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Времена группы Continuous (Progressive)


The Present Continuous (Progressive) Tense

Задание 13.1. Переведите на русский язык и объясните употребление Present Continuous (Progressive).


1.He looked at her. “You’re shaking. Are you all right?” 2. The rain is just beginning. 3. You can’t talk to him. He is having dinner now. 4. It’s snowing. Don’t go out. 5. He isn’t playing football this season. 6. “I am sorry,” I said, “I’m being clumsy.” 7. Hello. Are you enjoying the party? 8. His French is getting better. 9. You are forgetting yourself, young man. 10. He isn’t doing very well at school, is he? 11. He flowned at her. “Being funny? Or are you trying to pretend nothing’s going on?”12. I,m revising for me spring English exam. Please try not to bother me. 13. My friends are coming next week. 14. The tap is running. Can you fix it?



Задание 13.2. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильную форму


1. Please be quiet. I (try) to sleep.

2. Look! It (rain).

3. Why (you/look) at me that? Am I green or something?

4. You (make) a lot of noise. Can you be a bit quieter?

5. Excuse me, I (look) for a phone box. Where can I find one?

6. (in the theatre) It`s a good play, isn`t it? (you/enjoy) it?

7. Listen! Can you hear these children next door? They (cry) again

8. Why (you/wear) your fur coat today? It`s very warm.

9. I (not/go) to school this week. I`m on holiday.

10. I want to lose weight. I (not/eat) sweets now.


Задание 13.3. Сделайте данные предложения отрицательными и вопросительными используя вопросительные слова в скобках


1. They are writing a composition now. (What? Who?)

2. He is translating an English article. (Who? What? What kind of ?)

3. The dog is running after a cat. ( What? What … after?)

4. He is having dinner in the canteen now. (Who? Where?)

5. She is looking for her glasses. (Who? Where? What … for? Why?

6. I’m learning this poem by heart. (Who? What? How?)

7. They are building a new school in our street. (What? Where?)

8. She is opening a letter from her mother. (What? What kind of ?)

9. She is constantly nagging her husband. (Why? Who?)

10. Tony is painting a new picture. (Who? What? What?)

11. You are talking too fast. (How? Why?)


Задание 13.4. Задайте вопросы к выделенным словам.

1. It is raining heavilyoutside. 2. They are trying o translate this exercise.

3. He is drinking tea in the garden. 4. Cinema audiences are declining now. 5. She’s listining the rock music. 6They’ve moved to a new house and are buying new furniture. 8. You are constantly mispronoucing this word, because you’re inattenlive. 9. None of themis talking part in the discussion: they are not ready. 10. Ann is reading a book on the veranda. 11. They are trying to help him to correct the situation.12.We are working very hard.13.It is raining cats and dogs.


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