(the noun). Choose the correct plural form 1


Choose the correct plural form

1. an umbrella a) umbrellas b) umbrellaes c) umbrells 2. a woman a) weman b) womans c) women 3. a fox a) fox b) foxes c) foxs 4. money a) moneys b) c) moneies 10.an address a) - b) addresses c) address 11.progress a) b) progresses c) progress 12.a watch a) watches b) watchs c) watch 13.a boy-friend a) boys-friends b) boy-friends c) boys friend
5. a potato a) potatoes b) potatos c) potates 6. a knife a) knifes b) knifs c) knives 7. a city a) citys b) cities c) cityes 8. an ox a) ox b) oxes c) oxen 9. a sheep a) sheep b) sheeps c) sheepes 19.a foot a) foots b) footes c) feet 14.jeans a) jeans b) jeanses c) jeanss 15.news a) newses b) news c) 16.a passer-by a) passers-by b) passer-bys c) passer-bies 17.advice a) advices b) advises c) 18.a photo a) photoes b) photos c) photes 20.friendship a) - b) friendships c) friendshipes


Choose the correct answer

1. _____ are flowers of life.

a) Childs

b) Children

c) Childrens

2. Our two _____ are crying all the time.

a) babies

b) babys

c) babyes

3. My son saw _____ in the zoo.

a) wolfes

b) wolvies

c) wolves

4. I clean my _____ twice a day.

a) tooth

b) toothes

c) teeth

5. These potatoes weigh five _____.

a) kiloes

b) kilos

6. What do you need these _____ for?

a) boxs

b) boxes

c) box

7. _____ in our house are so annoying. We definitely need a cat.

a) Mouses

b) Mices

c) Mice

8. Those were the happiest days of our _____.

a) lifes

b) lives

c) lifees

9. 50 _____ of oil leaked out of the tanker into the sea.

a) tons

b) tones

c) tonns

10. Rock music of the 1970s is an extremely interesting cultural _____.

a) phenomen

b) phenomena

c) phenomenon

11. I dont want _____ or help.

a) advice

b) advices

c) an advice

12. Bad news _____ people happy.

a) doesnt make

b) dont make

13. May I borrow your scissors? Mine _____ not sharp enough.

a) is

b) are

14. My hair _____ clean.

a) is

b) are

15. I dont like going by car. If I have a chance, I always go on _____.

a) foot

b) feet

c) foots

16. My new Swiss watch _____ 3 minutes slow.

a) is

b) are

17. The police _____ to interview Fred about the accident.

a) wants

b) want

18. Dentists recommend using _____ twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

a) tooth`s paste

b) toothpaste

c) teeth`s paste

d) teethpaste

19. In summer we eat a lot of _____.

a) fruits

b) fruit

20. Mathematics _____ an exact science.

a) is

b) are



Choose the correct answer


1. The book of my father. My ________ book.

a) fathers

b) fathers

c) fathers

2. The books of my sons. My _______ books.

a) sons

b) sons

c) sons

3. The toys of her children. Her ________ toys.

a) children

b) childrens

c) childrens

4. This is the dog of Bill. This is _______ dog.

a) Bills

b) Bills

c) Bills

5. The role of this actress is dramatic. This _______ role is dramatic.

a) actress

b) actress

c) actresss

6. This is the letter of Mary Brown. This is _________ letter.

a) Mary Browns

b) Marys Brown

c) Mary Brown

7. The car of Rose is expensive. ________ car is expensive.

a) Roses

b) Roses

c) Roses

8. The dresses of her daughters are blue. Her _________ dresses are blue.

a) daughters

b) daughters

c) daughters

9. The map of the pilot. The ______ map.

a) pilots

b) pilots

c) pilots

10. The friends of Mary and Kate. ________ friends.

a) Mary and Kates

b) Marys and Kate

c) Marys and Kates

11. Liz / the text book

a) text-books Liz

b) Lizs text-book

c) the Liz text-book

12. the roof / the house

a) the houses roof

b) the roof of the house

13. the Smiths / the car

a) the Smiths car

b) the Smithss car

c) the Smiths the car

14. the title / the novel

a) the novels title

b) the title of the novel

c) the novel of the title

15. Tom and Alice / car

a) Tom and Alices car

b) Toms and Alices car

c) Toms and Alice car




Choose the correct answer

1. What colour is the car? It is quite far, I cant see _____ colour.

a) it

b) its

c) its

2. _____ told me a funny story the other day.

a) A friend of mine

b) A mine friend

c) Of my friend

3. Why are you sitting here? It is not your place, but _____.

a) her

b) she

c) hers

4. These sweets are very tasty. Could you give _____ to me, please?

a) it

b) them

c) they

5. Where is the cooler? You are standing next to _____.

a) it

b) him

c) he

6. You havent seen _____! How can you say that she is a bad painter?

a) hers picture

b) a her picture

c) a picture of hers

7. In what direction do you usually hitch-hike? Western Europe. Join _____.

a) us

b) our

c) we

8. On holiday Im going to stay in _____ house.

a) they

b) their

c) them

9. I really love _____ here in Paris!

a) his

b) it

c) them

10. It is a very good project, but _____ is better.

a) ours

b) our

c) us

11. Jack, are you listening to _____?

a) me

b) my

c) myself

12. Every cat washes _____ face after eating.

a) his

b) her

c) its

13. Speaking about your new watch, _____ price is higher than _____ quality.

a) its its

b) their their

c) his his

14. This is his Jaguar, and this Harley Davidson is also _____.

a) he

b) him

c) his

15. They seem to be good guys. What do you have against _____?

a) they

b) them

c) their

16. Lets send these flowers to _____. Im sure, she will be pleased.

a) shes

b) her

c) hers

17. ____ car is much cheaper than _____.

a) Me you

b) Mine yours

c) My yours

18. Jack always helps _____ wife to look after _____ children.

a) hers our

b) his their

c) his them

19. Do _____ husbands parents like _____ daughter-in-law?

a) her their

b) his theirs

c) hers their

20. If the news is bad, I dont want hear _____ right now.

a) them

b) it

c) its




Choose the correct answer

1. Mary and Jim visit _____ parents very often.

a) their

b) theirs

c) them

2. Paul had a wash and dried _____ with a towel.

a) heself

b) himself

c) hisself

3. I want my magazine back. Please give it to _____.

a) my

b) mine

c) me

4. History repeats _____.

a) herself

b) himself

c) itself

5. You have bad teeth. You should clean _____ twice a day. a) their b) yours c) them 6. Alice never goes to the hairdresser; she cuts her hair _____. a) sheself b) herself c) himself 7. ____ car is much cheaper than _____. a) Your our b) Your ours c) Yours ours 8. I am not angry with you. I am angry with _____. a) myself b) meself c) yourselves 9. I gave her my address and she gave me _____. a) your b) her c) hers 10. They didnt allow me to pay for them; they paid for _____. a) themselves b) themself c) theirselves 11. I have never seen that man before. Have you seen.....? a) him b) his c) it 12. Lets do it _____. a) myself b) ourselves c) yourself 13. They invited _____ to their party. Did they invite you? a) us b) our c) ours 14. The cat was looking at _____ in the mirror. a) himself b) itself c) herself 15. That is not my umbrella; _____ is yellow. a) my b) mine c) me 16. If we believe in _____, we can accomplish our goals. a) ourselves b) ourself c) us 17. Look at my new watch. Do you like _____? a) it b) them c) its 18. I believe you should do this work ______. a) myself b) yourself c) itself 19. The company has offices in many places, but _____ head office is in New York. a) her b) it c) its 20. Our math teacher is very strict. We are afraid of _____. a) them b) her c) ours



Choose the correct answer


1. _____ my friends over there.

a) this are

b) that are

c) those are

2. _____ oxen _____ not dangerous.

a) This... is

b) These... are

c) That... is

3. _____ pair of jeans _____ from the USA.

a) This... is

b) These... are

c) Those... are

4. What _____ in the bag? Just books.

a) are these

b) is that

c) are those

5. _____ hard to find a good job.

a) this is

b) that is

c) it is

6. The climate here is like _____ of Spain.

a) that

b) this

c) those

7. _____ was them who broke the window.

a) this

b) that

c) it

8. _____ news _____ rather frustrating.

a) This is

b) These are

c) Those are

9. _____ is cold and I am tired.

a) this

b) that

c) it

10. I hate _____ to explain one thing a thousand times.

a) this

b) it

c) that

11. Do you see _____ house in the distance? It is my grandmas place.

a) this

b) these

c) that

12. What is your attitude to _____ phenomena, shown in that TV program?

a) this

b) those

c) that

13. _____ was in Moscow where I met Ann.

a) this

b) that

c) it

14. To be or not to be _____ is the question. (Shakespeare)

a) that

b) this

c) these

15. Now _____, lets talk over our future plans.

a) it

b) that

c) this


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