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Altemeyer В. Enemies of freedom: Understanding right-wing authoritarism.

Baron R.A., Richardson D.R. Human aggression.

Berkowitz L. Aggression: Its causes, consequences, and control.

Buss, D.M. The evolution of desire: Strategies of human mating.

Cialdini R.B. Influence: Science and practice.

Clark M.C. Prosocial behavior.

Dawes R.M. The self-healing personality: Why some people achieve health and others

succumb to illness.

Eagly A.H. Sex differences in social behaviour: A social-role explanation.

Eagly Л.Н., Chaiken S. The psychology of attitudes.

Fiske S.T. Taylor, S.E. Social cognition.

Fisher R., Ury W.L., Patton B.M. Getting to yes: Negotiating agreement without giving in.

Fogelman E. Conscience and courage: Rescuers of Jews during the Holocaust.

Gilovich T. How we know what is isn't so: The fallibility of human reason in everyday


Gikey L. Shantung compound.

Grobe J., Hinde, R. Aggression and war: Their biological and social bases.

Hans V.P. Judging the jury.

Harvey J. Odyssey of the heart: The search for closeness, intimacy, and love.

Hendrick C, Hendrick S.S. Liking, loving and relating.Удим l.L. Crucial decisions:

Leadership in policy making and crisis management.

Hendrick C, Hendrick S.S. Romantic love.

Hunt M. The compassionate beast: What science is discovering about the humane side

of humankind.

Huston A.C. Big world, small screen: the role of television in American society.

Janis l.L. Groupthink: Psychological studies of policy decisions and fiascos.

Johnson D.W., Johnson R.T. Learning together and alone: Cooperative, competitive and

individualistic learning.

Jones J.M. The psychology of racism and prejudice.

Kassin S.M., Wrightsman L.S. The American jury on trial: Psychological perspectives.

Kelman H.C., Hamilton V.L. Crimes of obedience: Toward a social psychology of

authority and responsibility.

Leary M.R. Self-presentation: Impression management and interpersonal behaviour.

Loftus E., Ketchman K. Witness for the defence: The accused, the eyewitness, and the

expert who puts memory on trial.

Lonner W.J.,Malpass R. Psychology and culture.

Maital S. Minds,markets,and money: Psychological foundation of economic behaviour.

Milgran S. Obedience to authority.

■ Социальная психология

'iller A.G. The obedience experiments: A case of controversy in social science. Petty

.E., Krosnick J.A. Attitude strength: Antecedents and consequences.

liner S. P., О liner P.M. The altruistic personality: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe.

aulus P.B. The psychology of group influence.

ennbaker J. Opening up: The healing power of confiding in other.

erloff R.M. The dynamics of persuasion.

eterson CBossio L.M. Health and optimism.

ratkanis A.R., Aronson E. Age of propaganda: The everyday use and abuse of per-


ruity D.G., Rubin J.Z. Social conflict: Escalation, stalemate, and settlement.

oss D.F., Read J.D., Toglia M.P. Adult eyewitness testimony: Current trends and


ubin J.Z., Rubin C. When families fight: How to manage conflict with those you love.

eligman M. Learned optimism.

chroeder D.A.,PennerL.A.,Dovidio J.E.,Pilavin,J.A. The social psychology of helping

nd altruism: Problems and puzzles.

nyder C.R., Forsyth D.F. Handbook of social and clinical psychology: The health


taube E. The root of evil: The origins of genocide and other group violence.

aylor S.E. Positive illusions.

'aylor D.M., Moghaddam, F.M. Theories of intergroup relations: International social

sychological perspectives.

'riandis H. Culture and social behaviour.

'riandis H.C. Individualism and collectivism.

Jnger R., Crawford M. Women and gender.

Veber A.L.,Harvey J.H. Perspectives on close relationships.

Vorchel S., Simpson J.A. Conflict between people and groups: Causes, processes, and


'imbardo P.G.,Lieppe M.R. The psychology of attitude change and social influence.


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