again and again. To win customer loyalty, many companies have a code of practice, or set of rules, for customer care. The code of practice explains what the customer can expect of the company. Customers can complain about the service, or help, they receive and the goods they buy.

Customer satisfaction is an important part of a company’s sales strategy, so companies try to provide good customer service. That means offering high quality products and services, answering queries, making it easy for customers to order and pay for goods, and delivering on time. Companies also need to have a system for handling complaints, so that if they make a mistake or offer poor service, they can deal with the problem. Most companies train their customer service staff to deal politely with customers.


III. Match each of the words and expressions on the left with one of the definitions on the right:

1. consumers a items made by a business, e.g. coffee, cars,

clothes and furniture

2. services b a set of rules telling people what they can

expect a company to do

3. products c the people who buy things from a business

4. repeat business d what companies do to satisfy their customers

5. customer loyalty e things that are provided by businesses that do

not manufacture products, e.g. banking and hotels


6. code of practice f a customer is happy with the service received

from a company and comes back again

7. customer care g the customer frequently uses the same

company or buys the same product


IV. Complete the sentences:

1. Companies provide …..

2. To win customer loyalty, many companies have …..

3. ….. explains what the customer can expect of the company.

4. Companies need to have a system for …..

5. …. is an important part of a company’s sales strategy.

6. Most companies train …. to deal politely with customers.


V. Ask questions to the underlined words:

1. Some companies provide goods such as clothes, cars and food.

2. Companies want repeat business.

3. To win customer loyalty, many companies have a code of practice.

4. Customers can complain about the service, or help, they receive and the goods they buy.

5. If companies make a mistake or offer poor service, they can deal with the problem.

6. Customer satisfaction is an important part of a company’s sales strategy.

7. Most companies train their customer service staff to deal politely with customers.


VI. Match the verbs on the left with the nouns on the right:

1. answer a. goods

2. make b. with problems

3. provide c. a mistake

4. complain d. queries

5. deal e. about the service


VII. Answer the questionnaire by putting yes or no at each point. Then read the comments below:

Are You a Skilled Buyer?

As a consumer you enjoy many privileges. You can buy a wide variety of products in a wide variety of stores. However, as a consumer you also have certain responsibilities. Reading labels, returning goods of poor quality, keeping records of your purchases, and paying bills promptly are among them. By accepting these responsibilities, you will be more pleased with what you buy.

1. Do you take your time about buying? _______

2. Do you shop at sales? ______

3. Do you avoid impulse buying? ______

4. Do you look carefully at what you buy? _____

5. Do you study labels? _____

6. Do you compare prices and services? ______

If you have put “yes” at five points except the 2nd, you proved to be a skilled buyer.


1. Buying at sales can be attractive but the quality of goods there is rather low and as a rule most of articles are out of season or out of fashion.

2. Impulse buying means that you buy an item even though you had not planned to do so. Buying on impulse occasionally is a fun. Inexpensive items, such as a tube of lipstick or a tape, do not usually damage your budget. However, some items such as clothes or sports equipment can be very costly.

3. Even if you are not an expert, you can often tell whether one item is better than another. As you continue to look closely, you will learn to see many differences in quality.

4. Look for labels and read them carefully. Labels describe what is inside of containers. They also describe the materials from which goods are made and how to use and care for them. A label can be a starting point for making a decision to buy.

5. You usually have a choice of where to buy. Compare prices and services in different stores. If you and other consumers are selective about what you buy, the makers and sellers will provide you with good quality merchandise.


VIII. Read the following dialogue about a bank called First Direct and a multinational retailer called Marks & Spencer:

Int = Interviewer AH = Ann Hislop SN = Stephen Nicholl

Int: So, Ann and Stephen. I’d like to ask you some questions about customer service. Are there any companies which you are loyal to?

AH: I am fantastically loyal to Marks and Spencers.

SN: I’m also quite loyal to Marks and Spencers. If you buy presents for people and they don’t like them, they can take the things back and they can exchange them.

Int: So what’s the attitude of the staff like at Marks and Spencer’s?

AH: Friendly…

SN: Yeah

AH:… helpful,

SN: professional

AH: … co-operative, loyal to their company. They obviously enjoy working there most of the time. I don’t know how they manage it, but they have a very friendly staff.

Int: What about the quality of their … products?

AH: Fantastic.

Int: Are there any other companies which you’re very loyal to?

SN: One company that I am loyal to, I think, is my bank which is First Direct.

Int: And why’s that?

SN: Well, first of all they’re extremely convenient to use. I do all my banking over the phone and I can do this at any time of the day. I can find out how much money there is in my account, I can pay all my bills. I don’t send any bills through the mail … and also there’re very very professional, there’re very friendly.


IX. Answer the questions to the dialogue:

1. Who is loyal to Marks & Spencer?

2. Which words do Ann and Stephen use to describe the staff at Marks & Spencer?

a. friendly b. helpful c. professional d. co-operative

3. Which word does Ann use to describe the quality of the products?

a. courteous b. quick c. well-dressed d. loyal to the company

4. How does Stehpen do his banking?

a. by going to the bank b. by phone c. by post


X. Complete the summary:

Stephen is 1)__________ to First Direct because they are extremely 2) _______. He can do his banking over the 3)_______ at any time of the day; he can find out how much there is in his 4)_______ and he can pay his 5)______. He also thinks the staff is very 6)_______ and very 7)________.


XI. Find the opposites to the words in exercise XI, question 2:

d i s c o u r t e o u s t h m u

i y a c m n r p l u n k c b v n

s l o w i f b e i m p o l l t c

l a k a d r i f a t r w b a i o

o g e p n i e z o d o l t r a o

y s e n o e s i e c f r e y r p

a c o i d n s o b g e d s n l e

l t d e i d q w q v s o p r t r

b e m o l l m u j d s m b s i a

o y t u c y x z o r i v r e f t

a i o n b k b r o x o e t k n i

s n o a h r n m i t n i c a e v

l d c s u w p n w c a u w s h e

m g u n h e l p f u l e e a o s

b a d l y d r e s s e d h l n w


XII. Complete the extracts from company brochures with the present simple or future form of the verbs in brackets:

Lowest prices guaranteed!Customer service guarantee

If you (find) _______ the same product If you (be) ______

at a lower price in another store, we dissatisfied in any way

(refund) _____ the difference. with the quality of our

service, we (send)

you a $15 voucher.


Special offer! We (deduct) _____ 10 per cent from the price if you (order) _____ before October 31st. Cancellation If you (cancel) ____ charges less than four weeks before the date of departure, the total cost of travel (be) payable.


Product information

If you (require) _____ further information

about any of the products featured in this brochure,

please call 040 900 900 and our sales staff (be) ____

pleased to help you.


XIII. These are all questions asked by guests at the Hotel Europe Star. Complete the gaps with a word from the box:

is are does can do

1______ you know where I can change my dollars into euros?

2______ there facilities for children?

3______the hotel have conference rooms?

4______ you tell me where the bar is please?

5 How much _______ a double room for the night?


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