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Kherson State University


Kherson State University is the biggest institution of higher education in Kherson, of IV ac­creditation level. Our educational establishment is the oldest in the Southern Ukraine.

It prepares qualified specialists in ≈40 specialties, professionals in their work. These are teach­ers of all subjects which are taught at school, teachers for preschool child care centers, engineer teachers, lawyers, economists, environmentalists, psychologists, social workers, journalists, transla­tors and others. Such task is accomplished by our tight-knit teaching stuff comprising 56 professors, doctors of sciences; 230 associate professors, candidates of sciences; 105 senior teachers, assistants.

Forty five chairs provide training of students and supervise their scientific activities. Alto­gether there are about 8 thousand of full-time, part-time and external students studying at the Univer­sity, almost 1400 of them annually graduate as diploma professionals with bachelor's, specialist's or master's degree. Besides the 5 educational buildings the University has a sporting health-improving camp "Burevestnik" on the Black Sea coast, training center on the river Dnieper, botanic garden - agro­biological station in the city of Kherson.

1500 students from other cities and towns live in University dormitories. University library with 5 reading-rooms, containing 400000 units of book storage, works all days of week.

One of the principal directions in the University work is preparation and realization of interna­tional projects in the field of science and education. Today higher education in the whole world is characterized by mutual integration and interna­tionalization of educational process. Integration objectives are brought to the forefront in Bologna Declaration. For this reason the development of international relations belongs to primary aims of Kherson State University. Education systems in European countries should be organised in such a way that:

· it is easy to move from one country to the other (within the European Higher Education Area) – for the purpose of further study or employment;

· the attractiveness of European higher education is increased so many people from non-European countries also come to study and/or work in Europe;

· the European Higher Education Area provides Europe with a broad, high quality and advanced knowledge base, and ensures the further development of Europe as a stable, peaceful and tolerant community.

The developments within the Bologna Process should serve to facilitate “translation” of one system to the other and therefore contribute to the increase of mobility of students and academics and to the increase of employability throughout Europe.

Cooperation with the foreign partners is realized on substantive directions by means of differ­ent organizational forms - from students and stuff exchanges, to participation in international confer­ences, seminars, "round tables" for realization of joint complex educational projects.

2. Дайте відповіді на запитання.

a) What are the principles of the Bologna process in higher education?

b) Do you think Ukraine follows the principles of the Bologna declaration? Why?

c) Can you name any steps which make our university closer to the European system of higher education?

d) Would you like to be a part of Bologna Process? Why?

e) What advantages and disadvantages of Bologna process can you name?

І. Граматичний матеріал. Тема: Прикметник. Ступені порівняння прикметників; Прислівник. Ступені порівняння прислівників


Ознайомтесь з теоретичним матеріалом з теми.


Якісні прикметники мають три ступені порівняння:

- позитивний;

- вищий;

- найвищий.

Способи утворення ступенів порівняння


а) У односкладних (не більше двох складів) прикметників – за допомогою суфіксів.

Розгляньте таблицю односкладних прикметників та зверніть увагу на правопис.

Позитивний ступінь Вищий ступінь Найвищий ступінь
fine clean hot happy finer cleaner hotter happier (the) finest (the) cleanest (the) hottest (the) happiest


б) У багатоскладних (більше двох складів прикметників) – за допомогою додавання особливого слова.

Позитивний ступінь Вищий ступінь Найвищий ступінь
difficult wonderful useful more difficult more wonderful more useful (the) most difficult (the) most wonderful (the) most useful


в) Виключення з правил:

Позитивний ступінь Вищий ступінь Найвищий ступінь
  good well   bad   many much   little   far   old   better   worse     more     less   farther, further   older, elder   (the) best   (the) worst     (the) most     (the) least   (the) farthest, (the) furthest   (the) oldest, (the) eldest


(Більш детально див. підручник Верба Л.Г., Верба Г.В. Граматика сучасної англійської мови. Довідник. – К.: Логос, 1999. – С. 145-147 (прикметник), 174-175 (прислівник).

Вправа 1. Утворіть ступені порівняння наступних прикметників:

Short, long, busy, poor, nice, clever, polite, pretty, shy, merry, early, sweet, talented, interesting, beautiful, unpleasant, comfortable.

Вправа 2. Визначте ступінь порівняння, перекладіть речення.

1. The longest river in Ukraine is the Dnieper.

2. He is my best friend.

3. This text is more interesting than that one.

4. The more you learn, the better you know.

5. The nearer the winter, the colder the days.

6. Cotton is more flexible than linen.

7. Cotton fibres are smoother, stiffer and straighter than wool.

8. Fibres saturated with water are 20 per cent stronger than dry ones.

Вправа 3. Розкрийте дужки, використовуючи потрібну форму ступенів порівняння.

1. He was only five years (young) than I was.

2. They stopped at one of (good) hotels in town.

3. At that moment he was (happy) person in the world.

4. Please, show me (short) way to the department store.

5. I hope to read this book (fast) than that one.

6. Ann plays the piano (bad) than the other girls.

7. I have (little) time for reading than my friends has.

8. Tom is (good) student than John.


Вправа 4. Заповніть пропуски, використовуючи сполучники as ... as, (not) so ... as.

1. The weather in Moscow is ... rainy ... in London.

2. Mathematics is ... important ... physics.

3. Cotton is ... elastic ... wool.

4. She is ... beautiful ... her sister.

5. She isn’t ... busy today ... she was yesterday.

6. This book isn’t ... interesting ... that one.

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