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Children and Toxicomania


Such products as glue, butane gas, solvents are made on solvent base. That is why they can be used for sniffing and then receiving post effects of visual hallucinations.

Solvents are usually commercial products, like glue, nail polish remover, aerosols, gas lighter fuel and petrol, which give off a vapour. When the vapour is inhaled, it can make you feel light-headed, happy, dizzy. The effects can last up to an hour, depending on what, and how much was inhaled. Solvents are depressant drugs.

It is estimated that one of five young people in Britain have used solvents. It is the second most commonly used drug for this age group. Talking about our country, there is no exact statistics concerning this fact, but it is not a secret that the number of «sniffers» is growing and yet has reached a tremendous index. It happens, because such substances are the most available and cheap.

Because solvents are often sniffed from a plastic bag, sometimes covering the head, there is a risk of suffocation, if the user becomes unconscious.

Solvent use is extremely dangerous. Nobody knows exactly how many children die in our country, because of solvent addiction. For example, in Great Britain in 1999 thirty nine young people died as a direct result of inhaling butane lighter fluid. This is ten times more than die from Ecstasy.

In Great Britain it is prohibited to sell solvent-based products to children under 18s. It is illegal there. Here, in our country, there is no such legislation concerning this problem, which is becoming worse day after day.



glue — клей

to sniff — нюхати, вдихати через ніс

hallucination — галюцинація

nail polish remover — рідина для зняття лаку

gas lighter fuel — газ для заправки запальничок

vapour— пар

to inhale— вдихати

to feel (past felt, p.p. felt) dizzy, light-headed — відчувати запамороченя

tremendous — величезний

index— показник

substance — субстанція, речовина

suffocation — задуха

to become (past became, p.p. become) unconscious — втратити свідомість

extremely — украй

solvent addiction — токсікоманія

to prohibit — забороняти

illegal— незаконний

legislation — законодавство, законодавча діяльність


1. Why can solvents be used for receiving post effects of visual hallucinations?

2. What are solvents?

3. What are the effects of sniffing solvents?

4. Why is the the number of «sniffers» growing in our country?

5. Why is there a risk of suffocation for people sniffing solvents?



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