Look at the following sentence.


Методичною радою

Протокол №___ від______200__р.

Голова методичної ради

____________________ Л.К. Сергієнко



освітньо-кваліфікаційного рівня «Бакалавр»


на засіданні кафедри соціально -

гуманітарних дисциплін

Протокол № 2 від 29.09.2008 р.

Завідувач кафедри, доцент

____________ І.М. Жуковський


Дані рекомендації до практичних занять містять систему вправ, які забезпечують ефективне засвоєння студентами необхідних знань та вмінь. Мета рекомендацій – набування студентами практичних знань за фаховою тематикою, вивчення загальної економічної термінології, навичок ділового спілкування в сфері ділових контактів із зарубіжними партнерами.


Друкується за рішенням Методичної ради Одеського інституту фінансів



Укладачі: Стрельченко О.Є. – ст. викладач

Шургіна Ю.В - викладач



Рецензент: Пуленко І.А. – к.ф.н., доцент кафедри української та іноземних мов ОРІДУ НАДУ при Президентові України



Стрельченко О.Є., Шургіна Ю.В. 2008

Одеський інститут фінансів УДУФМТ, 2008




1. Вступ  
2. Бізнес та навколишнє середовище  
3. Роль споживачів та замовників у бізнесі  
4. Конкуренція у світі бізнесу  
5. Вирішення запитань у ведені бізнесу  
6. Працевлаштування  
7. Структура компанії  
8. Роль співробітників у роботі компанії  
9. Корпоративна етика компанії  
10. Відвідування компанії  
11. Організація та проведення обговорювань  
12. Особисті та культурні стосунки у світі бізнесу  
13. Менеджмент  
14. Маркетинг  
15. Електронна пошта  
16. Література  




В умовах формування в Україні ринкової економічної системи підвищуються вимоги щодо підготовки економістів загальноєвропейського рівня.

Одним із вагомих важелів оптимізації заняття з англійської мови є наявність орієнтованого підходу у навчанні іншомовним мовам та формування знань та вмінь, орієнтованих на практичне застосування на конкурентному ринку праці.

За допомогою цих методичних рекомендацій студенти набувають практичні знання за фаховою тематикою, вивчають загальну економічну термінологію, норми ділового спілкування, передбачених навчальною програмою.

Кожна тема методичних рекомендацій містить тексти на загальне розуміння та лексико-граматичні вправи до них. Граматичний матеріал викладений в додатку до методичних рекомендацій.

Мета рекомендацій - виявити зацікавленість студентів у вивченні матеріалів курсу та максимально допомогти студентам якісно засвоїти навчальний матеріал відведений на аудиторні заняття.


Business and Environment

We are facing in the world today some environmental problems.

1. Ozone layer. Ozone is important because it stops ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Many aerosol sprays and factories destroy ozone and have made a very big hole in the ozone layer. This means that too much ultraviolet radiation now enters the Earth and it can cause cancer.

2. Global warming (or the greenhouse effect). Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air has increased a lot (C02) comes from burning oil, coal & wood). This has formed a "blanket" around the Earth. The heat from the sun cannot escape and so the temperature is rising. (This means that the level of the sea is rising and the climate is changing).

3. Air Pollution. Industrial enterprises and many of the things they make, like cars, put a lot of harmful gases into the air. So it's very important for us to clean up the air we all breathe. To reduce traffic pollution in some cities, for example, you cannot drive your car on certain days. In other places they use electronic cars and buses, solar cars. Some cities now have special bicycle paths. Some car companies make smaller cars because they use less petrol. Pollution, such as smoke in the air, can be reduced if companies use trains instead of road transport.

4. Water Pollution. Factories are polluting our rivers and lakes with dangerous chemicals. Oil tankers are releasing oil into our oceans. Tons and tons of industrial and domestic waste are poured into our seas. Consequently, sea life is threatened with extinction.

5. Acid rains. Poisonous gases come from factories and cars. These gases mix with water vapour in the air and make it acidic. Then the acid falls back to earth with rain or snow. Acid rain is extremely harmful to everything on our planet.

6. Rubbish. A lot of the rubbish that we throw away are not biodegradable. Plastic, metals & chemicals will not disappear for hundreds of years. We must avoid using nonbiodegradable material. It is often said that we live in a consumer society, we consider it important to buy products and services. Companies need to be aware of the impact of this on the environment, the natural world around us. Many companies use packaging (boxes, bottles, etc) which has been recycled, that is made using old materials. In this way we can save money, energy and natural resources.

7. Fewer trees. All over the world people cut down millions of trees. As a result many types of animals and plants become extinct. Trees are also important because they help to produce oxygen and control the climate. The tropical rainforests are called "the lungs" of the planet.

8. Natural resources are not renewable. Coal, gas, oil, metals and minerals, for example, will finish one day. Other resources take a long time to grow, such as trees, or they are not always available, such as water. We have to reduce the amount of resources and energy that we use. We also have to find alternative ways to make energy. We can use the sun, the wind, the sea and the heat of the Earth.

9. Urban Problems. There is a tendency towards rise in the population of cities. The problems arising as a result of this are: water supply, public transport, unemployment, food, housing construction, air pollution, noise, etc. The problems of ecological imbalance in big cities are very urgent and they can cause a chaos if the measures are not taken. For sure you often read or hear about companies being rewarded for their policies concerning the environment. People may have seen advertising campaigns based on a company’s contribution to the environment, such as washing powder without phosphates or companies (who) that recycle their product, etc. Maybe, you have heard of Anita Roddick – she is the founder of a successful retail chain of body and skin care products, the Body Shop. The Body Shop International is against using animals in testing cosmetics, very active in community projects, and particularly well known for its involvement in environmental causes. Many companies today are developing green – marketing strategies. All things considered, there are many solutions to all the environmental problems. The sooner we put them into practice, the better our lives will become.


2. In groups, discuss these statements made by Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop International. Do you agree with any of them? Why? Why not?

- “A good business should be part of society, and you have to have pride in what you do. There's no pride in making millions of pounds, but there is pride in helping people and the environment.”

- “The idea now is global responsibility. Businesses are the true planetary citizens, they can push frontiers, they can change society.”

- “In the next decade, environmentalism will be the most important issue for business.”


3. As consumers become increasingly concerned about the environment, more and more companies claim to be producing 'environmentally-friendly' products. Read the claims below and match each one to the company that you think made it.

a cosmetics firm a fast food chain
a car manufacturer a sport footwear firm


1 'We provide refills for all our bottles.'

2 'All our packaging is made of biodegradable materials.'

3 'When you've finished with our products bring them back, we recycle them.'

4.'Our latest model is much less polluting.'

What other companies with environmentally-friendly policies do you know?

4. Rewrite the following sentences using a passive form. Omit the agent if it is not important.


Patagonia introduced recycled fleece into its range in 1993.

Recycled fleece was introduced in 1993.

1 Consumers will buy more and more 'environmentally-friendly' products.

2 Consumers should take plastic bottles to the local recycling centre.

3 Patagonia can make 150 synchilla garments from 3,700 bottles.

4 The company has recently added a new item to the product range.


Expressing Contrast.

Look at the following sentence.

Although thinking and buying green is more expensive, environmentalism is less taxing on the earth in the Iong run.

Join the sentence halves below.

1 In spite of the present recession, a we still haven't reached our target.

2. Despite rising costs, b people are still buying them.

3 Even though our products are expensive, c they are keeping their prices low.

4 Although profits are increasing, d we can reach our output deadline.

5 Despite the fact that our supplies e the long-term economic outlook

were late, is optimistic.


6. Join the pairs of sentences using an expression of contrast. Use each expression once.


Patagonia sales fell in the 90s. Their reputation for high quality didn't decline.

In spite of a fall in sales in the 90s, Patagonia's reputation for high didn't decline.

1. Young people are concerned about the environment. They can't always afford environmentally-friendly products.

2. Patagonia makes efforts to convince other companies to use organically-grown cotton. Many companies resist because it costs more.

3. Pollution is rising in Paris. People still prefer to take their cars to work.

4. Many countries organise separate waste collections for glass, paper, metal and plastic. Many others don't.

5. Most beauty products carry the label 'against animal testing'. Some of the components may have been tested on animals.


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