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Choose the correct variant. 1. 145 _____ live in the Russian Federation.

1. 145 _____ live in the Russian Federation.

a) millions people

b) millions of people

c) million of people

d) million people

2. _____ are starving (умирать от голода) in the world today.

a) Thousands people

b) Thousands of people

3. You are _____ who asks me this stupid question.

a) fifth

b) the fiveth

c) the fifth

d) five

4. Two _____ of my income I spend on my petТs food.

a) twelve

b) twelfth

c) twelves

d) twelfths

5. Every _____ person in our company is not satisfied with his salary.

a) third

b) the third

c) three

6. Ok! See you on _____ of April.

a) the twentyth-seventh

b) twenty-seven

c) the twenty-seventh

7. It is _____ hit. I like such songs.

a) his third

b) his the third

c) the third his

8. _____ of the territory is covered with ice.

a) one thirds

b) one third

9. This bouquet costs _____ dollars!

a) two hundreds

b) two hundred

c) two hundred of

10. Two thirds of my work _____ dedicated (dedicate Ц посв€щать) to the theory of the subject.

a) are

b) is

11. Two _____ two will be four.

a) on

b) to

c) by

12. I need _____ of your annual turnover.

a) three-nineths

b) three-ninths

c) three-nine

13. So, this will be two _____ five.

a) point

b) comma

14. _____ can save the situation.

a) ten percent

b) ten percents

15. A fortnight means _____ weeks.

a) two

b) three

c) four

16. _____ we need to think this problem over.

a) the first of all

b) first of all

17. Have you ever experienced love _____?

a) first sight

b) at the first sight

c) at first sight

18. The length of this avenue is 5 kilometers _____ four hundred _____ fifty meters.

a) and... and

b) and... -

c) - Е and

19. I wonder what the world will be at the end of _____ century?

a) twenty one

b) the twentieth-first

c) the twenty-first

20. Personally, I prefer music of _____.

a) nineteen seventys

b) the nineteen seventies

c) the nineteen seventeens


ѕ–≈ƒЋќ√» ћ≈—“ј » ¬–≈ћ≈Ќ»

“ест є1

Choose the correct answer

1. Put the rubbish ≠_____ the bin.

a) in

b) at

c) on

2. There's somebody _____ the door.

a) in

b) at

c) on

3. We saw a ballet _____ Julia's birthday.

a) in

b) at

c) on

4. I like to go skiing _____ winter.

a) in

b) at

c) on

5. I'll give you the money I owe you _____ the end of the month.

a) in

b) at

c) on

6. I stayed in a nice hotel _____ London.

a) in

b) at

c) on

7. The plane is due to arrive _____ 19.25.

a) in

b) at

c) on

8. When the weather is nice Mrs Bruckner sits _____ her balcony.

a) in

b) at

c) on

9. There were a lot of people _____ the party.

a) in

b) at

c) on

10. Milan is _____ the north of Italy.

a) in

b) at

c) on

11. Michael was born _____ 1982.

a) in

b) at

c) on

12. I have my gym class _____ Wednesdays.

a) in

b) at

c) on

13. Mr Smith's office is _____ the second floor.

a) in

b) at

c) on

14. Moira's birthday is _____ September 24.

a) in

b) at

c) on

15. I got up _____ 6am this morning.

a) in

b) at

c) on

16. Put the papers _____ the desk please.

a) in

b) at

c) on

17. Are you doing anything special _____ the weekend? a) in b) at c) on 18. Gerhard buys things _____ flea markets. a) in b) at c) on
19. Mary's birthday is _____ March. a) in b) at c) on 20. I saw Mrs Jones waiting _____ the bus stop. a) in b) at c) on   “ест є2 Choose the correct answer 1. He usually leaves home _____ the morning and comes back late _____ night. a) -, - b) in, at c) in, in 2. Julia goes to her fitness class _____ Tuesdays. a) - b) in c) at d) on 3. Work is always more stressful _____ the end of the month. a) - b) in c) at d) on 4. Alice goes to the swimming pool _____ every Saturday. a) Ц b) in c) at d) on 5. Shakespeare died _____ 1616. a) - b) in c) at d) on 6. _____ last summer we spent our holiday in France. a) - b) in c) at d) on 7. I met him the day _____ yesterday. a) before b) after c) on 8. I hope youТll feel better _____ the time you get this letter. a) after b) by c) for 9. Mrs Jackson lived in England _____ three years. a) after b) for c) in 10. Chris is away, but heТll return _____ an hour. a) after b) by c) in 11. She lived in that house _____ 2005 _____ 2008. a) from Е to b) with Е to c) since Е by 12. LetТs go _____ the cinema. a) in b) to c) at 13. My friend lives ≠≠_____ Lenin Street. a) in b) at c) on 14. Is it far _____ here ______ the market? a) from Еto b) out of Е before c) from Е till 15. We met them _____ the airport. a) in b) at c) on 16. We spent two lovely weeks _____ the seaside. a) in b) at c) on 17. He went _____ the classroom. a) in b) from c) out of 18. He returned _____ Moscow yesterday. a) in b) from c) out of 19. Wolfgang met Michael _____ the way to work. a) in b) by c) on 20. Spending too much time _____ the TV set is bad for your eyes. a) on b) in front of c) behind  


“ест є 1

‘ормы неправильных глаголов

Choose the correct forms

1. lead Ц вести a) let, let b) lead, lead c) led, led 2. win Ц выигрывать a) wun, wun b) wan, wun c) won, won 3. shoot Ц стрел€ть a) shot, shot b) shought, shought c) shot, shotten 4. bite Ц кусать a) bote, bitten b) bote, bit c) bit, bitten 5. put Ц класть a) putted, put b) put, putten c) put, put     11.lend Ц одалживать a) lent, lent b) lend, lend c) lend, lenden 12.rise Ц подниматьс€ a) rise, risen b) rose, rosen c) rose, risen 13.shut Ц закрывать a) shutted, shut b) shut, shut c) shut, shutten 14.spend Ц тратить a) spend, spenden b) spend, spend c) spent, spent 6.eat Ц есть a) ate, eaten b) eat, eat c) eat, eaten 7.set Ц устанавливать a) set, set b) setted, set c) set, setten 8.fit Ц годитьс€ a) fitted, fit b) fit, fitted c) fit, fit 9.make Ц делать a) made, maiden b) made, made c) maid, maid 10.choose Ц выбирать a) chest, chest b) chose, chosen c) chost, chost     16.dream Ц мечтать a) dream, dream b) dreamt, dreamt c) dremt, dremt 17.wake Ц просыпатьс€ a) woke, woken b) waked, waken c) woke, waken 18.fight Ц сражатьс€ a) fight, fighten b) fight, fight c) fought, fought 19.show Ц показывать a) show, show b) showed, shown c) show, shown
15. speed Ц ускор€ть a) spet, spet b) sped, sped c) speed, speeden     21.shut Ц закрывать a) shut, shutten b) shutted, shut c) shut, shut 22.lay Ц класть a) laid, laid b) lay, lain c) lade, laden 23.burn Ц жечь a) burnt, burnt b) burned, burn c) burn, burn 24.keep Ц хранить a) kept, kept b) kought, kought c) keept, keept 25.wear Ц носить a) wear, wear b) wore, worn c) wore, worne     31. build Ц строить a) build, build b) built, built c) build, builden 32.hurt Ц причин€ть боль a) hurted, hurt b) hurt, hurt c) hurt, hurted 33.throw Ц бросать a) throw, thrown b) threw, thrown c) throwed, thrown 34.run Ц бегать a) ran, run b) ran, ran c) run, run 35.fall Ц падать a) fell, fallen b) fall, fallen c) felt, felt 20.dig Ц копать dig, dig dug, dug dag, dug     26.ride Ц ехать rode, ridden rid, ridden rode, roden 27.cut Ц резать a) cutted, cut b) cut, cutten c) cut, cut 28.spread Ц распростран€ть a) spread, spread b) sprode, spreadden c) spraught, spraught 29.begin Ц начинать a) began, begin b) began, begun c) began, beginnen 30.sleep Ц спать a) slept, slept b) sleep, sleep c) sleept, sleept     36.give Ц давать a) gave, given b) gave, give c) gave, gived 37.see Ц видеть a) saw, saw b) saw, seen c) see, seen 38.spend Ц тратить a) spend, spenden b) spent, spent c) spend, spend 39.lose Ц тер€ть a) loose, loosen b) left, left c) lost, lost 40.smell Ц пахнуть a) smelt, smelt b) smellt, smellt c) smell, smell



41.write Ц писать a) wrote, written b) wrote, writ c) writ, writ 42.catch Ц ловить a) cought, cought b) caught, caught c) cought, coughten 43.seek Ц искать a) sought, sought b) saught, saught c) seek, seek 44.teach Ц учить a) taught, taught b) teacht, teacht c) tought, tought 45.come Ц приходить a) came, commen b) came, come c) come, come     51.hear Ц слышать a) heard, hearen b) heart, heart c) heard, heard 52.send Ц посылать a) send, senden b) sent, sent c) send, send 53.grow Ц расти a) grow, grown b) grew, grewn c) grew, grown 54.break Ц ломать a) brought, brought b) braught, braught c) broke, broken 55.hold Ц держать a) held, held b) helt, helt c) holt, holt     61.forget Ц забывать a) forget, forget b) forgot, forgotten c) forgot, forgot 46.speak Ц говорить a) spoke, spoken b) spaught, spaught c) speakt, speakt 47.deal Ц иметь дело a) delt, delt b) deal, deal c) dealt, dealt 48.fly Ц летать a) flought, flought b) flew, flown c) flow, flewn 49.swim Ц плавать a) swam, swum b) swum, swum c) swim, swim 50.bring Ц приносить a) bringt bringt b) braught, braught c) brought, brought     56.lend Ц одалживать a) lend, lend b) lent, lent c) lend, lenden 57.tell Ц сказать a) tolt, tolt b) told, told c) tought, tought 58.find Ц находить a) founded, founded b) found, found c) faund, faund 59.pay Ц платить a) paid, paid b) paught, paught c) payed, payed 60.take Ц брать a) took, took b) took, taken c) tought, tought     66.say Ц говорить a) sayed, sayed b) saught, saught c) said, said
62.stand Ц сто€ть a) stood, stood b) stod, stod c) stand, stand 63.mean Ц значить a) meant, meant b) mean, mean c) meaned, mean 64. speak Ц говорить a) speakt, speakt b) spoke, spoken c) spaught, spaught 65.feel Ц чувствовать a) felt, felt b) fell, fallen c) fell, fellen     71.meet Ц встречать a) met, metten b) met, met c) meet, meet 72.sell Ц продавать a) sold, sold b) solt, solt c) sold, solden 73.become Ц становитьс€ a) become, become b) became, becommen c) became, become 74.think Ц думать a) thaught, thaught b) think, think c) thought, thought 75.drink Ц пить a) drank, drunk b) drank, drinken c) drunk, drunk     67. put Ц класть a) putted, putted b) put, putten c) put, put 68.freeze Ц замерзать a) frezt, frezt b) freezt, freezt c) froze, frozen 69.let Ц позвол€ть a) letted, let b) let, let c) let, letten 70.bind Ц св€зывать a) bound, bound b) bind, bind c) bint, bint     76.leave Ц покидать a) leaved, leaved b) left, left c) lost, lost 77.go Ц идти a) grew, grown b) goed, gone c) went, gone 78.know Ц знать a) know, known b) knew, known c) knowed, known 79.shake Ц тр€сти a) shoke shaken b) shook shaken c) shoke shaked 80.understand Ц понимать a) understand, understand b) understood, understood c) understood, understand  

“ест є2

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