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Перевал Алакель Северный 1А 3700: Огибая скальный прижим у озера, тропа поднимается сначала по травянистому склону, затем...

Транспортировка раненого в укрытие: Тактика действий в секторе обстрела, когда раненый не подает признаков жизни...

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, ... greatest English playwright, was born in 1564 in ... Stratford-on-Avon in ... England. ... Stratford is... small country town in ... farming dis­trict near ... centre of... England ... Avon, which is... pretty river with ... grass and ... trees all along its banks, runs through ... Stratford. Not much is known of... Shakespeare's father. He was... farmer who, at... differ­ent times of his life, sold ... meat and bought and sold... wool. He was poor and was often in ... money difficulties. Very little is known about... life of his only son William also little house in which... great writer was born still

stands. It is now... museum. William went to... school in ... Stratford. In 1586 he went to... London. Probably... first work he did there was at one of the two theatres that there were in ... London at that time. Then he became... actor and soon began to write... plays for... company of actors to which he belonged. Shakespeare bought... larg­est house in his hometown in 1597, but he did not spend much time there till 1610. He spent... last years of his life mostly in … Stratford, but he often visited … London. He died in 1616.



Once there lived … kind. His name was Midas. He had … little daughter. They lived in … beautiful palace with … wonderful garden around it. Now … kind was very fond of … gold. He loved … gold more then anything else in … world. One day, when … kind was looking at his gold, … young man appeared before him. “you are … very rich man, Midals” said … young man. “yes,” said …king , “but I would like to be richer. I would like to have … golden touch. I want everything that I touch to torn into … gold”. … young man was … magician, and he gave … king … golden touch which he wanted to have. … king was very happy. He touched … table, and … table became gold. He went into … garden. He touched … roses, and they also became gold. … king’s daughter, who loved … roses very much, saw it and began to cry. “Don’t cry, … dear daughter,” said … king and touched his daughter’s head. … next moment … girl turned into … beautiful gold statue.



Задание 8.1 Напишите следующие существитель­ные во множественном числе.



Box sheep, place, library, photo, mouse, lady, glass, belief, roof, datum, basis, knife, deer, sheep, formula, man, woman, child, tooth, foot, mouse, ox, shelf, life, fly, bench, buzz, ball game, mother – in – law, passer – by.


Nanny, mother – in – law, headache, dictionary, pincushion, phone, hoof, radio, train robbery, painkiller, bush, pen – friend, video, pillowcase, violin, wife, volcano, mouse, godfather, wish, ferryboat, watch, mediumj, bay, flamingo, taxi – driver, rotato, safe, onlooker, walking – stick

Задание 8.2 Поставьте существительные в следу­ющих предложениях во множественное число.


1. A new house is in our street. 2. This story is very interesting. 3. A woman, a man, a boy and a girl are the room. 4. In the farmyard we see an ox, a sheep, a cow and a goose. 5. Put this knife on that table. 6. Is this worker an Englishman or a German? — He is a French­man. 7. What is your name? 8. He keeps his toy in a box. 9. This man works at our office.

10. This is my stocking. 11. He has a new suit. 12. The plate was on the table. 13. This town is very large. 14. Is that girl your sister? 15.1 shall give you my book. 16. This story is a good. 17. Is this a good match? 18. The boy put his book on the desk. 19. That house is new. 20. The pu­pil put his book into the bag. 21. Is this a good student?



1. B. His child studies very well.

2. This man works at our office.

3. In the farmyard we can see a sheep, an ox, a goose and a cow.

4. Put this knife on the table.

5. Why don’t you eat this potato?

6. Is this a mouse?

7. Is this lawyer a German or a Frenchman? -He is an Englishman.

8. Does this woman speak Spanish?

9. That ship is an Italian one.

10. This money doesn’t make you happy.

11. When does this student play tennis?

12. What kind of texts does this girl print?

13. Does this man speak English or French?

14. Does this manager have dinner at home or at work?


Задание 8.3 Образуйте сложные существитель­ные и переведите их.

Образец: English, a man — Englishman — англичанин

1. A school, a girl;

2. a week, an end;

3. abed, a room;

4. a birth, a day;

5. news, paper;

6. a class, a room;

7. a tape, a recorder;

8. a chair, a man;

9. an air, a craft;

10. a text, a book;

11. a house, a wife;

12. rain, a coat;

13. a rail, a way;

14. a sea, a man;

15. a post, a man;

16. a class, a mate.


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