1. , :

1. You may go there, I dont mind. 2. You can walk there, it is quite near. 3. You cannot go there: you dont know the address. 4. You need not go there: I can ring them up. 5. You must not go there: its dangerous. 6. You should go there: they are waiting for you. 7. Will you be able to speak to him tomorrow? 8. I could not remember the address, and I had to ring up my friend. 9. I shall have to stay at home these days. 10. I was allowed to stay at home. 11. You will not have to wait for him. 12. We decided that everybody was to take part in the concert. 13. The text was easy. I was able to translate it. 14. I was to learn this poem by Wednesday. 15. He was allowed to use this device. 16. They were to meet at the station. 17. The lift was out of order and we had to walk up. 18. Must I do this work today? No, you neednt. You can do it tomorrow.


2. , can .

a) Tell what you can / cant do / would like to be able to do. Use the prompts below.

play the guitar, play the piano, sing well, dance, play football, play tennis, ski, skate, speak French, speak Spanish, ride a bike, drive a car,


b) Ask your partner what he/she can/cant do.

cook, swim, speak three languages, stand on ones (your) head, write with ones left hand, write backwards ( ), get up early in the morning, play an unusual instrument, use a video or DVD player, write computer programs, send text/MMS messages, drive a car, ride a bike

c) Tell what you could do when you were smaller. Ask your partner if he could do it too.

- When I was years old, I could . Could you?

- Yes, I could./ No, I couldnt. And I / But I .


d) Tell what you were able to do/ couldnt do when you:

took part in a (swimming/ ) competition

were asked at the lesson

took the examination on mathematics/ physics/

were abroad/ in

went to the forest/


e) Tell what you will be able to do when you:

learn English

graduate from the university

get your first salary

you are 30 years old


3. , must .

a) You are planning your travel to another city/country. Tell what you must do.

Example: buy a ticket, find a hotel,


b) Are there any rules you have to obey () at university?

show ones students book when you come into the university

switch off the mobile phone at lessons

take notes at lectures

dress tidy (, ) if you go to the university

attend all classes

pass credit tests on time

4. , , , has to, doesnt have to, can, cant.

Office rules

Hours are 9a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

But OK to go home at 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

One hour for lunch (but any time between 12 and 3).

No smoking, eating or drinking in the office.

Dont make personal calls.

But personal emails from my computer are OK.

Dont use my mobile phone in the office.

Wear a suit and a tie, but informal clothes OK on Friday.

Mike has to start work at nine oclock.

1 He _______ smoke in the office.

2 He _______ have more than one hour for lunch.

3 He _______ work after 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

4 If he wants, he _______ have lunch at two oclock.

5 Mike _______ wear a suit to work from Monday to Thursday.

6 He _______ make personal phone calls.

7 He _______ use his mobile phone in the office.

8 He _______ wear a suit on Fridays.

9 He _______ send personal emails from his computer.


5. , can, cant, may not, / mustnt, have to, dont have to/ neednt. .


dont (doesnt) have to / neednt it isnt necessary to do smth

cant / mustnt / may not you are not allowed

Example: Dont park in the teachers car park.

Students cant/ may not/ mustnt park in the teachers car park.

Brindsley College


1 Dont smoke in the college building.

2 (Smoking is possible in the garden.)

3 Dont bring food or drinks into the classrooms.

4 (It is possible to get coffee and tea in the college café.)

5 Show an identify card when you come into the college.

6 Dont use mobile phones during the lessons.

7 Using the computers in the library is possible in the evenings.

8 (It isnt necessary to pay to use the computers.)

9 Bring a pen and some paper to lessons.

10 (But it isnt necessary to bring a dictionary.)

6. , .

must it is necessary to do sth

( )

I must stop smoking. (I think so)

have to it is necessary to do sth

(, , - )

I have to wear a uniform at work. (regulation)

should it is necessary to do sth

(= its a good idea)

You should be more careful. (advice)

Modal Verb + not

mustnt it is forbidden/ you are not allowed

You mustnt play football inside the house. ()

dont/doesnt have to

= neednt it isnt necessary to do sth

You dont have to/ neednt wear a uniform to work.

(It is not necessary but you can if you want)

shoudnt it will be better if you dont do it

You shouldnt go there. (Its a bad idea)

7. , should(nt), can(t) (dont) have to:


Its a good idea to join a gym if you want to get fit.

You should join a gym if you want to get fit.

1 In the UK it is necessary to wear seatbelts ( ) in the back of a car. In the UK you

2 Its possible for me to do my homework while I watch TV. I

3 Its a good idea to go to Germany to improve your German. You

4 Its necessary to show your students card to get a reduction (). You

5 Its not necessary to drive me to the airport. Ill get a taxi. You

6 Its not a good idea to drink coffee just before you go to bed. You

7 Its not possible for me to finish this report today. I

8 Its a good idea to buy our tickets earlier. We

9 It isnt necessary to pay for children. You

10 She needs to do her exam again. She

11 Is it possible for me to go home now? I home now?

12 Is it necessary to read this book? Do we ?

13 Is it necessary for me to leave? I leave?


8. , .

1 She could/ may/ might finish her work by 6 oclock. = It is possible (it is likely/perhaps) she will finish her work by 6 oclock. (positive)

2 She must be on holiday. = Im sure she is on holiday. (positive)

3 She cant be working. = Im sure she isnt working. (negative)


9. :

Who says it? Where are the people?

1 You cant park there. Ill give you a parking ticket ( ). (traffic warden in the street)

2 Im sorry, sir, but you cant get on plane without a passport.

3 You arent allowed to look at your notes during the exam.

4 Shh. You cant talk in here. People are studying.

5 You can take your seat-belt off now and walk around, but you arent allowed to smoke, and you cant use personal computers or mobile phones.

6 Were allowed to make one phone call a week, and we can go to the library, but we spend most of the time in our cells.


10. , . can be allowed to.

1 a restaurant

You arent allowed to play tennis in a restaurant.

You can have a meal or drink coffee.

2 a hospital

3 a museum

4 a swimming pool

5 a cinema

6 a lecture

11. .

1 I advice you to buy this book.

2 It isnt necessary for him to take the exam again.

3 Im sure Terry isnt at the office.

4 It is possible that Janet will call me this evening.

5 You arent allowed to eat and drink in the classroom.

6 We are obliged to () clock in ( ) at 8.30.

7 Im sure the boys werent upset with the results.

8 Would you like me to do anything to help?

9 Perhaps we will go for a picnic on Sunday afternoon.

10 Sam managed () to reach the top of the mountain after climbing for several hours.

11 How about throwing a party on your birthday?

12 It was necessary for John to attend the seminar.

13 They are obliged to go to a meeting every day.

14 How about visiting some friends on Saturday?


12. . , .

1 I often have to go to the library.

2 The question is to be discussed at the conference.

3 What are we to do next?

4 Do you have to get up early?

5 I had to wait for him?

6 He is to be back in an hour.

7 Who is to make the report?


13. , , . .

1 How many credit tests and exams are you to take this term?

2 Which of the exams will be most difficult for you?

3 Will you be able to pass all your tests and exams?

4 Will you be allowed to use cribs?

5 Will you prepare yourself for examinations?

6 How much time will it take you to get ready for one examination?

7 Will you be able to pass all your exams well?

8 Will you be able to pass any of your tests and exams in advance?

9 How many times will you be allowed to repeat the same examination?

10 Will you have to take any of the examinations or credit tests several times?

11 When will you take your last examination?

12 What will you do when you pass all exams?




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