Visual Design. Judging Evaluation Forms

Judging Evaluation Forms


Technical Publications Competitions



Publications Evaluation Category 1: Promotional Materials Entry number _________ Entry title _________ Judge number _________  



Guidelines Promotional materials market a technical product, service, or organization. This category includes advertisements, flyers, brochures, catalogs, and other presales literature.The materials must persuade the audience to some action, using integrated text and figures. Visual design, including production is very important. So, too, is editing, because errors are very obvious.
  SD = Strongly Disagree D = Disagree N/A = Not Applicable
SA = Strongly Agree A = Agree  
Content and Organization
Criteria SD D A SA NA
Marketing messages are clear and concise and writing focuses on conveying the messages          
Customer benefits are clear and concise and balanced with product, service, or organization features and other information          
Customer “call to action” is clear and provides all information necessary for the reader to take the desired action          
Writing tone and style suit the purpose and audience          
Vocabulary and reading level are appropriate for the audience          
Writing is crisp and clean, with logical development of the subject matter          
Technical complexity is handled effectively          
Graphic elements are positioned near the text they support          
Writing is free of gender or ethnic bias          

Copy Editing
Criteria SD D A SA NA
Spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization are correct and consistent          
Writing tone and style are consistent          
Copy is free of obvious technical errors          
Treatment of wording in headings is consistent          
Terminology is used consistently          
Treatment of all elements (lists, examples, tables, and so on) is consistent          
Labeling, captions, and callouts for tables, illustrations, photos, and other support material is consistent          
Acronyms and abbreviations are spelled out and defined at first occurrence          
Visual Design
Criteria SD D A SA NA
Design attracts immediate attention and invites reading          
Overall design is unified and appropriate for the purpose          
Layout of page elements contributes to readability and usability          
Typography is used as an effective design element          
Typography is easy to read          
Headings are visually effective in helping readers find information          
Other navigation devices are used, as appropriate          
Graphics maintain the internal consistency of the publication          
Graphics are suitable for the audience in tone, style, and content          
Graphics support the content effectively          
Graphics are consistently well designed, legible, and executed neatly          
Tables, charts, and diagrams are treated as graphic elements          
Captions and callouts are effective for illustrations, tables, photos, and other graphics          
Color (if used) adds to the appeal and usability of the publication and unifies its design effectively          

Visual Design

Criteria SD D A SA NA
Size and binding are appropriate for purpose and audience          
Production materials are of appropriate durability and quality          
Print quality supports the readability and usability of the publication          



Criteria SD D A SA NA
Presents the messages effectively and motivates the reader to take the next step          
Integrates all elements into an attractive publication          
Shows evidence of creativity or originality          
Serves the interests of the publication’s sponsor          
Projects a professional image of the publication’s sponsor          



General Comments:


Use this space to note the entry's strengths as well as areas for improvement. (You may attach additional pages.


Publications Evaluation Category 2: Informational Materials Entry number _________ Entry title _________ Judge number _________  



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