ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ ЗЕМЛИ: Прошло более трех лет с тех пор, как Совет Министров СССР и Центральный Комитет ВКП...

Назначение, устройство и порядок оборудования открытого сооружения для наблюдения на КНП командира МСВ

Теория отведений Эйнтховена: Сердце человека – это мощная мышца. При синхронном возбуждении волокон сердечной мышцы...

Задание 4.3

A. Употребите little, a little, few или a few.

1.There is … salad left in this bowl. 2. Would you like … salad? – Yes, thank you. My doctor says it`s good for my health. 3. I have … money, so we can go to the cinema. 4. I have … money, so we cannot go to the cinema. 5. This girl works very … , that`s why she knows nothing. 6. Mother gave us … apples, and we were glad. 7. He did not like it at the camp: he had very … friends there. 8. This lemon drink is sour; if you put … sugar in it, it will be sweeter. 9. This lemon drink is sour; if you put … lumps of sugar in it, it will be sweeter. 10. The hall was almost empty: there were very … people in it. 11. I can`t buy this expensive hat today: I have too … money. 12. She left and returned in … minutes. 13. I think you can spare me … time now. 14. I am sorry I have seen … plays by this author.

B. Переведите на английский язык.


1.В стакане есть немного молока. 2. В тетради мало чистых страниц. 3. У тебя много кофе? Нет, очень мало. 4. Немногие из англичан говорят по-русски. 5. У них здесь очень мало друзей.6. Я не могу тебе помочь. У меня мало свободного времени.7.У нее много книг на английском языке? 8.Они смогут тебе завтра помочь. У них будет много свободного времени. 9. В нашей группе много студентов из Англии. 10. У нас много вилок и мало ножей. 11. Много товаров привезли из Франции. 12. В доме было мног мышей. 13. Посмотри! В саду много детей. 14. В этом лесу мало грибов и ягод.

Задание 4.4. Вставьте much, many, little, few, a little, a few.

1. Have you got... time before the lesson? 2. She gave him... water to wash his hands and face. 3. He had... English books at home, so he went to the library. 4. Af­ter the lesson everybody felt... tired. 5. I like it here. Let's stay here... longer. 6. There were... new words in the text and Peter spent... time learning them. 7. There was... sugar in the bowl, and we put... sugar there. 8. I know French... and I can help you with the translation of this text. 10. When we walked ... farther down the road we met another group of pupils. 11. I want to say... words about my travelling. 12. I am sorry but I have… time and I am not able to help you. 13. I have… money with me. Let’s go to the movie. 14. I have… English books at home so I have to go to the library.

15. We have… free time before the lesson. Let’s play tennis. 16. I haven’t …money now and certainly I can’t think about such expensive car.




Задание 5.1. Вставьте some, any или no


1. There are … pictures in the book. 2. Are there … new students in your group? 3. There are … old houses in our street. 4. Are there … English textbooks on the desks? – Yes, there are … . 5. Are there … maps on the walls? – No, there aren`t … . 6. Are there … pens on the desk? – Yes, there are … .7. Are there … sweets in your bag? – Yes, there are … 8. Have you got … English books at home? – Yes, I have … . 9. There are … beautiful pictures in the magazine. Look at them. 10. There is … ink in my pen: I cannot write. 11. Is there … paper on your table? 12. I haven`t got … exercise books. Give me …, please. 13. It is winter. There are … leaves on the trees. 14. I didn`t buy … bananas yesterday.



1. We haven’t got… milk.We can’t make an omelette. 2. Bob always likes…sugar in his coffee. 3. Poor Oliver was hungry.He wanted…bread. 4. They haven’t got…stamps.I can’t post my letter. 5. He has got…money. He can’t spend his holidays in Switzerland any more and stay at luxury hotels. 6. There are…schools in this street. 7. Are there pictures in your book? 8. There are…flowers here in winter. 9. I can see … children in the yard. They are playing. 10. Are there … new buildings in your street? 11. There are … people in the park because it is cold. 12. I saw … boys in the garden, but Mike was not among them. 13. They brought … good books from the library. 14. Give me … tea, please, I am thirsty. 15. Dinner was not ready yet, so she gave the children … bread and butter because they were hungry. 16. Do you want … milk in your coffee? 17. Have you got … time to spare? I’d like to ask you … questions.


Задание 5.2. Вставьте somebody, anybody, nobody или everybody.


1. The question is so difficult that... can answer it. 2. ... left his bag in our classroom yesterday. 3. Has... in this group got a dictionary? 4, It is too late. I think there is... in the office now. 5. ... knows that plants like water.

6. Is there... here who knows English? 7. You must find... who can help you. 8.... knew anything about our home task. 9. The question is very easy.

…сan answer this ques­tion. 10. There is... in the next room. I don't know him. 11. Please, tell us the story. ... knows it. 12. Is there... you want to tell me? 13. Has... here got a red pencil? 14. I don’t know … here.


Задание 5.3. Вставьте something, anything, nothing или everything.


1.My husband taught his son … he knows. 2. Her patient has a bad memory. She can’t remember … . 3. I think there is … wrong with my watch. 4. We’ve got … to eat. We’ve got only … to drink. 5. The student didn’t understand … because she heard … . 6. Does he know … about computers? – Yes, he knows … because he is the best specialist in computer science at Harvard University. 7. He felt terrible. He couldn’t do …else. 8. … is all right, the patient is much better today. 9. Is there … interesting in the programme of the concert? 10. I could see … : it was quite dark. 11. Give me … to drink. 12. I didn’t take any money with me, so I couldn’t buy … . 13. My new eyeglasses are very good, I can see … now. 14. I saw … near the wood that looked like a tent. 15. My friends had … they wanted, but they weren’t happy, because they were unhealthy.

Задание 5.4. Вставьте somewhere, anywhere, nowhere или everywhere.


1.I can’t find my book … . I have looked all over the house. 2. Johny lives … near Chicago. 3. It so happened that he had … to go to. So last summer he stayed at home in his beloved city for his holidays. 4. This book can be found … . Let’s buy it. 5. Do you live … near them? 6. Is it … in Russia? – Yes, it’s … in Russia. 7. Where are you going? – I am not going … . 8. I put my dictionary … yesterday and now I can’t find it … . – Of course, that is because you leave your books … . 9. You must go … next summer. 10. Did you go … on Sunday? 11. Let’s go … .The weather is fine. I don’t want to stay at home in such weather. 12. I cannot find my glasses … . I always put them … and theh look for them for hours. 13. Today is a holiday . The streets are full of people. There are flags, banners and flowers … .


Задание 5.5. Вставьте some, any, every или их производные.

1. I have … to tell you. 2. He never puts … sugar in his tea. 3. … children don’t like reading. 4. She doesn’t want … to talk to. 5. We have … to help us. 6. There is … to be done about it. 7. I must find … for you to play badminton with. 8. There’s … in my soup. It’s a mosquito. 9. – Let’s have … to drink. How about juice? – No, thanks. I’m not thirsty . I don’t want … . 10. There’s … at the door. I heard the door-bell ring. 11. Remember, don’t tell … about him. It’s a secret. 12. Don’t you have … to do? 13. Isn’t there … more interesting to look at? 14. Do they live … neat Fleet Street? 15. I’m thirsty. Can I have … cold water? 28. Would you like … more coffee? 30. Why are you looking under the table? Have you lost … ?


Задание 5.6. Переведите на английский язык, упот­ребляя неопределенные (или отрицательные) место­имения и их производные.


1. Здесь есть кто-нибудь? 2. В саду никого нет. 3. В нашей комнате есть кто-нибудь? 4. В классе есть кто-нибудь? 5. В саду есть кто-нибудь? — Там никого нет. 6. На столе есть что-нибудь? — Нет, там ничего нет. 7. В сум­ке что-то есть. 8. В этой книге есть что-нибудь интерес­ное? 9. На стене есть какие-нибудь картины?—Да, там есть несколько. 10. В комнате есть кто-нибудь? — Нет, там никого нет.

11. В нашей библиотеке есть какие-то книги на английском языке.

12. В вашей библиотеке есть какие-нибудь книги на английском языке? 13. Мой друг не хочет мне ничего сказать.14. Возьми­те что-нибудь почитать для меня в библиотеке. 15. Если вы голодны, поищите что-ни­будь в холодильнике. 16. Расскажите нам всё о вашем путешествии. 17. Никто не помог ему.


Задание 5.7. Употребите some, any, no и их производные.

The school trip is tomorrow and I want to remind everyone of a few things. I don’t want 1)… to miss the bus. Last year 2)… students were left behind because they arrived late. There are hardly 3)… seats left on the coach, so remember to put your bags and coats in the boot before you get on. 4)… will be allowed to smoke on the coach.I hope you will all bring 5)… warm clothes.The castle is 6)… to the north of the town. It’s a 15 – minute walk, so wear 7)… comfortable on your feet. Once inside, I don’t want to hear 8)… shouting or swearing. If there is 9)… you want to know about the castle and its history, there will be 10)… at the castle gates to show us around and answer 11)… questions. There will be 12)… talking on the museum tour afterwards. The town is small, and so there is 13)… large enough to accommodate us all for lunch. I suggest we stop for fish and chips on the journey home – I doubt if 14)… will object! Does 15)… have 16)… questions? Good. If you remember what I’ve said, there will be 17)… problems.

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