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Задание 10.2. Употребите соответствующий предлог, где необходимо

1. There is a picture... the wall. 2. What street do you live..? 3.... Sunday we often swim... the river. 4. Last week he went... Moscow. 5.They will go... the college tomor­row. 6. She goes... work... bus. 7. My brother stayed... home... the evening. 8. Many people travel... train. 9.1 see many books... the table and ...the bookcase. 10.1 was born... the first... October. 11. Our lessons begin... nine o'clock... the morning. 12. He took some books... the ta­ble and put them... his bag. 13.We went... home... foot. 14. They often go... a walk... the park. 15. My father works... the plant. 16.1 don't like to sit... the window. 17. She stood... and went... the room. 18. Usually I get up... 7 o'clock, put... my dress and go... the kitchen. 19. My friend goes sports and I am fond... music 15..summer we spend much time... the open.


Задание 10.3. Заполнить пропуск необходимыми предлогами:

about , at , between , by , for , from , in , of , to , with

1. My grandmother takes great deliпht … cooking.

2. David was delighted … the tape he bought.

3. My grandfather died … cancer.

4. Gary was driving too fast and died in a car accident.

5. This holiday was different … all the others.

6. There is a big difference … English and Greek food.

7. Last night I dreamt … my favourite pop star.

8. I can only dream … owning a larger car.

9. He is an expert … repairing cars and knows everything about them.

10. Paris is an expert … physics and has written many books.

11. The teacher put emphasis … completing the whole test.

12. Peter took exception … having to smoke outside.

13. The children exclaimed … the beauty of the scenery.

14. The school secretary was experienced … first aid.


Задание 10.4. Употребите предлоги in, on или at.


A footballer’s life starts 1) … the weekend. Most people go out 2) … Friday night, but I have to be in bed 3) … 10 o’clock. 4) … Saturday I get up 5) … 8 o,clock 6) … the morning and drive to the stadium 7) … noom. 8) … lunchtime our manager talks about the team we are playing. We play most of our games 9) … winter and sometimes it can be hard to play 10) … a cold Saturday afternoon, espacially 110 … January. It isn’t much fun 12) … Christmas either. We play a lot of gemes 13) … the Christmas holiday. Although we don’t play 14) … Christmas Day, we do play 15) … Desember 26th, so I can’t eat or drink too much! It would be nice to spend more time with my family 16) … that day, but I can’t.

Задание 10.5 Заполнить пропуск необходимыми предлогами:


1. Dave was very bad … maths and always failed the tests. (to, in, at)

2. Sally was very bad … her brother. (at, to, on)

3. Mum can’t come to the phone. She’s busy … the cooking. (in, with, on)

4. The film is based … a true story. (on, over, in)

5. You can’t blame me … the accident; I wasn’t even there. (with, or, for)

6. She always puts the blame … me for things that I haven’t done. (in, on, to)

7. There will be an extra charge … delivering the goods to your home. (for, with, of)

8. The suspect has been arrested and charged … robbery. (in, with, for)

9. It’s very important nowadays to care … our environment. (of, in, about)

10. Sarah was fond of Peter and cared … him very much. (of, for, with)

11. You should take care … your teeth. (about, with, of)

12. Jane was clever … history and always received the highest marks. (at, in, with)

12. It was very clever … you find the answer. (at, of, for)

13. The patient was complaining … a pain in his chest. (with, to, of)

14. The secretary was always complaining … having too much work. (about, to, for)

I would like to congratulate you … passing your exams. (of, on, in)

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